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  1. Reinstall Xcode?
  2. Character Input and Output help
  3. Trying to create an NSArray
  4. Using xcode with externally modified files
  5. Xcode Compiling Error?
  6. writing to files.
  7. Terminal crash
  8. Problem with creating CFString
  9. how to align contents of NSScrollView
  10. Menu in cocoa
  11. Help with geometry calculation for CALayer
  12. Will I ever understand array pointers?
  13. Generating random float numbers(C++)
  14. Beefing up my portfolio...help plz
  15. Palindrome program using python
  16. Question about "the address will always evaluate as true" warning
  17. New to Mac New to Programming, but have a idea? Can anyone help me?
  18. run applescript through .plist
  19. programming follies.
  20. Why do some class instances seem to exist beyond their instance?
  21. why doesnt this work
  22. How to analyze the BPM of AAC file or any library for converting AAC to MP3 file
  23. High ASCII encoding differences Mac and Windows
  24. Problems with NSTimer
  25. pkg format
  26. Replacing a String of Bytes in Multiple Files
  27. Associate file type (extension) with my app
  28. How To Create Pop-Up Reminder For Web Site
  29. Netbeans or similar Java programming app + further programming down the line
  30. Which control is used as editor in mac mail - message body??
  31. Applescript: Pages 09 Print window?
  32. Dragging attachments out of NSTextView
  33. dual screen, one zoomed in to pointer idea
  34. Finder not behaving well under Scripting Bridge
  35. Some basic math??
  36. Simple text editor code from ADC not working !
  37. Question about NICE and threads
  38. Any idea why this fails (dylib fopening file in app bundle)
  39. cfitsio/Xcode
  40. applescript desktop image question
  41. Default implementation question
  42. Hiding an App's Toolbar... Permanently?
  43. WebView Scroll Issue
  44. Preinstall script runs in Snowleopard even if we upgrade the software
  45. How can I set a variable in applescript??
  46. Rounding Based On Math - Not Just Up Or Down
  47. recursive function calls in c
  48. quicktime question
  49. When to use structs ? (objective-c)
  50. ?? about closing of apps
  51. Cocoa String Noob - NSMutableString appendString PROBLEM
  52. Anyone familiar with COBOL?
  53. Trigger Expose via AppleScript
  54. Applescript- please try 2 compile this 3 line test script. It won't work for me!?!
  55. NSMetadataQuery Question
  56. "archivedDataWithRootObject:" failing to cause "encodeWithCoder:" on its argument
  57. Changing directory for input/output files in Xcode 3.2
  58. Need script to compare folders and label files
  59. Cocoa xcode interface builder - Can you change the colors and styles of the window?
  60. Uploading Images, Working Memory, And Storage.
  61. Simple NSSpeechRecognizer code, not working!
  62. "Cocoa Programming For Mac OS X" Chapter 14 Challenge
  63. Snow Leopard Xcode No Longer Saves IB Changes Upon Build
  64. I don't know what this comes under
  65. AppleScript to log out and in the user
  66. mac mini / touchscreen photo booth setup
  67. Hillegass Chapter 15 challenge
  68. Mac Mini Photo Booth with Touchscreen, is this possible?
  69. AppleScript - Unprotect, Sort, Protect
  70. C Before Objective-C?
  71. Removing zeros from float in a textfield
  72. Programmatically Retrieving TableView Selections
  73. Adding a Relationship With a Button (Core Data)
  74. Array writing - I give up
  75. some problems i have com across...
  76. Regex does not work with NSPredicate
  77. NSView & Bindings
  78. iTunes suit commands not working for remote machine
  79. MySql database connectivity with cocoa
  80. AppleScript fails on locked files, but locked-ness shouldn't matter
  81. Developing for Mac in College
  82. Permission issue?
  83. Cobol Programming on mac
  84. Adding leading zeros to a string.
  85. AppleScript Help Needed: Delete Watched TV Shows in iTunes
  86. Recursive Calls
  87. How do I run these terminal commands in AppleScript Editor?
  88. Hillegass "printing" chapter
  89. Are Foundation and Cocoa Frameworks mutually exclusive?
  90. AppleScript passing arguments.
  91. Object Arrays (Equivalent of VB6 Load/Unload)
  92. String recognition problems? (Basic)
  93. C#.net Programming
  94. Just give me a clue.
  95. AppleScript to save emails as txt
  96. C++ Read Integers from File, find sum, find average, find Min/Max average
  97. Generate and Send New Message on Receipt of Email in Mail.app
  98. Best way to do wav to mp3 conversion
  99. BASH nl command - start at 0?
  100. A sound from the clouds of freedom.
  101. NSTextView doesn’t initialize when I call readFromData:(NSData *)data ofType:(NSStrin
  102. Applescript to convert Word to PDF
  103. NSTableView pre-selected row view problem
  104. How to replace ASCII with Unicode/UTF-8?
  105. OpenOffice Basic Book
  106. Shader or Texture implementation in Mac vs Windows
  107. Switch Statement with Char
  108. Calling C-functions from assembly
  109. Read XML
  110. Writing to a file
  111. Drawing an image or shape to the screen?
  112. Terminal does not use colors for VIM
  113. Applescript expert needed: Why does this script fail? (Play MOV files in succession)
  114. Binary Representation of NSString or NSInteger
  115. Help Converting Batch File to Applescript
  116. Weird question when output results to file.
  117. How to terminate a Script that tethers HTC on MAC
  118. Get HTML content from sites
  119. Can I make a program for just one document?
  120. Where Are Window Size and Positions Stored..?
  121. What is this interface?
  122. Array subscript is not an integer
  123. I want to hire a programmer, no idea how to start my search
  124. QTMovieOpenForPlaybackAttribute alternative
  125. Java ME SDK on Mac OS10.4
  126. Seeking example XCode Obj-C with access to the database SQLite GUI InterfaceBuilder
  127. Makefile help
  128. Changing GCC compiler from version 4.2 to 4.0
  129. Resources for a Mac port of an old Windows game
  130. Custom Number Formatters?
  131. Getting problem while converting AAC to Mp3 using FFMPEG-Libavcodec
  132. compile error with complete code.
  133. Java won't run
  134. Assembly syntax?
  135. SQL Programming in Objective-C/Cocoa
  136. Getting Started With Objective-C/Cocoa
  137. ifstream file not loading data file
  138. Constructor wont compile
  139. Mixing in AppleScript
  140. Adding external libraries through Terminal
  141. Can I enumerate all opened windows and then enumerate controls in it?
  142. For Lee1210
  143. Java Programming Book?
  144. gdb versus the command line
  145. Bindings Advantages
  146. ofstream directory problem
  147. gdb: How to pipe input
  148. Custom NSCells
  149. Using simple arrays within objects
  150. C++ for Dummies or Sam's Teach Yourself?
  151. how to customize NSTokenField like in “To/ CC” fields in mac mail?
  152. Applescript 1708 error
  153. Basic iTunes Volume AppleScript Question
  154. Help: Macports python over previous version
  155. Advice for an up to date C video tutorial with xCode
  156. Java RMI Question
  157. Sound in UNIX
  158. Debugging code written in assembly with Xcode
  159. Unknown compile error message in Xcode
  160. Java 1.6 bugs in Mac OS X
  161. NSArrayController and NSKeyedArchiver
  162. how to test if unichar is upper or lower case?
  163. Disabling row in NSTableView
  164. (qt c++) Program code hangs when executed from terminal, works fine from Finder. why?
  165. incompatible pointer type.
  166. Getting executable xmkmf onto Snow Leopard
  167. A little OT
  168. Help with Xcode - Debugger Console
  169. Trouble depolying Qt application using package maker
  170. Applescript and iChat
  171. Java console displayed with Safari on the PC but not on the Mac
  172. system call in c to grep
  173. Accessing a variable by it's name, from a string
  174. NSArrayController & Bindings
  175. ICal event listener in Applescript
  176. Vector inheritance
  177. Cocoa Async Socket Error?
  178. exit code 154 when running program from xcode
  179. Applescipt Program
  180. OS-X 10.6 not releasing resources
  181. Trying to learn xcode 3.2 - lots of issues!
  182. Automater/Actionscript make events with details
  183. Disassemble Mach-O to GAS (AT&T)
  184. Sorting a dictionary
  185. Progess Bar in Popup Window
  186. consuming mixed ascii/binary messages from a socket with NSInputStream - help !!
  187. Auto open app when file downloaded via browser
  188. Repair Disk Permissions
  189. Proper MVC Controller Design
  190. How can I capture all of the system event?
  191. working with arrays in a hurry in c
  192. Does anybody use google maps or other in the desktop app?
  193. Netbeans MBP Audio Issue
  194. launch .sh automatically
  195. Automator workflow works; Folder action doesnt
  196. AppleScript- path without /Users/My user Name/
  197. Do I need to use Automator or Applescript?
  198. Stuck on the most basic program
  199. Multiple Windows in one XIB File
  200. Script or Automator to clear log in items on shutdown?
  201. AppleScript- how to keep a dialog box open after clicking a button?
  202. Code Review C++
  203. running javascript from obj-C
  204. Basic app reworked in Xcode
  205. Applescript: determine RGB value at specific pixel on screen
  206. Django and Cocoa?
  207. AppleScript ?Close other application dialog "This app was downloaded from internet"
  208. PDF library for signing document
  209. XCode Build Script Question
  210. AppleScript for labeling folders.
  211. Starting back with Mac.
  212. Obj-c Appscript In Depth
  213. Applescript OBJC
  214. 'offset' in Applescript
  215. Incompatible library version
  216. Runtime error about sox library in cocoa application
  217. Distributed Objects / OpenGL
  218. Building a Project Management System, Want Some Advice
  219. Can I bounce some ideas off people?
  220. Can this be done with Java RMI?
  221. [foo modified] is returning YES for unmodified docs... (objc-appscript framwork)
  222. Is 0xb0000000 Still The Documented Memorty Offset for...
  223. New Mac Developer Program Only $99/yr: Mac App Store Soon?
  224. PackageMaker
  225. QTKit and metadata
  226. What is the difference between these two methods?
  227. Xcode compile switches
  228. MVC understanding and CoreData relationships between objects
  229. `NSString may not respond to '-getItem'` -- How can I avoid this warning? (appscript)
  230. Recognizing device connection
  231. Removing field from all entries in address book
  232. Set Keyboard Focus to NSView?
  233. add file to program?
  234. C++: release/debug & minor code changes give unexpected results
  235. Help with program
  236. Xcode template for Android
  237. Mathematic Operations in Cocoa
  238. System Brightness Listener?
  239. Apple Script for iChat - Having some problems Error 1708
  240. Travelling - where can I download cocoa reference?
  241. NSTableview with different cells in one column
  242. applescript - launch workflow after
  243. Clarify @synthesize
  244. how can i use double Array like C?
  245. Help with regex (RegexKitLite)
  246. OS X package builder needed for open source Jabbin project
  247. translating a makefile to xcode build settings
  248. Measuring power consumption of software
  249. Desktop level text (like geektool)
  250. Mac Dev Videos on iTunes