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  1. Fonts not installing/displaying correctly
  2. best free watermarking app
  3. Any FREE and EASY Mind-map software?
  4. Editing pictures to full white background
  5. Share your Graphic Portfolio!
  6. Looking for packaging designer
  7. Seeking printer recommendation for wedding invitations
  8. How to make pixel perfect pattern repetition?
  9. Making AI or PDF file from any GIMP file extensions without loss of quality?
  10. Purchasing Creative Suite 6, access on multiple computers?
  11. 1:1.68
  12. positive/negative space question
  13. How to make sure images won't look crappy on retina displays
  14. How would you describe the style of Windows Metro?
  15. How to make a nice pixelated pattern in PS?
  16. Photoshop fonts problem
  17. Logo Design Advice
  18. Power of the iMac
  19. Learning "terms" in Autodesk Maya
  20. What Image Interpolation Apps are worth looking at?
  21. Forum for "cd cover" type art??
  22. Logo critique (real estate)
  23. How to make perfect product pictures?
  24. How to create a panel with esp file
  25. Photoshop print settings
  26. curves on lamo
  27. logos with lines
  28. Design Critique
  29. Colours are over-saturated on Photoshop & Preview..
  30. 3D Missile Cannons for Game Development
  31. Mountain Lion, Photoshop and Wacom
  32. Which apps can skew/distort text without rasterizing?
  33. After Effects CS6 for Students?
  34. positive/negative space vs. shapes?
  35. CS5 Illustrator crashing
  36. Credit Card Processing for Freelancers?
  37. Logo/branding critique
  38. Organise Fonts for Design Work
  39. Poseable human model software
  40. Illustrator vines/thorns brush
  41. Can anyone make a retina ready background from this texture?
  42. photoshop, indesign paper color
  43. Setting up a 1:1 ratio on imac27" for intuos 3
  44. canvas framing & box frame printing
  45. Speed painting (how to create?)
  46. Project Creepy Farm House
  47. Can someone convert a font-based logo to a vector? Thanks.
  48. Colouring for website...
  49. Different ways to place elements on a document?
  50. Please help me create a wallpaper.
  51. Need a new logo. How much do you charge?
  52. Where to keep design resources?
  53. Anyone able to delete the focal point?
  54. US Flag Vector Fix (The Noun Proj)
  55. Press Pass Template
  56. High contrast colors from a color wheel
  57. Split Screen With Illustrator?
  58. custom silk screen tshirt reviews?
  59. having hard time coming up w/ concept
  60. PS Crop OUT elements on a SINGLE layer
  61. When do you want to convert graphics to grayscale?
  62. Help with iOS app icon design
  63. AE CS6 export SWF fails
  64. Radial Fractals
  65. Best printer for printing onto canvas
  66. 2 Easiest ways to create a fisheye lens effect with Photoshop
  67. Bought Bamboo Create - tablet tricks & tricks?
  68. Practice with Illustrator
  69. Need help importing video frame to layers? (Photoshop)
  70. Any of you using a Japanese keyboard?
  71. Help with Acrobat/ClearScan and Preview
  72. Artworkers - just for fun...
  73. Can anyone help me identify these fonts?
  74. How do I make these flares?
  75. Mac encourages font theft?
  76. admin please delete
  77. Simple Graphic Design Question
  78. HELP?! How can I fill this transparent vector shape?!
  79. Best Program for Video Animation/Graphic Design
  80. Tool for batching knockouts?
  81. Choppy looking text
  82. How good is your vision?
  83. Don't know where else to ask... jobs related
  84. Illustrator CS6 Help via Command-Shift-/
  85. Photoshop Fonts
  86. New Mac Lightning Video:)
  87. Is this a normal job interview?
  88. Where to find nice stylish Unicode fonts that contain the whole Japanese set?
  89. logo critique
  90. LHF Indian Script typeface
  91. New but prepared but i still need HELP!
  92. Logo Concept Help
  93. Need a program suggestion
  94. Photoshop drawing Help
  95. Acrobat Pro X print help please!
  96. creating GIFS from Video?
  97. Photoshop CS2 crashes when importing with Mustek A3 scanner
  98. iDraw color panel
  99. Design plagiarism?
  100. " No Family Name" in fontexplorer pro
  101. colorizing monochromatic icons
  102. Transition from PS7 to CS6
  103. InDesign effects
  104. Best DPI for scanning textbooks?
  105. Movie Maker animations
  106. Looking for automated solution to deal with out-of-font characters
  107. Black Friday bargains on Photoshop and Premier Elements 11 for US shoppers
  108. printing problem Illustrator CS5
  109. Can someone please photoshop the letters on this picture from "fuel" to "musicalfit"
  110. Simple image editing program
  111. Need help fast
  112. Wacom intuos 5touch and macbook pro13 2009 failing to install
  113. Windows image editor
  114. AirPlay Icon SVG
  115. Entryl level iMac 2012 and Photoshop
  116. Wacom tablets, MacBooks and monitors, oh my...
  117. Illustrator
  118. CS6 Layer
  119. Illustrator text re-flow no hyphen
  120. Help me design my girlfriend's Christmas gift!
  121. Remember previous folder
  122. Need help making an Icon.
  123. change dimensions keep pic
  124. Newsletter Design Help!
  125. Question about new iMac graphics
  126. At a Fork in the Road
  127. Retina Macbook Pro
  128. new imac - calibration issues
  129. Easiest program to use to create typography prints
  130. Which is the better one for the buck? Aperture or Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Editor
  131. Photoshop CS6 Extended crashes all the time and now so does CS2
  132. Infographics help
  133. First time "painting" in photoshop.
  134. Marketing ideas to reach customers
  135. Very basic web design... (feedback?)
  136. So Santa brought two tablets...
  137. Help! How Would I do This in Photoshop?? [Pics]
  138. Rotate Image Inwards
  139. Does anybody have vector templates for iPhone 5 skins?
  140. Photoshop has detected graphics hardware that is not officially supported for 3D
  141. Replacement for Lineform
  142. Convert old Illustrator file to CS6
  143. Derivative work in a portfolio / Fair use
  144. Iphoto Help
  145. Japanese fonts with that hand drawn comics style? ENG->JP script use.
  146. Masters of Business Administration here?
  147. [Update] Adobe Creative Suite CS2 Premium for free on Adobe website.
  148. In Search of a Website
  149. Aiptek MediaTablet 14000u and OSX 10.8.2
  150. Need Honest Opinions
  151. How to split large picture into A4 format?
  152. Help with large volumes of text
  153. Apply InDesign CS5 effect to make outline path
  154. A Little Render
  155. This Pic is So Cool! How Would I Recreate This?
  156. Where can I get this Pattern Graphic?
  157. Help recreating photoshop style
  158. Patent Design Software
  159. Free graphics programs for drawing
  160. Problem with saving
  161. Wanted: Great abstract wallpapers
  162. SVG Kit for Adobe Creative suite
  163. Help! Need DOCX layout template advice
  164. Mailing list management ideas?
  165. Confused! Need help with Mini and CS6
  166. Adobe CS licenses
  167. CS3 from Windows to a Mac?
  168. Media Database App
  169. New to OS X. How can I cycle through select boxes in CS6 with my keyboard?
  170. Why is this happening? Photoshop Related (Pic)
  171. Will CS5 "Upgrade from CS2" run on ML?
  172. Need a quick app to brighten some photos for eBay
  173. Maya child windows behavior in OSX
  174. Massive PLY file, what software?
  175. Workflow advice request: sending out proofs
  176. weekly food journal design
  177. Photoshop CS3 default save as
  178. Pen stroke issue
  179. Sourcing good die-cut & folding printer solution
  180. I still miss Inifini-D any recommendations?
  181. Looking for pixel art apps
  182. Sourcing custom patch options: back patch of karate uniform
  183. Adult pictures supporting Retina display
  184. Updated, now fonts don't work!
  185. Best software to draw schematics?
  186. Logo C&C
  187. is there a good 2d animation for mac (Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5)
  188. My iMac G4 and "iWatch"
  189. Indesign to PDF: Losing BG Transparency
  190. Design Workstation Setups...
  191. Illustrator help... before I kill myself!
  192. Wacom shaky cursor problem
  193. Help, I am going M A D !
  194. Preparing an image for vinyl banner printing
  195. 3d Models for Game Design
  196. T-Shirt printer recommendations, please
  197. Free (i.e. no charge) Frutiger font? Is it out there?
  198. Creating a collage of album covers for iTunes
  199. Rate My Graphic?
  200. Picture editing software
  201. Childrens Newsletter Program
  202. Where Do You Find Inspiration?
  203. Problem with clipping mask (Illustrator)
  204. Data Merge Issue
  205. Looking for an online service to serve PDFs (no print or download)
  206. Snowfox Greeting Card Software
  207. Printing problem for report
  208. Would Like Your Input.
  209. Need to convert cpt files to usable format
  210. Photoshop question
  211. Need Help Designing Logo for Business Card
  212. Photoshop video editing
  213. Gave Up on The Emotiva
  214. Design equipment upgrade
  215. I Think This is Done. Any Input?
  216. Need advice on 3d software
  217. 3d Sci-Fi City Building for Game Design
  218. Designing iPhone & iPad Cases?
  219. Where to start for iPhone Graphics Design?
  220. Graphics for retina display?
  221. Line Gradients on Apple.com
  222. A Better Font Book
  223. Wondering if anyone could design me a logo?
  224. My Font in Photoshop is suddenly very low res and pixelized
  225. Help getting creative!
  226. Expressing creativity problem
  227. Photoshop help please
  228. Maximum pdf conversions in Illustrator
  229. What is this called / how is it made?
  230. How to Create an Interactive Thumbdrive?
  231. App Art Style Opinions
  232. Plugin for Shadows?
  233. Youtube One
  234. Workable Mockup Tool?
  235. Could someone please make me a 2120 x 1192 wallpaper from a picture I have?
  236. How do I make background out of focus?
  237. Desks for Graphic Designers and Web Designers
  238. How to achieve crisp text for web use?
  239. Printing 5.5x8.5" 2-up
  240. Should I set an external scratch disk for use with Photoshop?
  241. Yet another Animation/Motion graphics pricing estimate question
  242. Help!!YouTube Banner
  243. A good hex/color picker app?
  244. YouTube Intro Help!!
  245. Need help creating a 3d logo in AE CS6
  246. How do I use radial gradient to fill text in Illustrator?
  247. Adobe Programs "Not Responding"
  248. Advice on software / process..
  249. Signature Filter
  250. Preview CMYK auto save, save, export