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  1. Problems initializing my subclassed NSManagedObject
  2. How to get range of string with a specific start str and end str
  3. Kill process with AS
  4. What is this called and how do I make one to my app
  5. Adding new item to NSTableView
  6. Download images from blogs/feeds with Automator?
  7. Core data bindings help!
  8. swap customs views in split views?
  9. Learning XCode - Help Please
  10. Core Text Layout Issues
  11. How to remove cursor from text field on click of button?
  12. Cocoa Mouse Cursor/Position and Screen Capture
  13. NSArrayController & NSTableView accessing different arrays of data?
  14. Menu bar item?
  15. Unicode symbol into NSTextField
  16. Applescript Studio Problems, Web Browser
  17. Determine particular symbol width in TextField
  18. When exactly does memory get released in manually managed objective-c
  19. Where to download source in "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X 3rd Edition"
  20. Using the garbage collector
  21. Custom view and NSArrayController
  22. applescript routine for archiving appliance
  23. adding sth to the path
  24. Shut Down/Reboot your Mac easily
  25. ^?
  26. X.2.8( iPICT , oJPEG ) ?
  27. dev c++ compailer's alternate for mac
  28. - (void)bind:(NSString *)binding toObject:(id)observableController withKeyPath:(NSStr
  29. can't open xcode in safari...'Interface cannot open' (With Image)
  30. ObjC - What is the equivalent to sleep() to use in Cocoa?
  31. What does symbole [...] mean?
  32. Configuring FFTW3 on Mac OS X 10.6.3
  33. AppleScript to get file name
  34. Using race conditions to generate a better random number?
  35. Draw text centered in Custom view
  36. Universal JMenu on Mac
  37. Looking for opinion on programming course
  38. Basic question about initializers
  39. Dashcode onmouseover event
  40. How to draw constantly on a NSOpenGLView
  41. how to insert variable in sqlite by C language
  42. Extract artwork from mp3 file
  43. Can anyone translate this Command Prompt command into a Terminal command?
  44. Graphic switching 9600/9400m script
  45. Non-keyed Text Filed
  46. New and need just a few pointers C++ in OSX
  47. Free Java Compilers?
  48. Wanting to Start Up
  49. Cocoa Image Resources
  50. "Application scheduler" with Applescript.
  51. Card Games and Deck Preparation, Methods/Objects the wrong way to do it?
  52. Line numbering and syntax highlighting
  53. How can i get informtion from an CGImageRef image?
  54. Possible to figure out firewire chipset?
  55. I want my window/panel to always be on top
  56. Visual MacStandardBasic SOURCE CODE
  57. Toggle Bluetooth On/Off Applescript Issue
  58. TableView problem
  59. Class and method 'constructors'
  60. automatic c++ compiler?
  61. How did you get interested in programming?
  62. NSMutableArray adding item doesn't work
  63. Displaying web pages over web views in collection view using cooca bindings
  64. method to extract data from multiple csv files
  65. Displaying NSString from class in tableview
  66. #include <string> doesn't exist
  67. Safari Extension close tab
  68. Execute function with timeout
  69. "Code Fixer" app in Xcode 4?
  70. Pointer Logic and NSArray, NSData
  71. Eclipse SDK Andriod Helloworld problem
  72. USB mouse driver
  73. create database on sqlite3 (foreign key issues)
  74. Windows install of Safari Developer certificate
  75. Memory Leak in Simple Code
  76. two NSArrayControllers
  77. Video info from file - Episode ID, Season Number, etc..
  78. XCode 4
  79. code from the book doesn't work in x-code
  80. NSActionCell in NSTableView
  81. Bindings vs the code way
  82. Send Mail Using Stationery in Automator/AppleScript
  83. NSPanel Creation
  84. New to Cocoa; having some trouble with NSString.
  85. Permanently Delete Files With Applescript
  86. how to show avg of employees salary using NSArrayController and cocoa bindings
  87. Application icon in Menubar ?
  88. Sorting of table column by string length not working as intended when done in IB via
  89. Cross-platform coding: How to get started?
  90. Another Term For Getters And Setters?
  91. Spaces Support
  92. MenuItem Outlets from a different XIB File?
  93. For a IDE would i use OSA Script View or Text view.
  94. XML Question
  95. Help, NSTextField not displaying output! :(
  96. Creating Core Data data at design time
  97. Creating a IDE?
  98. General C++ game loop question
  99. libpng doesn't seem to read
  100. NSTextField CMD-A Select All
  101. Updating Xcode
  102. How Do I Get Time And CPU Out Of Terminal?
  103. Hide linefeed and tab characters in xcode editor
  104. Application Autorun
  105. Complicated Automator script for photographer
  106. Playing Sound with Cocoa/Quicktime API
  107. Hook Keyboard
  108. JOGL and Java2D and Swing on the Mac with OpenGL
  109. Whats the best way to go full screen?
  110. Is devforums down?
  111. Problem Building Unix Application
  112. "Open With" does not pass in file as argument to target Application
  113. What to do? How do I execute another file in my program?
  114. What object to place for manually drawing gradients on?
  115. unrecognised selector sent to instance xxx
  116. Error Expected ";" before "{" token
  117. WWDC 10 Videos online
  118. Screen capture without OpenGL C/Objective-C
  119. Consolidating editors - R, C-family, LaTeX, html
  120. Custom modal sheet
  121. How to efficiently delete duplicate files
  122. Java Coding help
  123. how do i send an SOAP request manually?
  124. Re-opening window by clicking on the dock icon
  125. How to sign a code on OSX 10.4
  126. *GOOD* Objective-C 2D OpenGL Tutorials
  127. check for duplicates in NSArrayController
  128. How to customize the standard folder of AMPathPopUpButton
  129. Irony
  130. Best way to play music
  131. Crash when using OpenMP and Qt
  132. Using your own subdirectories with xcode
  133. [Xcode] NSComboBox + NSMatrix
  134. How to interpret a crash report ?
  135. NSRuleEditor problem
  136. Produce every possible letter combination of a specific word
  137. Creating and detecting click events
  138. Applescript: Removing all addresses/employers from Address Book
  139. A Memory Management question
  140. Calling Objective-C Code from C++
  141. Applescrpt: in need some help
  142. Automator: Taking mp3 metadata and making it the filename for .jpg files. HELP??
  143. I need help: Java 6 & OS X 10.5.8 (NetBeans installation)
  144. A modest Requestish
  145. Pass object between classes and copy of object
  146. WWDC 2009 Content Availability?
  147. Aotomator Task
  148. Good Free web page designer for OSX
  149. switch to catch non int
  150. Should I use document or non-document based application
  151. NSScrollView clipping problem
  152. Grand Central Dispatch to paralelize a c++ for loop
  153. Self Destructing Apple Script
  154. Question about Java program!
  155. Using Xcode after learning C++ on a PC
  156. Advice on making multiple windows in Xcode...
  157. Visual Basic to Xcode
  158. AppleScript to launch console in terminal mode, not launching terminal
  159. Help: Basic Applescript to move files from desktop
  160. Puzzle game made in Java
  161. A little applescript help if you would please
  162. Downloading data from many sources concurrently
  163. What's in my NSData?
  164. export core data model
  165. Applescript: Open up a terminal cd'ed to a defined location.
  166. Where to Start
  167. Most efficient way of repeatedly drawing attributed text to view
  168. Folder Actions Stopping
  169. Unicode Problem with 10.5.8 from 10.4.11?
  170. Making Components Interact
  171. Anyone ever take Discrete Mathematics?
  172. how to write async function
  173. Is it OK to use DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH on Mac OS X? And, what’s the dynamic library search
  174. OpenGl, load and display 2D image example?
  175. isight
  176. Applescript - param to keystroke
  177. .App to PrefPane??? Can it Convert
  178. Add a photo to a interface builder project
  179. XCode C++ Text File
  180. NSSpeechRecognizer problem
  181. Question about references
  182. WebView!? crashing on window minimize or hide
  183. hi i can handle message from NSView ? or handle mouseOver on NSStatusitem
  184. Subclass NSArrayController or NSManagedObject
  185. Where is this useful feature located in XCode?
  186. Dragging a button and dropping it at another location in its window
  187. AppDelegate.m not automatically created?
  188. Global Event is Blocking
  189. Difference between inclusive-or and or
  190. enum and typedef help
  191. Kill Sub-Process and not Parent process
  192. XCode is driving me insane!
  193. Having problems understanding the ramifications of an existing software patent
  194. Better (CoreAnimation or OpenGL)
  195. Imac powerful enough
  196. What am I looking for? Anchor control to top left?
  197. Hello, and any advice?
  198. Window Management
  199. Using mysql with cocoa
  200. Get Text from Clipboard
  201. stdafx.h???
  202. F-Script
  203. Working with NSThreads
  204. How to set row height based on its content in table
  205. how to get count of records and aggregate of values via NSArrayController and cocoa b
  206. NSURLConnection won't call delegate methods
  207. How to I make Xcode show tab chars
  208. Do I need anything else to learn C?
  209. Obj-C + Cocoa
  210. Xcode Linking to Wrong Library
  211. NSManagedObjectContext locking
  212. Applescript to Javascript for Photoshop.
  213. Why method scoped variables not alloc+init?
  214. Boot time run script
  215. Need help with my source code !!!
  216. No alloc/init needed for @property instance vars?
  217. Algorithm for Audio - Video Encryption - Decryption
  218. xcode missing files?
  219. SQLITE3 problem - SQLITE_ROW
  220. Objective C book for experienced programmers
  221. Help with Cocoa Application
  222. Multiple view hit testing.
  223. I don't understand this "nonatomic" business with @property
  224. Folder Action Problems with Leopard 10.5.8
  225. AppleScript Help, File Usage Monitoring
  226. How to Reload Safari Extension
  227. Apple Script to burn an ISO
  228. Did I do this right? Creating a 3D char array, saving it, then freeing...
  229. Error building glib
  230. Huge mess up! Did anyone else ever do this?
  231. Tips to break bad coding habits?
  232. CUDA not allowing GPU switching on MBP -->BATTERY RAPE
  233. Segmentation fault when allocating large vectors
  234. Syntax Question on Old DB program
  235. Learning Python on a Mac
  236. Using Mac Installer with a folder
  237. Quartz Composer and multichannel Audio
  238. Submitting Dashboard Widget
  239. C++ - Having trouble with cin >> in xCode...
  240. Input message box?
  241. Interesting Programming Projects in C
  242. Good book or two for software development practice?
  243. AppleScript to extract SMS as text from iPhone backup folder
  244. Help...
  245. how set focus on flash object in webView ?
  246. How do I get this to display Hello World?
  247. How to control external monitor output using cocoa?
  248. Being trained for JavaEE6
  249. Synchronous Message in Safari Extension
  250. Cocoa Delegate Messages