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  1. Eric Schmidt urges action to regulate mini-drones
  2. Gun Laws (complete mess)
  3. Do you believe in Gold? Gold hits two year low as people move assets into Bitcoin.
  4. Two explosions at end of boston marathon
  5. Age vs Religion Survey
  6. Those Who Terrorize: Should We Keep Them Around?
  7. Poison found in letter sent to senator
  8. Major problems with influential Reinhart-Rogoff "austerity" paper
  9. Good News on the Deficit Makes Social Security Cuts Even Worse
  10. Goldman Sachs director resigns in disgust
  11. Equality in New Zealand
  12. Teen Shoots Parents- Wanted to Read Bible, Not do Chores
  13. Boston Bombings Thread
  14. Looting in the wake of the Boston bombing
  15. Background check compromise fails in the Senate
  16. Top Dems "Obamacare Is Headed For 'Huge Train Wreck'"
  17. Ohio public college students might lose voter ID
  18. Starving Greek children
  19. Why is it that people who don't know anything about guns are the biggest opposers?
  20. Georga high school joins rest of the world in 1964, has first integrated prom
  21. Thanks for being civil!
  22. BREAKING: Gunshots heard on Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus.
  23. Ohio - which way does it lean? [Split from the "Thanks for being civil!" thread]
  24. Predictions for 2014 mid-term elections.
  25. Biggest terrorist entity in the world today
  26. West, Texas disaster
  27. Man jailed for watching cartoons have sex?
  28. Senator Lindsey Graham wants Bombing Suspect Held as Enemy Combatant
  29. Student in hot water over NRA t-shirt
  30. New York City Proposes Raising Minimum Age for Cigarette Purchases to 21
  31. Obama and drones, etc...
  32. NSFW: Abortion Baby survivor tries to swim out of Toilet
  33. Terrorists thwarted by RCMP/CSIS/FBI
  34. Internet Sales Tax
  35. What is libertarianism?
  36. Ongoing violence against Burmese Muslims
  37. A New Drug Policy (the end of the war on drugs)
  38. Nevada Assemblyman Comes Out as Gay During Gay Marriage Debate
  39. Moore's Law and the Origin of Life
  40. Factory collapses, 200+ dead
  41. Congressional leaders trying to carve out an exemption for them from the ACA
  42. Surviving Utopia (Planitia)
  43. A Modest Proposal: No More Checks (Retail)
  44. GOP Lawmaker Endorses Bill To Legalize Discrimination
  45. 2013 White House Correspondants' Dinner
  46. Third Industrial Revolution
  47. Some questions about being gay and holidaying in America
  48. Another gun death
  49. Human rights record of the United States in 2012
  50. Jason Collins comes out
  51. US: not ignorant enough
  52. Apple Talking With Investors About $15-16 Billion Bond Offering
  53. Blood donor eligibility
  54. The Military Spending Issue is Nuts.
  55. Study finds, the less you know about a policy, the stronger your opinion...
  56. Court Martial for sharing Christian faith
  57. Duke University raising student fees to pay for sex changes
  58. New health insurance rate projections
  59. Five year old kills 2 year old sister with 'Toy' rifle
  60. More New York Times Apple bashing
  61. "Local elections: .....UKIP's 'remarkable' results"
  62. Meet the New NRA President
  63. Hey look, Obama's policies are working!
  64. BNP calls in members to breed more
  65. Texas teen points to heavens, gets relay squad banned from states
  66. Electoral fraud in Malaysia and loss of democracy - Please help.
  67. The latest proof that big-government top-down controls innevitably fail (plastic gun)
  68. Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Burial
  69. Have you changed your mind about Benghazi?
  70. 25% of the World's Young Are Unemployed
  71. Be Careful What You Wish For...or...Haste Makes Waste
  72. The Big Yellow Taxi: Google Style
  73. NC May Force Teens To Get Notarized Parental Consent Before Getting STD Tests
  74. Electric car owners to pay taxes??
  75. Firearm crime is down in the U.S.
  76. Should Students Get the Same Loan Rate That Banks Do?
  77. New Orleans: 18 Shot At Mother's Day Parade
  78. IRS put extra scrutiny on conservative groups
  79. New York Attorney General Presses Apple and Google on Smartphone Thefts
  80. 400 ppm
  81. AP says Justice Department spied on reporters' phone calls
  82. 1)IRS 2)Bengazi 3)AP - Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely
  83. Angelina Jolie undergoes double mastectomy
  84. You're in the wrong neighborhood and won't be making it out...
  85. Gov wants DUI BAC limit lowered to .05
  86. Deficit is shrinking at record pace
  87. We have the first Child shot by a armed security gaurd.
  88. 39% of Republicans think Benghazi is the Worst Scandal in US History
  89. Saudi Arabia and the West
  90. No Warrant? No problem
  91. Tim Cook Defends Apple's Tax Record Ahead of Senate Committee Appearance [Updated]
  92. Woman tricked into taking abortion pill
  93. Is the world over populated?
  94. How were taxes / tax rates before the Obama era?
  95. Judge says lesbian mom’s partner must go
  96. Why do people ignore 3/4 of the 2nd Amendment?
  97. Hofstra student killed by police in hostage standoff.
  98. Apple Releases Statement Ahead of Tim Cook's Senate Appearance on Tax Policy
  99. U.S. Senators Claim Apple Has Avoided Paying Billions in U.S. Income Taxes Ahead of Tim Cook Testimony
  100. HHS is the new IRS
  101. Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer Testify In Front of Senate Committee on Tax Strategies [Hearing Over]
  102. Both Republican Oklahoma Senators oppose disaster relief funding
  103. FCC proposing to allow more sex and profanity
  104. Excerpts of Apple Executives' Senate Committee Testimony on Tax Policy
  105. is this the true reason the NRA does not want background checks?
  106. Yet another 'out of control gov't' thread: Teenage rapper jailed
  107. Yet another 'out of control gov't' thread: Fox News Reporter Targeted
  108. London 'Machete' Attack
  109. Official: US Admits to Murdering American Citizens with Drones
  110. 55 of 62 Colorado Sheriffs join lawsuit to block new gun laws
  111. It must be global warming!!!
  112. Jon Stewart Takes on Apple's Appearance in Front of Senate Committee
  113. Has anyone here had their mind changed?
  114. Boy Scouts vote to allow gay youth
  115. Another Interstate bridge collapses
  116. Detroit considering selling art collection to pay debts
  117. Boy Scouts ends gay ban...sort of...
  118. March Against Monsanto 2013
  119. I Built This AK-47
  120. Another life saved
  121. What if Obama really did go all Bulworth?
  122. Pope Francis: Atheists in Heaven
  123. Internet Cafes Declared Illegal in Ohio
  124. It ain't just Apple: Eric Schmidt of Google on coporate taxation
  125. The Republican Study Committee
  126. 'Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal'
  127. Bradley Manning and Wikileaks
  128. What's Wrong With Government
  129. The Backfire Effect: Why arguing on the Internet is Futile
  130. Question for our Liberal posters.
  131. Reason not to shop at Walmart
  132. Republicans get 3X more ‘false’ ratings from PolitiFact than Democrats
  133. a bowl of dust
  134. Any of you old enough to remember Walmart back in the day?
  135. Michelle Bachmann will not seek re-election
  136. Now that's 8 Americans I've met who thought this
  137. 75% of Americans think America would be better off if it was more religious
  138. Ted Cruz potential Republican Presidential candidate for 2016
  139. Is police brutality getting out of hand?
  140. Apple Raises iPad and iPod Prices in Japan
  141. Ex-Microsoft mgr. plans to create 1st U.S. marijuana brand
  142. Forbes: ACA to drive up individual insurance costs 64-146%
  143. Seattle Fast Food Workers Want $15/hr
  144. money well spent
  145. 10 Happiest Countries (06/2013)
  146. About that "Hitler teapot"...
  147. Laws to protect again latent defects?
  148. Mushroom! Mushroom! Marches clash in London
  149. [Theoretical Discussion] Stable Government System
  150. Pennsylvania Judge Sold 5,000 Teenagers to Prisons
  151. Police taking DNA upon arrest
  152. Government Healthcare Rationing Denies 10 Year Old Possible Lifesaving Treatment
  153. Only in Florida - Stand Your Ground Law
  154. Proposed Amendment to Guarantee the Right to Vote
  155. Obama Targets Patent Trolls with Proposed Legislative Changes
  156. MSNBC "not the place for breaking news".
  157. America is Accelerating the Apocolypse
  158. Anti-LGBT Orgs Attempt Protest Outside HRC
  159. Park police arrest couple for handing out fliers in protest
  160. Who doesn't love a good line dance.
  161. Is this cartoon character peculiar or is it just me?
  162. Should 10 Year-Old Girl Get New Lungs?
  163. Robosigning "debt collectors" are clogging the courts
  164. McCain: Women should avoid military service
  165. NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily
  166. Valedictorian recites prayer
  167. U.S. intelligence mining data from 9 Internet companies in broad secret program
  168. Intelligence Program Gives US Government Direct Access to Customer Data on Apple Servers [Update: Apple Denies]
  169. I guess Texas is still the wild west......WOW!!!
  170. Massacre in Santa Monica, CA
  171. Which Countries Have the Most Vacation?
  172. Which state is the gun-craziest?
  173. Gun Violence and Mental Health
  174. Smaller boxes and flatter windows?
  175. Why is sex so enjoyable?
  176. State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman
  177. FEMA Denies Aid to Texas for Blast
  178. Apple, Tim Cook and Others Sued Over Alleged NSA/PRISM Privacy Violations
  179. Where, oh where has our religious freedoms gone?
  180. Can a moral nihilist also be a moral person?
  181. The Gov't says we can't be trusted with guns
  182. The 2006 9/11 Documentary
  183. 5 Year old gives the finger to WBC and they are pissed.
  184. A short email signature warning of U.S. surveillance
  185. Apple Releases Statement on Customer Privacy and Law Enforcement Requests for Customer Data
  186. SCOTUS tosses Arizona citizenship test for voting
  187. Syria riddle solved
  188. SCOTUS rules that pre-Miranda silence may be used in court
  189. TX Congressman: Abortion ban needed because masturbating fetuses
  190. In a perfect world, how would the country run?
  191. We're number 27!
  192. Is protecting from terrorism worth it?
  193. SCOTUS decisions coming today...
  194. Leading ‘Ex-Gay’ Organization Closes, Apologizes To LGBT Community
  195. Water quality complaints could be 'act of terrorism'
  196. IL GOP County Chairman resigns over email
  197. If a tree falls in the forest: Thoughts on electronic surveillance
  198. Developer retaining mineral rights on your property
  199. Edward Snowden Charged with Espionage
  200. WHO Report Says One Third Of Women Have Suffered Abuse
  201. 10K Criminals to be released?
  202. Colorado Transgender First-grader Coy Mathis Wins Civil Rights Case
  203. Student Denied Admission due to Race
  204. Pork-Laced Ammo Designed to Send Muslims to Hell
  205. IRS audited liberal groups too
  206. Britain wants its guns back
  207. Snowden torrent files?!?
  208. Supreme Court decision on Voting Rights Act
  209. Woman attacked in home caught on nanny cam
  210. Texas Senator attempts 13-hour Filibuster against Abortion Bill
  211. DOMA /Prop 8 Both DEAD
  212. Scalia Contradicts Himself?
  213. Apple Issues Statement in Support of Supreme Court Gay Marriage Rulings
  214. Teen Pregnancy
  215. Another example of Republicans "supreme" hypocrites.
  216. 9/11 an inside job!
  217. Rep. Tammy Duckworth Dresses down "Disabled" IRS Contractor
  218. Man faces 13 years in prison for protesting against banks
  219. What's next for gay marriage?
  220. Men with sisters are more likely to be socially conservative
  221. Geico Insurance Pig Ads
  222. J. Lo's Turkmenistan Gig
  223. Girl spends nights in jail after buying a case of water
  224. Sarah Palin threatens to start third party
  225. Using children as political props
  226. Hawthorne PD arrest man, then shoot his dog.
  227. What exaclty makes one decide what's right for others?
  228. BART transit workers continue to strike
  229. Michigan case could invalidate states’ anti-same sex marriage laws
  230. EGYPT. it's the P in the name. and maybe the R, and possibly the S...
  231. U.S. Government responsible for another gun death
  232. Should Capital One Drop Alec Baldwin...??
  233. Driver's rights trampled on at routine traffic stop
  234. How Would You Vote on the Zimmerman Trial?
  235. Would Ben stand by this statement?...
  236. 101 million on food benefits
  237. How Can Murder Be Easier Than Divorce?
  238. This is Utterly Hilarious
  239. U.S. Justice Department funded Anti-Zimmerman rallies
  240. Are people with higher intelligence less happy?
  241. Getting rid of bonfires in California a good idea?
  242. Protest watch
  243. Couple doesn't let rape victim into their house...
  244. Abortion Activists Shout.....
  245. Tampons and Maxi Pads Banned From Texas Senate (But Guns Are Cool)
  246. Egyptian Police Deliberately Target Protesters' Eyes
  247. Fast Food and Restaurants Now Accepting EBT
  248. Let's Talk Singapore
  249. Gun safety classes, good or bad idea?
  250. Is the US becoming a totalitarian state?