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  1. Paranoia in WV claims 2 victims
  2. Would/Do you take mass transit?
  3. Rovio Denies Any Role in NSA Spying on Angry Birds Users
  4. State of the Union 2014
  5. President Obama Mentions Apple-Backed School Broadband Initiative During State of the Union Address
  6. Pete Seeger dead at 94
  7. Lifer to get sex change operation on tax payers expense.
  8. Obamacare’s Unpopularity Rises Among Uninsured
  9. Nintendo’s CEO takes 50-percent pay cut following poor earnings
  10. "Free" to be paid what you're worth
  11. A liberal giant in California calls it quits
  12. Constitutional amendments
  13. It is not your money anymore
  14. Confessions of a TSA Agent
  15. If you know someone who is masturbating, tell someone before it’s too late.
  16. Beer Drones shut down.
  17. Oklahoma nutcase says, "Obama should be executed ..."
  18. Does/Should the 2nd Amendment Extend to Missiles & ICBMs?
  19. Fun: US-Navy vs Spain
  20. Coca-Cola Superbowl ad
  21. John Elway doesn't believe in safety nets/The NFL is Tax exempt? [MERGED]
  22. Gay-marriage debate takes new twist in Oregon
  23. Gay Icon Larry Brinkin Guilty of Felony Child Porn Charges
  24. Students Sign Petition to Imprison/kill All Registered Gun Owners
  25. Good place as any! Medi-Cal how does it work? Which doctors?
  26. Apple Pledges $100 Million in Equipment to President Obama's ConnectED Initiative for Schools
  27. CBO estimates 2.3 million jobs lost due to ACA
  28. North Korea's Official 'Red Star' Operating System Borrows Heavily From OS X
  29. NYC Mayor to sit out of St Patrick's Day Parade
  30. Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham
  31. CVS to Stop Selling Tobacco Products
  32. Gay hunting season in Russia: Shocking documentary everyone should see
  33. Rethinking the 17th Amendment: The New Gerrymandering?
  34. Why do the super-rich keep comparing obama to hitler? Atlantic article:
  35. Cop arrests on-duty Firefighter for doing his job
  36. Oklahoma restaurant won’t serve ‘freaks,’ ‘f*ggots,’ the disabled and welfare recipie
  37. NRCC using fake Democrat websites to lure voters
  38. For Sale: Ambassadorships
  39. Tim Cook: 'Android is Like Europe', Many Different Things Under One Name
  40. A third of food products in the UK are mislabelled
  41. Selling cookies? Not in my neighborhood!
  42. Part-time America: What do the statistics really say?
  43. proper firearms training
  44. College football star, likely NFLer says he is gay
  45. Father charged with threatening 9-year-old daughter with gun
  46. Backround checks for guns..A Question for you
  47. U.S. might kill American terror suspect
  48. Militants In Iraq Blow Themselves Up At Bomb Training Camp
  49. The Iranians are coming the Iranians are coming!
  50. Anti-gun/violence activist caught with gun in a school
  51. Is my fear of US gun culture justified?
  52. House Report: No Benghazi "Stand Down" Order Given
  53. It's Time to Let Felons Vote, Holder Says
  54. Gun Show Question
  55. Kentucky must recognize Same Sex Marriages performed in other states
  56. Conservatives push to secede from ultra-progressive Maryland
  57. Who was born 205 years ago today?
  58. Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable for $44 Billion
  59. Kansas House passes bill allowing refusal of service to same-sex couples
  60. American Idol, it's about time with first gay singer!
  61. Federal Bill Would Mandate Anti-Theft 'Kill Switch' in All Smartphones
  62. California: unfiltered
  63. The corruption of the so-called liberal media
  64. Processed Food
  65. Snake-handling Preacher Dies of Snake Bite
  66. Missouri gun murders 'rose after law repeal'
  67. Tom Perkins new voting plan to make Plutocracy official
  68. On the brighter side in Iran - reformist newspaper relaunches as a daily
  69. Teen Petitions Disney for Plus-Size Princess
  70. 9 People Injured After Gun Mistakenly Goes Off at 'Shooters' Cafe
  71. Comic Strip Explains White Privilege
  72. How Christianity gave us gay marriage
  73. Mom opens fire on home invaders in Detroit to defend children
  74. Ukraine Unrest
  75. US FCC Chairman states intent to maintain open internet
  76. Nebraska judge strikes down governor's approval of Keystone XL pipeline segment
  77. Powerball winner?
  78. Looks Like McDonnell Lost the Cockfighting Demographic
  79. FCC to regulate news and print
  80. Tom DeLay: People keep forgetting that God ‘wrote the Constitution’
  81. Dangerous legislation in Idaho lets doctors/rescue workers refuse service to LGBT's.
  82. Violent crime down?!?!
  83. Gays Can Wed in Chicago Immediately
  84. Arizona lawmakers pass controversial anti-gay bill
  85. Exxon CEO: Don't frack in my backyard
  86. Is Conservative Christianity Bad for Marriage?
  87. Guns returned to blind FL man who ‘stood his ground’ against drinking buddy
  88. First "smart gun" gun goes on sale in California
  89. Republican Politician Introduces Bill to Allow Sex Offenders at Schools And Playgroun
  90. I always hear racism is dead in the US
  91. Why are we still debating climate change?
  92. Hagel Proposes Defense Budget cuts.
  93. GOP Lobbyist Pushing for Ban on Openly Gay NFL Players
  94. CNN Fires Piers Morgan
  95. Chevron Lobbyist now Runs Congressional Science Committee
  96. Permatemping: Are you a temp worker in the USA? When is "temporary" forever?
  97. GOP Lawmaker: We Need to Ban Sex-Based Abortions Because of Asian Immigrants
  98. ‘Paid twice for same cleanup’: Oil companies accused of defrauding states
  99. Colorado county issues first-ever marijuana tax figures
  100. Are the Olympics still worth it?
  101. Cut Food Stamps? Really?
  102. Virginia senator under fire after calling pregnant women ‘hosts’ to unborn babies
  103. No charges for Michigan cops who fatally shot homeless man over stolen coffee
  104. Comments Section Proves it All
  105. Austin Police Chief Apologizes For His Comments About Arresting J-Walking Jogger
  106. Spike Lee Delivers Tirade Against Gentrification in New York
  107. Sexuality: State of being VS. Behavior?
  108. Michael Grimm Skipped Staten Island Sandy Talk Monday... But Made Justin Timberlake S
  109. Gay activists have met their match with Muslim barbers
  110. New pain pill's approval: 'Genuinely frightening'
  111. Michigan Legislature Wants to Pass Bill To Fine Citizens Up To $1k Per Day For Picket
  112. When did Employers hiring become so condescending?
  113. Failed GOP candidate sues Fox Sports for religious discrimination
  114. Maryland Police Chief Cites Satirical Article to Oppose Pot Legalization
  115. O'Reily asks about downside of female president
  116. Suppoed Drunk Driver has a 0.00
  117. Police brutality over a PAID bus fair
  118. The Oscars: Will the best picture pass the Bechdel test?
  119. Moore (pun intended) on the climate battle
  120. Wife watches as police kill her husband.
  121. The perks of being a Kennedy. (Prescription meds and driving)
  122. iPhone 5s, TouchID, and the 5th Amendment
  123. Tim Cook Angrily Rejects Political Proposal Asking for Profits-First Policies
  124. Penis cakes for everyone!
  125. Separatists Attack Train Station in China
  126. Teen Sues Parents for Cash, College Tuition.
  127. Tim a Cook never told climate change deniers to get out of Apple stock
  128. So Long Elephants, Nice Knowing You...
  129. Highest Minimum-Wage State Washington Beats U.S. in Job Creation
  130. 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Nominees
  131. Sexism in the skies....
  132. Perverts rejoice! Upskirt pictures are legal in MA
  133. Everything you need to know about drugs
  134. Police chiefs arrested for impounding cars for profit
  135. Atheist fight to have WTC Cross removed
  136. Man Sues Casino... Primarily because he is an idiot
  137. Why are bureaucracies so dysfunctional?
  138. Transgender sues crossfit.
  139. Florida man invokes ‘Stand your ground’ after shooting sheriff’s deputy
  140. What happened to America?
  141. Oliver North: GOP Must Oppose Marriage Equality Like It Fought Slavery
  142. Happy International Women's Day 2014
  143. Community rallies behind child molester
  144. Sarah Palin: nukes are best Putin containment strategy
  145. Do you use the phone while driving?
  146. A call to my rapist childhood teacher
  147. Sheryl Sandberg Launches 'Ban Bossy' Campaign to Empower Girls to Lead
  148. Democrats clock all-nighter with climate talk
  149. Atheists at the CPAC, but no booth
  150. Guess who didn't like "Cosmos"
  151. New Jersey To Tesla: You're Outta Here
  152. New Jersey Judge Rules Women Can Keep Fathers Out Of Delivery Room
  153. Entrepreneur Lock
  154. Important Obama Interview
  155. Have you converted your home to LED lighting yet?
  156. Somebody knows who caused the Malaysia flight crash...
  157. Holy Bonuses Batman!!!!!!!!
  158. European law for standardized chargers
  159. Why are we still debating vaccines?
  160. How the truth is made at Russia Today (RT)
  161. Fred Phelps of hate group Westboro Baptist Church: "On the edge of death"
  162. Who Would Jesus Stone?
  163. US TV getting more violent and bloody than 30 years ago.
  164. Independent Venetia
  165. Why I'm burning my last bridge with Obama
  166. Millionaire gay couple is suing to force a church to hold their wedding
  167. Susanne Atanus, Who Blames Gay Rights For Tornadoes, Wins GOP Nomination For Congress
  168. NASA-Funded Study: 'The End' is 'Decades' Away
  169. I wish Americans would stop equating libertarianism with republicanism
  170. Judge Rules Michigan's Ban on Gay Marriage Unconstitutional
  171. This is pure madness! "Undercover officers & prostitutes"
  172. Conservatives Fear Discrimination
  173. Scottish Independence [Moved from the UK iTunes tax increase thread]
  174. America: Bottom of the barrel? Race to the bottom? Cheap? Crap?
  175. please remove...
  176. Anyone switch to solar power yet?
  177. US Supreme Court denies Arch Coal appeal of EPA's withdrawal of WV dredge/fill permit
  178. Tyrannical Risk Factors
  179. We Don't Want to "Pay" for Your Birth Control; Have a Pregnancy Test Instead
  180. Apple Planning to Add More Diversity to Emoji Character Set
  181. What are Prisons for? rethink
  182. the last words that needs to be said about gay marriage.
  183. Dinesh D’Souza Interview with Barack Obama...
  184. Russian officials dump iPads over spy fears
  185. American Dream breeds shame and blame for job seekers
  186. Anti-violent game politician arrested for gun trafficking
  187. The Political History of Abortion and Contraception
  188. Prove to me that god exists!
  189. SCOTUS (9-0): No guns if convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence
  190. The hypocrisy about freedom.
  191. Should Obamacare subsidies be based on the honor system?
  192. 2nd Amendment was only for muskets, you say?
  193. Bush 2016
  194. What is the deal with Yahoo comments? (And other news sites)
  195. Costco vs Walmart
  196. Why does no one ever complain that box office figures are never listed on ticket sale
  197. Noah
  198. Why have private prisons?
  199. Albuquerque Police shoot and kill homeless man
  200. SCOTUS strikes down individual biennial limit caps for political contributions
  201. Guilty rapist + wealthy = No jail time
  202. Does election of Barrack Obama prove God exists?
  203. Another shooting at Fort Hood
  204. Republican cuts hurting big retaliers bottom line, more loss of Republican support?
  205. North Korea's space agency is 'NADA'
  206. UPS fires 250 employees for staging a 90-minute protest to defend co-worker
  207. "Members of Congress Are Underpaid,’ Can’t Afford to ‘Live Decently"
  208. Do you believe war is legalised murder?
  209. Does anyone else feel disenfranchised?
  210. Should voting history and personal donations be of public record?
  211. Shirtless Dads Breastfeeding their Babies (SFW)
  212. U.S Brendan Eich resigns as Mozilla CEO .....Cause he's against gays.
  213. Honey Maid's surprising response to anti-gay backlash
  214. How do you politically identify yourself?
  215. Employees and unsafe working conditions
  216. Proud of my country.
  217. Good for Jeb
  218. The mentally ill, behind bars
  219. "Lowflation"
  220. Tennessee close to approving free community college
  221. 9-month-old booked on attempted murder charge
  222. Something everyone can be happy about
  223. Churches should pay taxes?
  224. Guess how accurately cable news networks cover climate change?
  225. School Stabbing Spree: 20 Hurt in Pittsburgh-Area Bloodbath
  226. Discussion about the validity of Jesus' existence
  227. Another "Christan & Family Values" Conservative Republican proves the do not mean it
  228. Stripper goes to nursing home, elderly resident's son goes to court
  229. "I do not want you in the Senate"
  230. More news about the driver beaten in Detroit
  231. Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress.
  232. Obama Requests $1.1 Billion for Gun Control
  233. Sebelius Said to Resign as U.S. Health Secretary
  234. Rush has a freak-out over Stephen Colbert
  235. Cars and Global Warming Poll
  236. Ismael Ozanne defends stance on corporal punishment defendants
  237. America's angriest white men
  238. Pope Francis calls abortion an ‘abominable crime’
  239. No Jews Allowed! Anti-Gay Scouts Won’t Allow Parents of Jewish Kids Either
  240. Louisiana Republicans pushing to make bible state book.
  241. Pat Quinn / Bruce Rauner First Public Faceoff
  242. Bipartisan 2016 Ticket
  243. Would you let your kid play here?
  244. Nevada Rancher, people defend him?
  245. National Academy (K-12 Boarding School)
  246. Business Week article on A Global Tax on the Superrich
  247. Cognitive science of conspiratorial thinking and the rejection of climate science
  248. Study Rules Out Global Warming Being a Natural Fluctuation With 99% Certainty
  249. Elephants
  250. FT: Walgreens shareholders urge mgmt to relocate company to Europe for tax purposes