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  1. Shuffle synched with "another iTunes library": Reversible?
  2. best software
  3. how do I save a particular podcast to hard drive?
  4. Syncing OLD iPods......HELP!!!
  5. Refurbished iPod shuffles - $29
  6. iPod touch got stolen (twice!) so I need an older 'Pod... what to get?
  7. Steve's tripping if he thinks this garbage will take off!
  8. Handbrake
  9. Download Old Podcasts?
  10. To convert or not to convert?
  11. iPod mini - no sound after battery replacement
  12. Lossless. Can there be an even better format?
  13. app icons
  14. Ripping SACDs as lossless?
  15. Alternate audio not working on iPod Classic
  16. 120GB iPod Classic : Case Inquiry
  17. Remove from Download
  18. Transfering songs from my PC to Imac
  19. Can I play .avi movies on my ipod nano and how do I add .avi files into my itunes?
  20. Hifi to Wifi without a network. Is it possible?
  21. Converting Music Store Purchases
  22. Album Art Problem on 80G Classic
  23. Multiple Versions of the Same Song
  24. iPod Nano 3g problem
  25. What to do with a flaky iPod (photo)
  26. beta first gen ipod
  27. Change iPod color in iTunes
  28. help for my Ipod nano!!
  29. movies on itunes and ipod?
  30. iTunes doens't see my ipod when plugged in.
  31. Ipod no longer syncs since latest Itunes update
  32. How can I make Christmas Songs Hidden Until Christmas?
  33. So who else has ever had the wrong thing shipped to them...? In a funny way.
  34. Did I accidentally lose an authorization?
  35. need help on why my Ipod wont play videos anymore
  36. How to transfer videos from iPod to your computer
  37. Video converter for mac
  38. Itunes not recognizing Ipod touch
  39. Frequent Nano pluggings-in ---> crash?
  40. what is the wattage to charge an Ipod Nano
  41. artwork for tv shows
  42. Transferring Library to External Drive...
  43. Advice on using a iPod remote while snowboarding
  44. Proper iTunes/iPod format
  45. Apple Lossless same quality rip on Windows?
  46. authorisation problemi
  47. iPod Classic sync issue
  48. nano 4th gen free games
  49. iPod Classic and Coverflow
  50. How do you transfer from smaller external hard drive to larger external hard drive?
  51. 60GB iPod
  52. How can I transfer music from my ipod to my new Mac?
  53. Which 'Shuffle' is this?
  54. is there anyway this is possible.......
  55. converting avi to ipod/itunes with quicktime
  56. Changing Countries
  57. iphone apps
  58. Compression over the airwaves?
  59. I tunes display problem
  60. Dead Computer and ipod
  61. Videos with Music?
  62. Genuis IpodNano gen3
  63. Question Reagrding Burning Disks
  64. using iwow with wireless speakers?
  65. When ejecting an iPod, doens't it automatically sync metadata?
  66. ipod nano 4g +FM tuner+charger
  67. itunes hangs when connecting classic 120GB
  68. First Gen Shuffle with Car Radio
  69. Is there a way to get iPod Games not in the iTunes Store?
  70. Album tracks out of order
  71. quick question about playcount with ipod and itunes
  72. My music has become other files?
  73. iPod won't sync
  74. Where is my Audiobook?
  75. iTunes fails to sync iPod Touch and Apple TV until reset
  76. Is it worth it?
  77. exclimation mark and sad face
  78. iPod 3G Compatible Hard Drive or Converter Info Needed
  79. Dropped it and now the screen won't work
  80. Gapless playback on a 5G Video Ipod (60 gig)?
  81. iPod Classic Games question
  82. Old(ish) Shuffle, New(er) Mac
  83. Replacing my ipod video's logic board
  84. 30GB iPod Video 5G - Boots to Apple logo, stops
  85. What Can I Do To Use My Zune?
  86. Bought one song on iPhone and it overwrote whole library of songs
  87. Questions about external drives and airport extreme...
  88. Audio from Line In
  89. itune and ipod shuffle
  90. Multiple countries on the same account vs. Multiple accounts
  91. Apple Lossless vs. 320 KBPS
  92. Mass move of entire library from one mac to another?
  93. 138mb in "Other" Capacity after format?
  94. Optimize For Voice?
  95. iPod frozen on grey screen with apple logo
  96. Duplicate, Triplicates, quadruplicates of songs - How to get rid of?
  97. Sync PC iPod to Mac.
  98. So I won an iPod today
  99. Help with Transferring songs from Ipod onto a new macbook
  100. Why Pre-order???
  101. PC to Mac, what do I do now?
  102. Need help with playlists
  103. one song - various artists
  104. So far what's the cheapest refurb price nano???
  105. iPod not registering at all
  106. iPod Classic vs. 1st Gen 8gb iPod Touch
  107. Media on external HD/wireless
  108. Deleting a pending Download
  109. Smart playlist for iPod (top 25) w/o Sync??
  110. Is the HDD in my 5G Bad? How can I test it? Or is something else wrong?
  111. Tune-Up for Mac
  112. Songs Play In iTunes But Skip On iPod
  113. What do you use your iPod for?
  114. Mac Book Duplicating Media Files
  115. Ipod Nano 1.1.3 Fade Right to Left Speaker....
  116. How iPod Mini reformatted?
  117. downgrade iPod 30gig
  118. [Vista] Applications crash when accessing "Computer", Iphone Icon causes it
  119. Need help finding a store comparison app
  120. Want to clean up my music folder...
  121. Component AV Cable will not play iPOD Classic on TV.. HELP!
  122. Nano 3rd gen made a siren/beep noise...
  123. New iPod Shuffle 4GB Black
  124. Handbrake problem
  125. New Shuffle... maybe an iTunes Update to follow?
  126. New Shuffle Usb Cable!!!
  127. iPhone in endless loop after updating on XP x64
  128. rubber around the earphones peeling!
  129. VoiceOver for iPod nano 4g?
  130. Is this new shuffle "dock cable" just a headphone plug -> USB cord?
  131. ipod camera connector
  132. Is anyone else LONGING for a 250mb (or lower) iPod Shuffle?
  133. iTunes becomes incredibly slow - even unresponsive - after connecting iPod Shuffle
  134. iPhone iTunes app weirdness
  135. Apple to add colorful Shuffles?
  136. The new Shuffle is "hard to use"?!
  137. iTunes Plus + 256 kbps Standard in 8.1, 250GB Classic real?
  138. sharing library - forgot password
  139. New Shuffle as Flash Drive?
  140. Authorization Problems
  141. From I tunes to i touch issues
  142. New iPod Shuffle in stores Thursday morning!
  143. Trouble Synching Movies
  144. chaning songs on new shuffle?
  145. anyone else having trouble with movie/tv genius?
  146. I'm thinking about buying an iPod Classic.
  147. setting date and time on ipod classic
  148. how to update
  149. Display Comments or Composer Field
  150. DJ/Party Shuffle doesn't
  151. New shuffle head phones
  152. The new iPod snuffle!
  153. Apple Gave Me A Free Nano 4G!!
  154. The 'I ordered' 3G iPod Shuffle thread
  155. burned CDs won't play?
  156. Which Radio is Better for my car and my iPod?
  157. My synching freezes up and will not restore
  158. iPod Shuffle 3rd gen--connector issue, blinking problem?
  159. the best ipod shuffle
  160. iPod Classic question
  161. Do you notice a Sound Quality difference in your car Ipod vs MP3 CD
  162. Apple Pulled 2 gig 2G shuffles.
  163. Moving TV shows from hdd to external - keep metadata?
  164. Nano or new shuffle?
  165. Expod-like program for PC?
  166. Movies in iPOD nano
  167. 256 vs 256(vbr)
  168. Merge albums?
  169. iTunes 8.1 & Shuffle 2G problems.
  170. Problem after moving library!
  171. Ipod software update?
  172. Bringing back Party Shuffle
  173. iPod shuffle DRM headphones
  174. Dual Display/Playing Movies Fullscreen
  175. Album Art Wont "Stick"
  176. Ipod classic wont turn on
  177. Smart Playlist not working properly.
  178. iPod Shuffle - Buy now or Wait ?!!
  179. VoiceOver voices on shuffle
  180. New 120gb iPod classic says only 111gb available?!
  181. How to Rip CD
  182. Apple in ear headphone opinions?
  183. My First iPod - 5th Gen 30GB iPod "video"
  184. multiple song problem!!!! Help!!!!
  185. Ipod mini CF card instead of microdrive
  186. 8.1 Update Bug?
  187. 3rd gen Shuffle updated to 1.01
  188. ipod classic: "Radio" under music main menu settings
  189. 4th generation iPod Shuffle explains 3rd generation
  190. Able to Use Nike 3rd Party Headphones w/ NEW Black 4gb Shuffle!
  191. Songs not Showing on iPod
  192. Charging your iPod Nano with the iPhone wall charger
  193. V1.0.1 Update - iPod Shuffle 3rd Generation
  194. Is the New Shuffle too Simple?
  195. Streaming video pc to pc on same network?
  196. when movie rentals expire
  197. audio quality among iPods/iPhones
  198. Found iPod--how to track owner?
  199. kodak picture conversion advice please
  200. Library sharing issues
  201. picture of ipods in itunes
  202. How can i backup my old podcasts?
  203. Voice over in new Shuffle and Windows Vista
  204. What's this little icon?
  205. UNDOing On-The-Go songs... (nano)
  206. AM Receiver for iPod?
  207. Anyone else want "voiceover" for classic and mini iPods?
  208. Keyboard Shortcut to Uncheck song/selected songs
  209. Cannot connect to library when my songs are on my Time Capsule
  210. 2 questions-syncing sound levels, and adding you own artwork
  211. Anyway to see artist name in playlist (Ipod Video 5th Gen)
  212. Need to recover playlist from iPod (not the music) on a Mac. Free?
  213. De-authorize an iPod from iTunes
  214. Ripping videos for both iPod and HD-TV?
  215. Help--How Do you convert a mp3 file to play from one speaker?
  216. Shuffle playlist disappeared after upgrade to iTunes 8.1
  217. Get Music Off iPod Touch
  218. Genius playlists skipping
  219. iTunes suddenly updating Windows iPod on mac
  220. Car Stereo CD Changer Jack???
  221. Genius now works for movies and tv shows
  222. Genius bar for Movies is working!
  223. Auxiliary cable or Fm transmitter for car?
  224. Problem With Recovery Mode - Endless Loop
  225. Is there an "add song to playlist" option on the iPod?
  226. FLAC vs Apple Lossless
  227. Switching/Format PC 2 Mac
  228. show duplicates on ipod?
  229. Could Apple possibly make Genius even slower?
  230. iPod Shuffle USB - Mini jack connector... use with previous gen shuffle??
  231. iPod versus ZUNE
  232. I-Tunes not allowing me to play my i-pod.
  233. Podcasts won't download
  234. iPod Sharing Help
  235. Alarm on iPod nano - info needed
  236. Upgraded to 8.1 Now Frontrow Shows No Content
  237. iPod music dissapeared!!
  238. McTheRipper & QuickTime Pro
  239. iPhoto starts when i insert my ipod touch
  240. Shuffle 3G cable, for Shuffle 2G?
  241. Poll: NanoCam?
  242. Adding album cover art
  243. Upgrading/Modding iPod Mini (2nd Gen)
  244. Is there a new iPod Classic on its way?
  245. music library from iphone to itunes
  246. one library two macs
  247. Are 80GB classics going to put back up in the refurb store?
  248. Question for USA expatriates and iTS Terms of Service
  249. iPod and volume
  250. Ipod 5.5g fix