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  1. AR-15 rifle stolen from GOP congresswoman’s unlocked garage
  2. Football team scores 91 points...accused of bullying.
  3. Girl Scout cookies promote the gay agenda, abortion and communism
  4. NSA bugged mobile from German chancellor (?)
  5. Students Hurt In Accidental Shooting By Cop At School Safety Event Near Los Angeles
  6. Obama wants Marines to wear ‘girly’ hats
  7. Pregnant and locked up Re: Fetal Protection Law
  8. WHAT? Can't be...
  9. Another Mass Shooting in the U.S.
  10. Supporting Independent Artists Much?
  11. spread the words, share this, IMPORTANT!!! [Drug Safety from FDA]
  12. Iran--Wassup With That ?
  13. Christian couple leave note to gay waiter
  14. healthcare.gov partially offline for over 36 hours
  15. Is a black box in cars too much?
  16. Truth is stranger than fiction
  17. Is spying by NSA of alied political leaders and masses fair and just?
  18. Federal Judge Rules Against Part Of Texas Abortion Law
  19. Nevada tea party Republican: ‘Yeah, I would’ vote to bring back slavery
  20. Sweden Becomes First Western Nation to Reject Low-fat Diet Dogma in Favor of Low-carb
  21. Why is there Public Outrage over Texting and Driving?
  22. N.S.A. Said to have tapped Google and Yahoo data centers abroad
  23. Voting Rules and Regs
  24. North Dakota Woman to Hand Out Letters to Fat Kids on Halloween
  25. Axe at school, school shut down, eight students hospitalized
  26. Heathcare.gov...WORKS W/my Mac
  27. Slow enrollment for Obamacare
  28. NJ voters set to amend constitution to raise minimum wage
  29. Age raised to 21 to buy Tobacco in NYC.
  30. Hagel to direct National Guards to offer same-sex benefits
  31. Shots fired at Los Angeles International Airport; Multiple Injuries Reported
  32. Navy SEALs ordered to remove ‘don’t tread on me’ Navy Jack from uniforms
  33. Apple CEO Tim Cook Writes Op-Ed in Support of U.S. Employment Nondiscrimination Act
  34. Still think the Civil War was about state's rights?
  35. No apologies: Obama blames ‘bad apple’ plans
  36. Wisconsin Man Assaults 2 Men He Believed Were Speaking Spanish...
  37. What's your take on this?
  38. U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer initiation ill-advisedly abolished
  39. Apple Publishes Report Outlining Government Information Requests
  40. Illinois Set to Become the 15th US State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
  41. Economic Paradox of Antibiotic Development
  42. November 2013 Election Results
  43. Dolphins ban Incognito for threats, racist slurs against teammate
  44. Traffic Stop Nightmare
  45. Minimum wage increased in New Jersey and SeaTac
  46. Rob Ford Scandals
  47. Another Responsible Gun Owner™ Stands His Ground
  48. Gay conversion therapy?
  49. DDoS attacks on Healthcare.Gov?
  50. U.S. Senate Approves Anti-Discrimination Bill Endorsed by Tim Cook
  51. Philadelphians Elect First Whig Since The 19th Century
  52. More bad news for the Tea Party: U.S. economy added 200K jobs in October
  53. But, but, Benghazi
  54. Pray for Southeast Asia and Philippines during Typhoon of the century!
  55. White guy wins after leading voters to believe he’s black
  56. Anti-gun police commissioner wants armed protection
  57. Women > Men
  58. Is it OK to kill cyclists?
  59. Dark days in 'merica (living under tyranny)
  60. Jimmy Kimmel protest.
  61. Should Denver take the deal: Eastern Colorado votes for secession
  62. Hawaii Set to Become the 16th US State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
  63. Richard Cohen
  64. Obama's Approval Rating Drops To Lowest Point Ever (39%)
  65. It's not a baby
  66. It's been around a year but has anyone thought about the 2012 election coverage?
  67. Andy Kaufman alive?
  68. Homeowner Charged in Michigan Porch Shooting
  69. Personally righting a wrong (politically)
  70. Humans do not come from Earth (aparently)
  71. Overpopulation: Yes/no and if so: What to do
  72. Polar Bear Hunting/Knock Out Game.
  73. Conservatives: Is this a popular opinion?
  74. There is something deeply wrong with a society more offended by breasts than entrails
  75. The JFK Legacy 50 years later.
  76. State cop shoots at minivan full of kids
  77. Walmart Collects Food for Needy Walmart Employees for Thanksgiving
  78. Stand up for what you believe in, Larry Flynt
  79. George Zimmerman Arrested
  80. Alec Baldwin suspended from MSNBC
  81. University Of Texas Students To Host 'Catch An Illegal Immigrant Game'
  82. Is this the historical reason for persecution of homosexuality?
  83. No, it's not my bicycle
  84. Senate Changes Filibuster Rules
  85. JFK Assasination
  86. "Trail of Tears" Banners Spark Outrage During Native American Month
  87. WTF!! She should get more time!!!
  88. San Jose U Hate Crime
  89. Iran agrees to curb some of its nuclear activities
  90. The value of a human life
  91. Miami Gardens officials say it's normal to arrest a clerk for trespassing 60 times
  92. What would you do if...
  93. Personhood: Does "Hobby Lobby" have "religious beliefs"?
  94. The Sandy Hook Official Report.
  95. I thought Dr's went into Medicine to Help Heal... NOT
  96. As Homeless Line Up for Food, Los Angeles Weighs Restrictions
  97. Would you blow off Turkey dinner to go shopping?
  98. Anatomy of a Right Wing Smear Campaign
  99. Co Senator facing possible recall resigns
  100. People do know when Good Friday is, right?
  101. Obamacare's Secret Success
  102. Apple Once Again Recognizes World AIDS Day In-Store and Online
  103. Apple Once Again Recognizes World AIDS Day PRSI Spin-off
  104. Is the honeymoon over?
  105. States moving ahead with ACA Medicaid expansion, and, where poor and uninsured live
  106. NFL Rejects Gun Company's Super Bowl Commercial
  107. Obamacare website is FINALLY working
  108. Is Algebra Necessary
  109. Martin Bashir resigns from MSNBC after Sarah Palin flap
  110. GOP Rep.: Nuke Iran If War Is Necessary
  111. Large companies prepared to pay price on carbon
  112. Is everything a conspiracy?
  113. Obama not allowed to use an iPhone!
  114. US Flags to Fly at Half-Staff
  115. TSA Precheck
  116. Apple Remembers Nelson Mandela on Its Homepage
  117. Equal Time for Satan
  118. The Present ..... Truth Contest
  119. Apple and Other Tech Companies Call for Government Surveillance Reform
  120. Teacher Allegedly Fired For Getting Gay Marriage License
  121. The Bullying Experiment
  122. Whats your opinion on cage fighting for kids?
  123. At Least 194 Children Have Been Shot to Death Since Newtown
  124. Is ALEC a conspiracy?
  125. Time Magazine's Person of the Year
  126. Tony Fadell (RED) PRSI Spin-Off
  127. Outrage follows probation for teen who killed four in crash
  128. Jesus and Santa are both white guys
  129. North Korea executes uncle of leader Kim Jong Un
  130. (profanity) Rape Insurance???
  131. No More Gov't Shutdowns
  132. more drunk youth driver news
  133. Ohio working on Vermont-style concealed carry law.
  134. Shots fired at Surburban Denver High School
  135. Chemical smell in quiet neighborhood around 1-4 am
  136. Perform an act of kindness today.
  137. Religion and Dates
  138. Tim Cook Expresses Thoughts on Equality in Auburn University Award Speech
  139. Federal Judge Rules NSA Bulk Phone Record Collection Unconstitutional
  140. Tim Cook and Other Tech Executives to Meet With President Obama to Discuss NSA Surveillance and Health Care Website
  141. DOD official: Snowden ‘stole everything – literally everything’
  142. Race and College Admissions
  143. how do ya'll feel about this (Pope)
  144. Religious Groups Challenge Calif. Transgender Law Over Privacy
  145. Duck Dynasty (Phil) Rantings ..... Ignorance, hate, or both?
  146. Gun waiting period ‘burdens’ 2nd Amendment
  147. New Mexico Becomes the 17th State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
  148. Ku Klux Clan- We're Not A Hate Group
  149. My faith in people is restored.
  150. Should your faith determine what you can sell?
  151. Husband Wants Pregnant Wife Off Life Support
  152. Mac Pro Xmas PRSI spin off
  153. What are some unpopular beliefs you hold?
  154. Rank the USA Presidents of your lifetime.
  155. Utah: 18th state to legalize SSM
  156. Porn
  157. Knockout Game a Hate Crime
  158. How Accurate Is The Bible?
  159. How many here celebrated Christmas?
  160. Why are some 12 steppers worse off in sobriety?
  161. Do you follow them? [The ten commandments]
  162. You know, the news.......I just don't know anymore...
  163. The Norm vs The Average.
  164. 2014 Sochi Olympics - PRSI Version
  165. 75% tax rate passed in France!
  166. Why the Tea Party isn't going anywhere
  167. The NSA has nearly complete backdoor access to Apple's iPhone
  168. NSA Was Able to Capture Live Data From Compromised iPhones in 2008, Including Live Camera, GPS, and More
  169. What do US insurance companies pay for prescriptions
  170. Apple Denies Knowledge of NSA's iPhone Spying Program
  171. Yet another Fast and Furious gun shows up
  172. Gay Marriage Float in Rose Parade
  173. Cool animation about the Federal Reserve
  174. This is why Stop and Frisk is such a big problem in NYC
  175. Personal Drones: The new frontier
  176. I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot
  177. Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado On First Day of Legalization
  178. Solar power in Minnesota/America/Network News
  179. Rand Paul Is Filing a Class-Action Lawsuit Against the NSA
  180. What is your opinion on nuclear energy?
  181. Apple Updates Corporate Bylaws on Diversity Following Criticism Over Lack of Female Leaders
  182. Do we need days off?
  183. Here we go again (racial stereotypes)
  184. What it really takes to get ahead: FAI
  185. Assault on Kansas public schools
  186. Dennis Rodman, WTF
  187. Enjoy Your Life While You're Young! :)
  188. Christie of NJ is done for
  189. wealth inequality in America is it really this bad?
  190. Walmart health plan is cheaper, offers more coverage than ObamaCare
  191. Illinois finally joins the rest of the country.
  192. Ariel Sharon: Eight Years in a Coma
  193. Chris Christie only ramping up for 2016...would you vote for him?
  194. Why are so many young people being arrested today?
  195. Unemployment Is Falling For All The Wrong Reasons
  196. Pizzagate, yet another scandal for NYC
  197. FBI's primary mission is no longer law enforcement
  198. Are red counties and states bad for your health?
  199. "You have to know history to teach it."
  200. Texting in movie theaters
  201. Student Expelled for Casting a Spell
  202. Kelly Thomas verdict: Demonstrators gather at beating site
  203. When your religion treats women like second class citizens...
  204. Fox refuses to comment after guest calls for Satanists to be gunned down
  205. P5+1 Negotiations with Iran
  206. Judge rules Oklahoma's gay marriage ban unconstitutional
  207. Where do you get your news, and who is your favorite "real" journalist?
  208. For Sale: Series of Tubes, highest bidder
  209. was it Muslims?
  210. Bill O'Reilly, a lady of temperance
  211. Bizarre Piercing
  212. Anti-NRA movie in the works
  213. New Connecticut and New York Gun Control Laws in Effect
  214. The Freedom To Pollute
  215. Advocates for Workers Raise the Ire of Business
  216. Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Struck Down
  217. Obama stopping indiscriminate monitoring
  218. Should you be able to buy an ICBM? Or nuclear weapons?
  219. Government regulators who killed net neutrality became top cable industry lobbyists
  220. Maybe the warming really is worse
  221. Tech firms trying to emulate NRA lobby
  222. I have Free Will (Please read post 1 before voting)
  223. Do you think a terriost act will happen at Sochi Olympics?
  224. Guns in the home raise suicide, homicide risk, review confirms
  225. Obama: Pot no more dangerous than alcohol
  226. A New Bill in Tennessee Could Nullify Federal Gun Control Laws
  227. Apple, Google Shuttles to Pay to Use Public Bus Stops in San Francisco
  228. NSA and PGP
  229. Why do Americans not understand Social Democracies?
  230. Maryland Lawmakers May Finally Realize
  231. Idaho rep tackles faith healing after child deaths
  232. How would Jesus vote?
  233. How much paid vacation do you get?
  234. Pro-Gun Republican Police Chief Accidentally Shoots Himself… Again
  235. GOProud founder gives up
  236. Holly Crap Murrrrrrica
  237. Another California Gun Law
  238. Glenn Beck: "I think I played a role unfortunately .. helping tear .. country apart"
  239. Record 20% of Households on Food Stamps
  240. Tim Cook: NSA 'Would Have to Cart Us Out in a Box' for Access to Servers
  241. Sheriff Joe—Don't Mess with Old Glory
  242. What's an issue on which you disagree with your preferred party?
  243. Why is alcohol legal and suicide not?
  244. U.S. Army role finder made me laugh
  245. Ex-police officer, a firearms instructor, accidentally shoots himself outside school
  246. We've got some breaking news out of Miami...
  247. Why is the American Dream dead in the South?
  248. NSA Servers Collect Personal Data Sent by iPhone Apps
  249. Marriage doesn’t need “to be regulated by the state at all,” say Republicans
  250. Government to Allow Apple to Disclose More Data on Surveillance Requests