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  1. Bulgarian Politician Nearly Gets Assassinated
  2. Economy 2013
  3. Charges won't be filed in Raleigh gun show shooting
  4. Does prostitution truly exist? (legal definition aside)
  5. When will a DA finally have the guts to RICO the Catholic Church?
  6. Dave's dangerous game
  7. Got a Registration Letter From The Selective Service
  8. Why does the government want your guns?
  9. Central California schools now accredited after a lot of discrimination
  10. Obamcare question
  11. Panetta opens combat roles to women
  12. NJ teen comes out of closet in front of whole school
  13. Catholic hospital argues fetuses aren’t people
  14. Really Biden?
  15. 9 day Penna gun/outdoor show cancelled due to outrage over firearms ban
  16. Bill Would Imprison Rape Victims Who Receive Abortions
  17. Google, Yahoo, doing it right
  18. The ole' liberty vs security debate
  19. In Milwaukee, 9-1-1 is no longer good enough
  20. Republicans: When you can't win, change the game
  21. Born Into A Fixed Society
  22. Will Texas become a blue or swing state within the next 8 years?
  23. How to reduce crime
  24. DC Politics As Usual
  25. Sharia Law- Laud or Condemn?
  26. British Immigration Exam Quiz
  27. Death Penalty
  28. Voter Fraud Does Exist
  29. Department of Corrections: Is It Wrong?
  30. Is Euthanization Wrong?
  31. Boy Scouts close to ending ban on gay members, leaders
  32. "I, <your name>, do solemnly ...
  33. White House abandons war on Terror - Replaces with war on FoxNews.
  34. Benfits storm kicks off - 17k a year couple don't fancy working
  35. Man shoots and kills driver who mistakenly turns into his driveway
  36. Should voter registration be automatic?
  37. Unlike China- Why You Want a Democracy and Individual Rights
  38. Shooting at Atlanta Middle School Leaves 8th Grader Shot in the Head
  39. Should you kill the fat man?
  40. HMV employee takes control of official twitter account as 60 get fired
  41. Better roads, more bikes, less cars
  42. Engineering Orange Juice
  43. Romney campaign donated $90K to Red Cross after election
  44. Only in America
  45. What's in it for me?
  46. Horse Burgers
  47. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle "American Sniper." Shot and killed.
  48. Healthcare in America ......?
  49. If you like animals you should read this.
  50. "Video games are a bigger problem than guns"
  51. The Great Gerrymander of 2012
  52. Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans
  53. Pierce Morgan OWNED by Ted Nugent
  54. California unable to disarm 19,700 felons and mentally ill people
  55. 7-year-old playing an imaginary game at school gets suspended for real
  56. USPS to Stop Saturday Delivery
  57. "Zero tolerance" policy destroying our children?
  58. "Full of dead babies"
  59. I believe the Government should raise the Minimum Wage
  60. Ayn Rand and Libertarianism
  61. Using one's influence and or money?
  62. Pastor forced to apologize for participating in Sandy Hook service
  63. The Road to Recovery: Advanced Manufacturing
  64. Two of Phelps’ granddaughters leave Westboro Baptist Church
  65. California Killings Spark Massive Manhunt
  66. Wife wants to sell her AR-15
  67. Obamacare alternative: Give everyone a HSA at birth
  68. God Made a Factory Farmer
  69. Can education alone lift people out of poverty?
  70. Pope Resigns
  71. "Is Asia Sleep-Walking Into War?"
  72. Is the US a true republic/democracy?
  73. This is why we need national gun laws
  74. Solar Induatry Waste
  75. DoD extends gay couples/marriages benefits
  76. North Korea possibly blows up a nuke (merged)
  77. Ted Nugent to attend SOTU
  78. Wrestling dropped from 2020 Olympics
  79. University Student Sues School for a "C" grade
  80. Minimum Wage Increase to $9 Per Hour
  81. "They deserve a vote" (gun control, again)
  82. Death @ Heart Attack Grill
  83. Another Gun Thread When home defence goes wrong.
  84. Charles Rangel pushing for women to register with Selective Service
  85. Government restricting "religion"
  86. Enough With The "Fascism" Already
  87. Do people just believe in anything?
  88. Divestment of firearm manufacturer stocks?
  89. DR Ben Carson
  90. Sequester Starting in three weeks :(.
  91. Stan Fischer for Fed chair in 2014?
  92. Nominee for CIA chief says casualties from drone strikes should be public
  93. Israel soldier's photo of boy in crosshairs
  94. World Economy: China [includes Chinese Military Behind Cyberattacks]
  95. Missouri Bill Would Make It A Felony For Lawmakers To Propose Gun Control Legislation
  96. DoubleStar joins the gun ban ban
  97. Offensive, hilariously bad tea party ad depicts Rove as Nazi
  98. NYSE to be merged with European SE
  99. Jesse Jackson Jr. guilty
  100. Sam's kids are struggling
  101. "Keep your so-called workers," U.S. boss tells France
  102. Immigration Reform
  103. Amazon runs new ad supporting LGBT community.
  104. Republicans WANT the Sequester, and it is a GOOD thing!
  105. What will you cut from military budget? (sequestration discussion)
  106. UK loses AAA Credit Rating
  107. North Korea Threatens U.S. Over Joint Military Drill
  108. US Fast Food Consumption Down
  109. Michelle Obama presenting Oscar Best Picture Award
  110. Fiscal Cliff Poll.
  111. "You have a right to be stupid." - John Kerry
  112. Hagel Confirmed as Secretary of Defense
  113. Apple Among 60 Companies to File Statement with U.S. Supreme Court Backing Gay Marriage
  114. scotus heard what you did in there
  115. Too much violence in media, or not enough nudity?
  116. Violence can happen anywhere. Even in Switzerland.
  117. CSCOPE in Texas Schools
  118. The Oscars, The VFX industry, and globalization
  119. Why Italy? Why EU? Germany and its neighbours.
  120. 2 Police Officers Shot Dead In California
  121. Joe Biden's suggestion about women using shotguns.
  122. Maybe Americans Really Are Exceptional?
  123. Is Bob Woodward over the hill?
  124. Supervisors Consider Renaming San Francisco International Airport
  125. What do we do about Syria?
  126. Scalia Calls Section 5 of Voting Rights Act a Racial Entitlement
  127. Happy Sequester Day!
  128. Assault Weapons Ban is Red Herring, will make it harder to pass Gun Control laws.
  129. Military and voting?
  130. How Good Are CCW Permit Holders Under Pressure
  131. Turn down the instant rage!
  132. The suffering of Cardinal Mahony
  133. Gun Control Spam Mail.
  134. Police dog accidentally fires gun into home
  135. White House Backs Petition in Support of Mobile Phone Unlocking
  136. CBO: Federal Revenue to Set Record in 2013
  137. Home Invader Shot to Death After Forcing Way into Home With Shotgun
  138. Thieves Use Bear Spray in Robbery of Vancouver's Oakridge Centre Apple Store
  139. Why the GOP must come to terms with GWB's disastrous presidency
  140. Wealth Inequality Visualized
  141. We Must Make It Harder To Divorce Or Teenage Girls Will Be ‘More Promiscuous’
  142. GOP Bill Seeks To Force Welfare Applicants To Waive 4th Amendment Rights
  143. Hugo Chavez dead?
  144. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is seeking $225 billion to sequester proof F-35
  145. Dispelling "need" arguments
  146. Georgia City Council Wants To Require Each Household To Own A Gun
  147. Rand Paul stands tough against drones
  148. What is "harm"?
  149. Obama is destroying America! (Or unemployment down to 7.7%)
  150. Death Penalty and Abortion the same issue?
  151. Mark Kelly: Hypocrite or Felon?
  152. Things don't sound too good for the UK
  153. Paul Ryan unveils $4.6 trillion budget plan
  154. New Pope and Religion of the Future
  155. Gunman killed 4, Upstate New York county schools on lockdown
  156. Tablets for women:
  157. Writer Interviewed On Hannity Gets Hate-Tweet: ‘I Hope You Get Raped And....'
  158. Republican Sen. Rob Portman Comes Out for Gay Marriage
  159. Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps May Be Gay
  160. New Sandy Hook Shooting Details
  161. FBI's 'National Security Letters' Demands Ruled Unconstitutional
  162. NBC News: 14 French HIV Patients "Nearly Free" of Virus.
  163. CPAC attendee defends slavery
  164. What didn't they teach you in history? Or, what Japanese history lessons leave out.
  165. Cypriot Savers Lose 7-10% Overnight
  166. What you need to succeed
  167. Legal 3D printed guns?
  168. Origins of the US Civil War
  169. AT&T iPad Security Breach Hacker Sentenced to 41 Months in Prison
  170. What's worse, Fox or MSNBC?
  171. Was there any positives to assimilating the Aboriginals of Canada/Native Americans?
  172. Tax Fraud Minister Resigns For Having A Secret Swiss Account
  173. NYC Faces More Bans from Mayor Mike's List of Dislikes
  174. Real tough guys don't need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude
  175. Why don't collection agencies give away prizes for paying off debt?
  176. More conservatives on here lately?
  177. Time: What Bush got right on Iraq - and what Obama can learn from it
  178. Idiot "cop"!!
  179. Department of Defense Ordering 650,000 iOS Devices? [Updated: DoD Denies]
  180. N.J. family: Facebook photo of boy holding gun brought social workers to home
  181. This should be fun - SC-01 Election
  182. Political Spectrums - How do you see it?
  183. Getting fired for making stupid jokes at a conference and for complaining about it
  184. Software as speech
  185. Study of men's falling income cites single parents
  186. Loose lips sink ships - King (R) reveals state secret
  187. Teenagers shoot baby in stroller
  188. A hypothetical regarding the baby shooting...
  189. Abortion & Conjoined Twins
  190. Guns and Pit Bulls
  191. School in Essex bans triangle shaped flapjacks after pupil is hurt
  192. Prop. 8 and DOMA: Final Round. FIGHT!
  193. ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Sneaks Through Senate
  194. Global Warming? (NOT CLIMATE CHANGE RELATED)
  195. Chinese State-Run Press Slams Apple Over Warranty Criticisms
  196. Mark Kelly not getting his AR-15
  197. $12 billion investment into "high speed rail"
  198. Another Democrat will announce retirement from the Senate
  199. Tax Free Tour (Dutch documentary on fiscal evasion)
  200. Serious question for our gay members
  201. Jim DeMint: Marriage essential for limited government
  202. Should the government be in the business of marriage at all?
  203. Activist: Kansas HIV quarantine bill lets religious officials justify discrimination
  204. New paranoia in Texas
  205. Catholic League On Maher's 'Anti-Catholic' Jokes: TW Must Have 'A Serious Talk w/Him
  206. Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey
  207. Men With loaded Rifles Intimidate Moms At A Gun Safety Rally
  208. Another day, another baby shot
  209. The Demographics of Firearm Homicide
  210. North Korea : State Of War Exists
  211. The Future of Technology
  212. Exxon pipeline leaks thousands of barrels of Canadian oil in Arkansas
  213. Sundown in America
  214. Too big to prosecute
  215. Dihydrogen monoxide scare leaves Florida DJ's in hot water
  216. Proposal would allow state religion in North Carolina
  217. Global Education Challenges
  218. North Korea Approves Nuclear Strike on US
  219. RCP: The Gun Debate - What Liberals Leave Out
  220. Massive leak of tax haven documents
  221. NRA harrassing my dad daily at his business
  222. Armed citizens versus the gov't
  223. Organ Donation
  224. Back to topic: Even the Dead like iPhones!
  225. Fox News reporter faces jail for doing her job.
  226. North Korea's only iMac
  227. Millionaires Got $80 Million In JOBLESS Benefits
  228. Anti-Abortion Display Destroyed by Angry Ohio Student
  229. Flight diverted after family raises concerns over PG-13 inflight movie
  230. Obama 'offering to cut US pensions' for deficit deal
  231. France finally joining the First World
  232. CNN Reporting Margaret Thatcher has Passed Away?
  233. Margaret Thatcher Dies
  234. Boy, 4, accidentally kills Tenn. deputy's wife
  235. Police oppose gun restrictions?
  236. At least 14 hurt in Lone Star College stabbings
  237. Success of small, decentralized government (power)
  238. The GOP's Outreach
  239. Magpul tries to influence Gun Magazine Ban in Colorado
  240. The Tragedy of Development
  241. BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Expected to Launch a Missile Any MOMENT
  242. Louisiana Judge Rules That Violent Felons Have Gun Rights Too
  243. Nebraska dealer: No license needed to sell ‘personal collection’ of 678 guns, 13 gren
  244. EA Voted Worst Company Because of Anti-Gay Conservatives?
  245. Florida Court Allows Felon Illegally Possessing A Firearm To Invoke Stand Your Ground
  246. Mississippi Legislature Passes Bill Allowing Student-Led Prayer in Schools
  247. Missouri Man Arrested For Refusing To Leave His Husband’s Hospital Bedside
  248. 3 Teens Arrested For Assault After Girl's Suicide
  249. Is one meal a day doable?
  250. Eric Schmidt urges action to regulate mini-drones