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  1. [Resolved] How can I add customized attributes to my files?
  2. Need HELP with a Python script
  3. Simple Idea - Can I menuify existing applications?
  4. Nested Dictionaries
  5. automatically change to the priority of to do list based on due date applescript
  6. Get pixel data from an image?
  7. app idea "abstracted *nix environment without jailbreaking "
  8. Automator: trimming file path (POSIX text)
  9. C++: object-oriented programming exercises
  10. Is a widget anything more than a webpage in a bundle?
  11. Dialog Variable not Defined?
  12. Creating Mac apps.
  13. NSTableView get selected row data
  14. Help with "Hello, World" in Java
  15. Apple script batch shell script
  16. My first applescript doesn't work. Please help.
  17. C++ programming software for mac.
  18. Add Item to Dock Programmatically
  19. Quicktime Export Code
  20. Save preferences and load them up on next start
  21. X11 Xquartz MAC OS 10.8.5
  22. Source Code from good programmed Mac Applications?
  23. Apple 's tutorial not working, worth it to follow anyway?
  24. Applescript timer increasing
  25. Help Needed With A Python Problem
  26. Using Inline or External Assembler with Xcode ?
  27. Listing directory for php
  28. Coding OpenGL in XCode
  29. -fobjc-arc is not supported error and duplicate symbol error in compiling
  30. [Resolved] First script- any insight appreciated!
  31. Core data advice?
  32. Displaying hard drive capacity
  33. XCode at it *again*: invalid host string: 'localhost'
  34. switching some text's words but not others in script
  35. How To Hide Terminal Windows While Executing A Command?
  36. Flatten Complex JSON
  37. Bring VS2012 C# project to OS X
  38. What to do when a fullcreen app crashes
  39. Applescript for PleaseSleep
  40. "if" in AppleScript
  41. Windows Resizing Crashes Program
  42. NSTextField focus don't work if is added programmatically
  43. Applescript (List Force Quit Apps)
  44. Applescript moving files issue
  45. Xcode file output
  46. Applescript or automator to open specific file/s
  47. Open source Objective-C physics framework?
  48. How do I use getche() in C with Xcode?
  49. OpenGL for OS X Tutorial
  50. Mac App Code Help Neeeded urgently [developing USB, inline module]
  51. Cant make type 1 into number
  52. gfortran Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64
  53. How to read a cvs file into NSArray?
  54. Programming on an old Macbook
  55. Need a programm to organize archives.
  56. C++ Code Coverage Mac OSX
  57. Can someone please make this macro for me?
  58. Launchd Help for the Clueless
  59. Leading zeros
  60. Point out a Pointer Mistake
  61. Data Recover
  62. Debugging Help (message sent to a deallocated instance)
  63. Here's what I want my program to do. What's the best way to achieve this? (newbie)
  64. Simple question about making / releasing an object within a method
  65. Core data relationship
  66. Objective-C instances of objects as as units / making new, unforeseen instances
  67. [Resolved] Get Prior Active Application?
  68. Cocoa Binding Controls to Parent Window?
  69. Is This Normal
  70. NSFileManger to move items on desktop
  71. Why isn't networking working for my user?
  72. no Applescript dictionary for Numbers 3?
  73. Wine and MacPorts
  74. Beginner in Xcode
  75. moveItemsAtPath
  76. clang linking broken on new install of Mavericks
  77. Netbeans and JDK6
  78. Problem installing command line tools in 10.9 (error: not available from server)
  79. Sandbox Bug
  80. Limit textfield character length
  81. Applescript and Max Audio
  82. scripted logout preferences not working
  83. Coda 2 Alternatives?
  84. SQL Injection Assignment
  85. [Resolved] dyld Symbol Not Found?
  86. FCP plugin to email upon export failure
  87. Issues with Interactive User Interface example
  88. AppleScript: How do I save multiple Excel sheets to one pdf using Applescript
  89. Script to hide desktop icons, now I can't unhide
  90. UTF8String vs NSASCIIStringEncoding
  91. Document based application, use folders (of any type) as documents
  92. [Resolved] xcode5 export as Application problem
  93. Xcode, 10.4 PPC, Snow Leopard (Server) in VM
  94. Mavericks Calendar - exporting calendars as .ics files
  95. Icon Changed to EXEC Icon When Running
  96. Help with a simple program
  97. Installing Boost (and failing miserably)
  98. Why use [string1 intValue] in lieu of atoi
  99. Header files not found on Mac
  100. Disable xcode 5 index
  101. Turning USB device on and off
  102. NSAppearanceCustomization?
  103. getStartupVolumeName() in bash?
  104. osx - batch script
  105. Prompt to tag and move file after downloading
  106. python optimization
  107. Global "Command" ⌘ key listener
  108. Program to disable charging
  109. OS X graphics bug?
  110. Expression Window Xcode 5 viewing dynamic array
  111. New to Programming Forum just wanted to introduce myself!
  112. Does OS X come with libpng pre-installed?
  113. Fastscripts Finder tabs
  114. Get keyboard events in NSViewController
  115. Xcode Beginner
  116. The worst thing about exposing yourself to Python (or other better languages)...
  117. Twitter Timeline
  118. converting AppleWorks to Microsoft Word (Mac), 2011
  119. sudo "Command not found"
  120. Running a java program on OS X 10.6.8
  121. Audio Keyboard
  122. Deploying 32 bit or 64 bit or Universal Binaries?
  123. OS X mockup tool?
  124. Choose application dialog opening when not needed in my Applescript
  125. Should I (and how do I) use Tokens?
  126. Rotate NSImageView around it's center
  127. Xcode gets the wrong path when adding files
  128. dashcode help
  129. Text editor library
  130. Replicate Xcode's Show/Hide buttons from Top Right Corner?
  131. Xcode autocomplete
  132. Bindings question: default value
  133. Building and Running C++ Code from within XCode 5
  134. programmatic access to Finder labels X.6.8
  135. Xcode 4.6 debugging
  136. Modelica
  137. bash not finding program
  138. Where is my gcc and g++ compiler
  139. Is VecLib buggy?
  140. AppleScripts work but flood Console with sandbox errors
  141. Always show Badge Count
  142. Is there a way to clean up this Java method?
  143. Can't Detect Events on a WebView
  144. What kind of processors iMac has? [For Assembly Language use]
  145. NSAffine Transform Only Working on Scren
  146. JFileChooser.showOpenDialog(null) requires sudo on some Macs?
  147. How to compile VHDL code?
  148. FILE ACCESS - C programming
  149. need some Applescripting help badly!!!
  150. How do I make "Open selected files with x.app" shortcut ?
  151. Automation: Word to PDF to Evernote
  152. Menu Item Key Press
  153. Content Inset with WebView
  154. Xcode 5 and OpenMp
  155. automator data from xls to web form
  156. Learn AppleScript - your recommendations?
  157. Getting started with GMP and Xcode
  158. WebView does not respond to scrollToPoint:
  159. What do you make of these cryptic variable names (batteries / ... maybe it's I2C)?
  160. AppleScript to copy Notes to designated folder
  161. xCode and multiple windows
  162. Has anyone used MobileDevice or related frameworks? Okay for Mac App Store?
  163. Very simple *Automator* app
  164. Python Mac Library?
  165. Please help me to convert from Matlab to Java
  166. xcode debug issue
  167. Java Methods: Having Trouble!
  168. [Resolved] Not a programmer, need some help for my friend
  169. Simple lightweight IDE for single file C++ compiling on OS X
  170. Specify multiple paths in Entitlement Security temporary-exception?
  171. Paste into Safari's Console
  172. [Resolved] Doom 3 and 10.9
  173. need help on bash scripting
  174. Organizing a Project
  175. Anyone here experienced in R?
  176. So. Anyone on here use Xojo?
  177. NSProgressIndicator Flickers on scroll of below WebView - Really weird behaviour
  178. NSAttributedString from clipboard.
  179. OpenGL with glfw, can't get it to draw
  180. Mac USB Sniffer?
  181. NSMutableArray always replacing last value.
  182. Xcode build phase - unknown number of input files to unknown number of output files
  183. Xcode - conio.h library
  184. Limit textfield character length
  185. A non-developer in need.
  186. [Resolved] Easily change text size in Sublime?
  187. [Resolved] NumberFormatter in TableView
  188. how to avoid opening the terminal
  189. How to automate PDFpen with applkescript
  190. Mac Installer Help .pkg won't load
  191. Help with attaching image to messages in AppleScript
  192. [Resolved] No known class method for selector 'alloc' ?
  193. Why is Xcode sometimes free, other times $4.99?
  194. WWDC_2010_114.xcodeproj
  195. [Resolved] Sediment? xtra 0x0A after `sed ... < x.bin`
  196. Anyone know how to modify/hack a Mac game?
  197. I want to dump Nike+ (XML) data from my Nano into a spreadsheet, best way to do it?
  198. auto Lock/Unlock mac if you are around
  199. Mute OSX startup sound permanently without a prefpane
  200. Should I use Xcode or Eclipse for Android development?
  201. Best way for a beginner to learn OpenGL?
  202. SourceTree Git-SVN not working on Mavericks?
  203. Automate add filename to text document in Automator/AppleScript
  204. getcwd won't work as it should
  205. installing python with idle & pygame
  206. [Resolved] Trouble reading a .txt file in Xcode with C++
  207. C++: What's so special about 13.34, 14.34, and 15.34?
  208. Why can't I open this Xcode project?
  209. Applescript newb: declaring a variable in another script.
  210. Installing mpv on 10.9
  211. Batch Rename files using CSV list
  212. Running an AppleScript at a specific time
  213. Open all files from folder via Terminal
  214. AV Foundation timecode support for 10.8
  215. Source Code with Line Numbers
  216. Need help with troubleshooting startup desktop clean-up/remove script
  217. Applescript, look after file don't work why?
  218. Help with Applescript Rules
  219. Format string is not a string literal.
  220. IP scanner
  221. Create a service to reboot Core Audio
  222. Automator perhaps? Launch app upon quit of another..
  223. Can be block the external drive in Cocoa
  224. Extract Emails from the email app
  225. Delete of Attachment not working via ScriptBridge Framework.
  226. Parallels or bootcamp for Modelsim/Xilinx
  227. applescript align column in word table
  228. YouTube and Webview issue
  229. File Path String Editing Tool?
  230. Need help compiling file that requires X11...
  231. Recursively calling init method… am I doing this right?
  232. Modulo and Units...
  233. Sparkle updater is no longer maintained
  234. Automator - Move Video Files From One Folder To Another
  235. Best Way to Resequence File Numbers?
  236. Noob Objective-C / Framework / AVFoundation question
  237. Need help with a conversion from SQLite data to Class Object
  238. How to create an applescript for multiple dd terminal commands in sequence ?
  239. Playing a sound when game over
  240. changing NSTextView string value
  241. text kit: dynamic text substitution
  242. AppleScript Press Ok
  243. Storing Variables outside of Applescript
  244. How do I migrate an Xcode project from one Mac to another?
  245. GCC compiled program not working
  246. Custom login/lock screen in Mavericks
  247. Joining PDFs whilst maintaining layers
  248. Can I have my Cocoa app install custom iOS apps?
  249. Can someone help a windows programmer?
  250. Applescript code help