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  1. McDonalds’ suggested budget for employees [living on minimum wage]
  2. Same Sex Marrage Bill passes in UK
  3. Rolling Stone Magazine Controversial? Cover
  4. Health Plan Cost for New Yorkers Set to Fall 50%
  5. Apple to Team Up With Tech Companies to Ask for Greater NSA Transparency
  6. John Spooner found guilty of shooting his 13 year old neighbor
  7. Do you still support the affordable care act/Obamacare
  8. Top US Military Officer: America Is Considering Entering Syrian War
  9. Detroit has filed for bankruptcy
  10. Varg: another gun thread
  11. Design will change the world!
  12. [UK] Cameron to put porn censors on ISPs, ban possession of porn depicting rape
  13. George Zimmerman helps family escape overturned vehicle
  14. Liveable wage vs Welfare state
  15. Anthony Weiner Strikes Again
  16. Big government is destroying the US and the world
  17. The NSA gets to keep it's evil ways.
  18. Gun buyback canceled due to new law.
  19. The Unprecedented, Contemptible GOP Quest to Sabotage Obamacare
  20. Russian Skinheads Use Social Media To Lure And Torture LGBT Teens
  21. Obamacare Call Center Not Offering Healthcare Benefits to All Employees
  22. Sunbathing in Norilsk, Siberia
  23. Feds took Zimmerman's gun, no problem!
  24. Toronto Police: Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.
  25. More Muslim hysteria on Fox News
  26. Has the US First Amendment been destroyed?
  27. Florida: Deputies shoot man in his front yard
  28. NSA XKeyscore can track everything.
  29. CitiGroup avoided paying $11.5 billion in taxes.
  30. Gun nut Pa. police chief suspended after video profanities
  31. Those "One Weird Trick" ads...
  32. Rise in violence 'linked to climate change'
  33. Looming BART Strike, Monday at 12:01 AM
  34. Your Child Left Behind?
  35. religious freedom for Czechs
  36. City officials urge ban on 'potentially offensive' language
  37. Police DON'T Shoot: Film Shoot Mistaken for Coffee Shop Armed Robbery
  38. Obama Administration Vetoes Partial Ban on Apple Products
  39. Elsewhere
  40. Happy days for gun owners
  41. Testing Out Torture/Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
  42. PA Sheriff holding town hostage.
  43. "Shoot first" mentality kills a 95 year old man
  44. National Rifle Association Enemies List Now Includes Scientists, Zoos
  45. Hidden Camera Footage Of A Gay Couple In Texas Will Shock You
  46. Test Scores Sink as New York Adopts Tougher Benchmarks
  47. No Homicide Charges For Teen Who Shot And Killed A Man With An Illegal Gun, SYG
  48. Texas Police Pull Over Three Women And Search Their Vaginas For Marijuana
  49. Nidal Hasan trial in Ft Hood already a joke
  50. The Stand Your Ground Thread
  51. Firefighter's family fights for full death benefits
  52. 31 states give rapists parental rights
  53. Ask.fm hysteria
  54. Halal Food Funds Terrorism
  55. Project Pterosaur lets find them and breed them.
  56. Lavabit Email Shuts down
  57. Does lead cause crime?
  58. White People and Europeans STILL Prejudice
  59. Why White People Don't Like Black Movies
  60. Tim Cook and Other Tech Executives Meet with President Obama to Discuss Government Surveillance
  61. Vote ABC= Anyone But Clinton! She has done Nothing!
  62. Arizona family put their religious faith to the test
  63. A road map to climate friendly cars
  64. Red State Socialism
  65. * Spring ...
  66. Sharia Law comes to Tennessee
  67. Government enforced raisin industry collusion
  68. Gun Safety Instructor Shoots Student In Ohio
  69. Priest Praised For Helping Car Crash Victim
  70. Teenager Denied Heart Transplant Over History of 'Noncompliance' and Trouble With Law
  71. "Dear daughter I hope you have awesome sex"
  72. The Background to the Slavery and Reparations Issue
  73. What you have to deal with when you open carry...
  74. Rodeo Clowns Wears Obama Mask; NAACP Calls for Fed Investigation
  75. Texas deputy sues family who called 911 for help
  76. Why is DNA testing not yet mandatory law?
  77. Gay Pentagon employees granted up to 10 days of leave to get married
  78. RNC gets POed at CNN and NBC...
  79. Do you shop at Wal Mart?
  80. Narcissistic Douchebag or 2A Activist?
  81. Two Dead After Weapon Discharge Causes Explosion Fire
  82. Climate Change Check-in
  83. National Database of Gun Owners - 2A Patriot Alert!
  84. Macklemore: I Wouldn't Have Been as Successful If I Were Black
  85. The UK really wants to hide it's dirty laundry.
  86. Bradley Manning Sentencing
  87. Living in a country with universal healthcare
  88. 9/11 Million Muslim March To Highlight American Islamophobia
  89. Huffington Post to Eliminate Anonymous Commenting
  90. We Should Be Taxing Churches
  91. 2A Protest
  92. Redrawing states to equalize population
  93. JUST IN: NSA Paid millions to Tech companies
  94. Guardian and NYT partner to release Snowden leaks as UK government pressure increases
  95. I forgot my phone.
  96. 50 Years Later
  97. NYC Engineer Helping a Homeless Man
  98. More tension in Madison
  99. How Is Voter ID Racist?
  100. Impeachment Really?
  101. Only 12 test positive in Utah welfare drug screening
  102. Word of the day: "Twerking"
  103. Culture of Violence
  104. Military Strikes Against Syria
  105. Apple Now Free to Export and Sell Products in Iran Following Lifting of U.S. Sanctions
  106. Texas measles outbreak linked to church
  107. Dump Russian Vodka
  108. Libertarians and trash collection
  109. Government allows Legal Weed
  110. IRS starts recognizing same-sex marriages
  111. The Core of the Race Problem Resides In The White Community
  112. The Pirate Party
  113. Sabattus man says ‘shoot’ posting wasn’t a threat against Obama, defends using racial
  114. Good Policy or Gun Grabbing?
  115. NJ court: texters can be held responsible for actions of drivers they distract
  116. Snowden hacked his way through the NSA
  117. US won’t let Microsoft, Google reveal more data on FISA orders
  118. AsiaPacific is insulting
  119. Is this Offensive? [Thai Dunkin' Donuts blackface ad]
  120. Why is Obama unilaterally going to attack Syria? Syria wasn't involved in 9/11!!
  121. The conservative crackup: How the Republican Party lost its mind
  122. Who has the power to attack Syria?
  123. Libertarianism a myth or a viable system for government?
  124. There is no evident shows that Syria government used chemical weapon
  125. European Union trying to Impose 70 mph Cars
  126. Students for Concealed Carry
  127. NY Case Puts N-Word Use Among Blacks On Trial
  128. 40,000 Union Members Leave AFL-CIO Over Obamacare
  129. Syria, What would you do
  130. Florida Man Cites SYG and Bush Doctrine- Shot 3 People
  131. Syria Poll. Are you for or against US involvement?
  132. Immigrant fights to become California Lawyer
  133. Illinois spends $670,000 on new doors for Capital Building in Springfield?¿?¿?¿?
  134. Most common encryption protocols are useless against NSA surveillance
  135. Conspiracy Theories That You Actually Believe
  136. What if the NSA can tap into the 5S for fingerprints even if you turn the sensor off?
  137. Tony Abott / LNP wins the Australian Election
  138. The Tea Party doesn't seem to care about the consitution?
  139. A question about political blogs
  140. Iowa grants permits for blind residents to carry guns in public
  141. Oh George (Zimmerman)
  142. This animal rights group is a great cause I chanced upon
  143. You cannot say "straighten up!".
  144. Newlywed wife accused of pushing husband off Montana cliff
  145. Anti-gun Senator(S) recalled!!!
  146. NYC man dies after random, possibly racially motivated, attack
  147. Have we forgotten?
  148. If later on you found out that Apple is sending your fingerprints to the NSA...
  149. The Wild West and Libertarianism
  150. Crazy man shoots puppy in front of kids
  151. Amazon "NOW" Collecting Sales Tax
  152. 'Pink slime' slips back into school lunches in four more states
  153. And our Sports Culture causes another disgusting act.....
  154. California may ban hunting with lead bullets
  155. Where the Bourne stories a CIA invention to discredit leaks?
  156. Police officer charged for killing a man after man survives car accident
  157. The Koch Brothers Secret Bank
  158. Miss America 2014 winner is of Indian descent vs US Political views
  159. Yet another mass shooting - Navy Yard Shooting
  160. CDC says that 23000 die every year due to overuse of antibiotics
  161. Republicans threaten government shutdown over Obamacare
  162. Freedom to think...
  163. Starbucks Ceo says if you carry guns you're not welcome
  164. Around The World, Gun Ownership And Firearms Deaths Go Together
  165. Tom DeLay's money laundering conviction is overturned
  166. What's going on with our "recovery"?
  167. Would you end "Obamacare" if you had the power?
  168. Kenyan Mall Attack
  169. "Dying with Dignity" Assisted Suicide
  170. Obama Administration Nominates Apple's VP of Worldwide Government Affairs for State Department Job
  171. Which region do you think has the greatest military prowess?
  172. Why are liberals so contradictory on big government in people bedroom ?
  173. Libertarians and rescue and emergency services.
  174. Gun Grabbers, now what are you going to do?
  175. Wendy Davis to run for Texas Governor
  176. New Jersey Judge Rules State Must Allow Gay Couples To Marry
  177. What will the NEXT Obamacare repeal effor be?
  178. U.S. Wealth Is Now the Most Concentrated at the Top Since 1916
  179. Porn industry starting a new and different backlash agaist it
  180. Was outrage over AIG bonuses comparable to lynchings?
  181. He's Only Thinking About Their Ovaries
  182. Tea Party Supporter sets date for armed overthrow of government
  183. If you can hunt for sport, are you capable of killing humans?
  184. US Airways and American Airlines merger
  185. Taxes on Money provided by a Family Member
  186. Gov't Shuts Down For First Time Since 1995
  187. Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Website is live.
  188. Launch of Obamacare "like an Apple product"
  189. Fox News on Obamacare: Telling it like it is!
  190. Apple and Other Tech Companies Sign Letter Backing Bills for Transparency in Government Surveillance
  191. NYC Motorcycle Attack
  192. US Government Apps & Websites Down
  193. [News] PHOTOS: World War II Veterans Force Open WWII Memorial During Shutdown
  194. Obamacare vs. The Affordable Care Act
  195. Do I have to get healthcare?
  196. Have the Democrats really been willing to negotiate?
  197. Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton, health
  198. Shots fired at the US Capitol
  199. Your Personal Data versus the 4th Amendment
  200. Pa. gov: Gay marriage is like marriage of siblings
  201. Boy suspended after using finger as pretend gun
  202. Conspiracy theories ......
  203. Why doesn't health insurance work as well as other insurance?
  204. What's in a name? — Washington Redskins
  205. How can the debt ceiling be constitutional?
  206. Libertarian that loves the Affordable Care Act
  207. SEC Concludes Review of Apple's Tax Policy, Asks for Additional Information for Investors
  208. Russia planning 'PRISM on steroids' for Winter Olympics
  209. Pure form of Republican hypocrisy?
  210. Salmonella. It's what's for dinner.
  211. What harm is there in registering firearms?!?!
  212. Should A Person's Opinion be Dismissed Due to a Grammatical Error?
  213. Debt Ceiling validity questioned
  214. Third Colorado lawmaker faces possible recall over gun control
  215. Yay end times?
  216. Woman calls for ambulance for diabetic, police arrive and shoot to kill
  217. Police kill man with Down syndrome
  218. Judge Clears Way for Gay Marriage to Start in NJ
  219. Would you vote for a third party?
  220. Let's Turn December 14th Into Gun Nut Day
  221. 5th grader convicted of conspiracy to murder a classmate
  222. Do you live in a town that doesn't card for alcohol?
  223. Welfare Pays More Than Minimum-Wage Work In 35 States
  224. The soaring cost of a simple breath
  225. Another Stand your ground fiasco kill an innocent person get off free.
  226. Chinese calls for ‘de-Americanized’ world
  227. Cognitive Dissonance- Obamacare
  228. Are you a part of the New American Center?
  229. Maryville, Missouri Rape Situation
  230. Labor Unions
  231. Moderating Comments on Blogs
  232. Cory Booker Wins Senate Race in New Jersey
  233. Nebraska again: Judge denies 16 year old girl abortion
  234. Tea Party got what they wanted...and messed it up!
  235. Woman Charged with petty theft for stealing $2.87 in Coins from a fountain !!
  236. Inside the Fox News Lie Machine-Fact-checking Sean Hannity on Obamacare
  237. 'Muricans Destroy 170 Million Year-Old Geological Formation
  238. 2 convicted Fla. killers released by mistake captured
  239. EBT benefit card glitch sparks Walmart shopping sprees in Louisiana
  240. American Footballers revolt
  241. Service jobs and the economics of job retention
  242. Are we ready for direct democracy?
  243. Middle School Shooting - Reno/Sparks, Nevada
  244. Ted Cruz a modern day Benedict Arnold?
  245. 2 new books suggests political showdowns are fundraising goldmine!
  246. Things to see in Miami before it is underwater
  247. Iphones being hacked by the NSA?
  248. Texas Republican Judge Switches Party Allegiance In Incredible Video
  249. 14 Year Old High School Student Kills Teacher
  250. AR-15 rifle stolen from GOP congresswoman’s unlocked garage