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  1. NTSC Color to H.264?
  2. Is Final Cut Express 4 faster than 3.5? plus more
  3. Reusing DV tapes
  4. Video_TS file question?
  5. International video job search?
  6. No sound
  7. Entry level decent camera?
  8. JVC Digital video Camera GR-D73U Help
  9. Imovie special effects
  10. Convert Quicktime movie to .flv?
  11. Final Cut Express ribbons
  12. Noob?
  13. Importing video to iMovie
  14. budget HD camcorder
  15. Video editing programs?
  16. cutting a doc: external drive choice?
  17. Will this cheapa$$ camcorder work with OS X?
  18. Using iMovie08 AND FCE4
  19. Hi8 passthrough to a Sony DV camcorder - trouble importing!
  20. Screen Recording
  21. iDVD problem no audio
  22. Journaled or not for video partition
  23. Is is a must to use "Apple Cinema Display" for preview in FCS
  24. Whats the difference?
  25. Looking for iMovie program for windows
  26. Best Video Camera for Under $300
  27. How can I get a still picture of a frame of a video?
  28. My 1st Editing Job: PROBLEM with horizontal lines.
  29. Canon HG10 and iMovie08
  30. Lines During Action?
  31. Compressing Video Files
  32. PAL to NTSC
  33. Can FCE do anything other than 720 X 480?
  34. Possible to import VHS with Pinnacle Dazzle directly into iMovie?
  35. Best video card upgrade for PowerMac G5 Dual 2.0GHz (June 2004)
  36. Webcam
  37. Final Cut Studio Installation Problems
  38. Another help me pick a camcorder question
  39. what on earth is this? ( sunshine, the film )
  40. Quicktime Broadcaster & Avid
  41. Need Help: Capturing Xbox 360 onto iMac
  42. Final Cut Pro Effects Help
  43. Camera Suggestions...
  44. Computer advice for compression
  45. How is this done?
  46. Final Cut Express> Capture a time lapse
  47. Downgrade Quicktime
  48. Final Cut Express Importing AVCHD Files from Windows Made DVD
  49. noob question (also posted on macbook pro forum)
  50. New BlackBooks and Final Cut
  51. Export from H.264 results in choppy output
  52. Burning multiple disc with FCX or Imovie etc.
  53. final cut express books....
  54. Multiple VOB Files
  55. Smallest Codec
  56. Final Cut Pro> I need the movie smaller than the canvas.
  57. Purchasing a new camcorder, advise please
  58. External video shows only a single frame during playback. Help?
  59. FLV encoding on Mac Pro
  60. Advice for Shooting/Editing A Retirement Video
  61. Sub $450ish Camcorder with Mic Input?
  62. Interactive Video Software....
  63. Need a .mov to MPEG2 converter!
  64. Real Time Graphics Presenter for Mac
  65. Final Cut Pro 6 vs Avid Xpress Pro 5.7
  66. Camcorder that works with Final Cut Express
  67. Video Editing - iMac or MBP?
  68. What 1080p camera's are available?
  69. FCP Rendering CPU Usage
  70. HV20, 24P, HD on DVD, Questions!!!!
  71. Looking to upgrade from a Sony Mini DV Camcorder
  72. Beware: Final Cut Express does not take in timecode
  73. How to play QT reference movie from XP???
  74. how to increase video resolution for a GL1
  75. help--i used imovie and idvd and burned my short ....
  76. Logic Studio 8 says 52GB will install. Only 23GB was installed. Anyone know why?
  77. iMovie + Time Base Corrector question
  78. Best Mini HDV Cassettes?
  79. Stop converting
  80. Importing To External Storage
  81. panasonic hdc-sd9
  82. Feedback, please?
  83. How do I burn dual layer?
  84. Need help with NEW Panasonic PV-GS320
  85. I really want to know how to do this...
  86. ADVC 55, 300, camcorder or Cowon A3 for VHS?
  87. FCP publishing to dotMac
  88. Is there a way to send a video in an email.....
  89. Clip in wrong aspect ratio
  90. Help with exporting JVC-HD3U
  91. capturing as JPEGs
  92. 1080P dropping frames..help
  93. Cgi?
  94. Digital/Analog video capture/converter?
  95. AE CS3 Color Calibration?
  96. Firewire 800 Expresscard for MBP?
  97. Will the JVC JY-HD10U work with Final Cut Express 3.5?
  98. Importing Matrox Video into FCE4
  99. I want your opinions on this video
  100. Adjusting audio levels for entire movie
  101. Is 50i better than 25p?
  102. HV20 HV30 Full Cycle WorkFlow
  103. selecting or deleting a clip in fcp without mouse
  104. Final Cut to LiveType to Final Cut 5
  105. Upgrading from Final Cut 5 to Studio 2 *Issues?*
  106. New User to FCP
  107. Video file conversion help needed...
  108. Handbrake conversion question
  109. What entry-level pro camera should i get?
  110. Canon HV20/30 - 25p into iMovie? FCE?
  111. hdd camcorder for iBook users?
  112. FCS2 install probs
  113. Panasonic HDC-HS9 + mac compatibility issues?
  114. How do you give Final Cut CPU Priority?
  115. Question regarding iMovie 08 and .png files....HELP!!!!
  116. HD Questions and options. Need camera
  117. Camera Lights?
  118. I need help to get rid of glare...
  119. Rotating video in an .avi file
  120. Any solutions to Panasonic HDC-SD9 problems?
  121. Macbooks
  122. What is the best format for HD editing?
  123. What do these yellow yeild signs mean???
  124. DVD Studio Pro menu loops
  125. Filmmaking Bulletin Boards?
  126. 8800 GT for FCS2 - Will it speed things up?
  127. dvd into FCS2
  128. Making a Blu-Ray on a mac?
  129. I Installed Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Pro HD
  130. What kind of Cord to Transfer Video to iMac
  131. Timer or Batch Capture SW?
  132. VHS to DVD (and file conversion question)
  133. rip web video for FCP w/ LiveType graphics
  134. What brand of archival DVDs best for Macs?
  135. DVD Rip through Mac to Visualhub for FCE4 .dv edit problem
  136. How Much To Charge?
  137. Ripping Internet Steam Video
  138. Video editing options for my friend with an ibook G4
  139. I need help with the program "Motion"
  140. Apple "Iron Man" Trailer (Audio Problems)
  141. How do I install Final cut on my notebook/external drive??
  142. Convert avi to dvd jumpy
  143. Help to understand
  144. hadrdrive question..
  145. IDVD Sequential Movies
  146. mpeg streamclip problem
  147. my workstation situation... time for upgrade?
  148. iMovie 08 and Sony HDD > how to make DVD??
  149. Adding an old-fashioned counter to final cut..
  150. Keyboard for Final Cut Pro
  151. Superimpose Video Clips
  152. Which one should I get? Panasonic GS150 or Panasonic GS180?
  153. Video Blogging
  154. Battery Low Video Effect in Final Cut Express???
  155. JVC HD Camcorders
  156. iMac G5 - can it cope with 1080i HDV editing?
  157. FC Express Dvd editing
  158. Flare Effect?
  159. TV Monitor setup for HD Editing
  160. Exporting Self Contained Movie
  161. Dropped Frames in Final Cut
  162. Stuttering transcodes?
  163. Imported iMovie playback TOO fast
  164. What Additional Features does FCP have that FCE doesn't?
  165. 16:9 timeline?
  166. Streaming video problems on Macbook
  167. Ok I Need Some Help With Which Capture Card I Should Buy!!!
  168. Building my own Jib Arm
  169. What's the best way to get video off my Humax onto my MBP?
  170. xlr, front mic and the canon xl2
  171. Final Cut Crashes when opened with a project file
  172. After Effects Vs. Apple Color....?
  173. Compressor
  174. Imovie Project--sound now distorted on playback...
  175. iMovie can't find camera
  176. How to create a video with parallel perspective of presentation and video-stream??
  177. FCP running slow: HELP!
  178. Best XLR interview mic for Sony DV camera?
  179. Made on Mac intros???
  180. How to move clips from Palm Treo 650 to iPod?
  181. Problem with video footage uploaded from SonyAVCHD camera to Imovie
  182. preparing my computer for video editing
  183. Layering Videos?
  184. Seeing How Video was Compressed
  185. Final Cut Pro 6 unexpectedly quitting when batching
  186. Taking a video and adding music to it?
  187. Macbook Pro import vs Mac Pro import
  188. RODE NTG2 as hand-held mic?
  189. How can I play HDV on my mac?
  190. Best hand-held interview mic?
  191. Quality loss with iMovie 08?
  192. imovie to Flash - how to convert?
  193. Sennheiser K6/ME66 as a hand-held mic?
  194. My new short about coffee and monkeys...
  195. What Video Camera to get?
  196. how should i format my HD
  197. Slow Mo on the Sony V1
  198. FCP - Sync/Audio Normal Video 2x?
  199. Music & Foley
  200. Camera Glasses
  201. Adobe Premiere Pro Cs3 And Photoshop Cs3
  202. Sony Camera Not Working With Imovie
  203. How can I improve my Product Promo Reel?
  204. Need to download iMovie 6.3
  205. Help in finding a camera that suits my needs
  206. Video effects missing
  207. Imovie 6 help....
  208. Anyone Used Pinnacle Studio Before?
  209. RIP Avid Xpress Pro
  210. iDVD Themes audio but no video
  211. Recording master back to XDCam disc with Final Cut (and making master b-roll discs)
  212. Choppiness after burn in iDVD
  213. Flip Video camcorder anyone own one?
  214. Using Jpegs in fcp
  215. Boost Volume from Soft Audio Recording
  216. After Effects CS3 plug-ins problem
  217. Apple Motion 2
  218. What camera to buy
  219. File Compression and Conversion for FCE4
  220. How Do I convert my digital video footage down so that I can edit it on FC Express
  221. How to get video from this camera.
  222. HV20: 24P or normal for home movies
  223. Boost Audio / Reduce background noise...
  224. Sony hdr-cx7 works fine with imovie '08
  225. Feedback needed on equipment list for documentary work
  226. HV30 vs HDR-SR 12
  227. Help with iMovie Please! need to pick a song for movie
  228. iMovie 08: Stuck at step zero
  229. iMovie for music video (master track)
  230. VisualHub Question
  231. Can I get rid of that "Apple" in iDVD themes?
  232. Firewire/compatibility problems with Mac Pro and Sony
  233. Right graphics card for MacPro for editing HD
  234. Sectional DVD Ripping
  235. Corrupt DV file
  236. Trial Version of Final Cut Studio 2 ...?
  237. In need of "sound-a-like" music track...
  238. How to get analogue video into my MBP?
  239. Best Codecs for Performance/Editing?
  240. Can you show me vids that use these filters?
  241. JVC GR-D40e - Not Compatible?
  242. Q: I need to pause video for a couple of seconds.
  243. Convert VP7 videos
  244. Ripping a few minutes from a DVD-R
  245. Problem with iMovie '08
  246. Final Cut & Motion Templates not working?
  247. New music video, "Sharks Don't Cry" ready to be viewed!
  248. Final Cut Server.....
  249. Final Cut XML Subtitle Help!
  250. Xvid.avi to Playable DVD