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  1. I've had it with Adobe CS3! Need Advice
  2. MPEG Streamclip problem
  3. Video Stabilization on FCE
  4. Where do YOU store your home movies?
  5. kodak zi6 choppy video
  6. Best software to edit and burn EyeTV recordings with?
  7. iMovie and/or FCE - - editing help
  8. Formatting Question
  9. Video camera alternatives (long)
  10. Final Cut Express Big Problem! Please help
  11. Jerky video after burning using Toast 9
  12. HD Motion to SD
  13. (Windows)Pinnacle Like Software for Mac?
  14. Digital video signal transmission over OFC
  15. Quicktime videos > iTunes > iPhone
  16. Help!!! avi file nightmare
  17. who knew: buyers remorse missing sony vegas 8
  18. New Editing HDD for MacPro - should I get internal or external?
  19. Erase FCE render files.
  20. Newbie iMovie problems
  21. NC-17 Preview Finally Witnessed!!!
  22. Looking for an Automatic Video Splitter (every ten minutes)
  23. Final Cut Alternative, and video effect question
  24. How can I run after effects cs3 at it's best on the Ibook g4?
  25. Video conversion quality question....
  26. DV Video Import Question
  27. Recommend A Flash Memory Camcorder
  28. Jvc Gy-hm100 / Gy-hm70
  29. FinalCut Pro (FC Studio 2) and Sony Beta SP UVW-1800
  30. Is it still possible to claim the Final Cut Studio to Universal Binary version?
  31. HELP: I'm Clueless
  32. FRAPS videos appear as white blanks in MPEG Streamclip
  33. Buying a video camera, HDD standard def or HDD High def? Help please
  34. Adobe Encore CS4 vs Apple IDVD Pro
  35. Another YouTube question. How to add a banner to your videos?
  36. Firewire drive speed for editing? 5400 vs 7200?
  37. Recommended software for editing/creating DVD from Home Video?
  38. Horizontal jitters when converting Hi8... Please help!
  39. layered video - how u do that?
  40. System requirements for FCE
  41. Video feedback?
  42. Syncing music & video?
  43. Settings for importing AVCHD files
  44. Who has a Mino HD / Vado HD / Kodak Zi6 or other sub $200 HD camcorder
  45. Please don't let MiniDV tapes go away
  46. How to burn .dvdmedia file DVD?
  47. sony cybershot dsc-h3 camera
  48. Technical Difficulties image
  49. can't add stills to idvd buttons
  50. iMovie Batch Export
  51. help on picking an HD camcorder
  52. Which DLT drive for Mac Pro?
  53. FCE export settings for DVD?
  54. Upgrade to iMovie 09 safe? (huge video library here)
  55. Video recorder program
  56. Capturing HDV-HD60p into FCE 4.0.1 CAN I?
  57. Chroma keying in FCE
  58. how do you get the aged film look?
  59. MBP 2009 SSD or 7200rpm HDD for FCS video
  60. fcp into avi - why won't it work?
  61. audio problems with final cut express
  62. How Much Is a Video Job Worth to You?
  63. Frames dropping in FCE4 (when clip speed changed to X 800%)
  64. Huge Toast 10 Question (AVCHD Archive)
  65. Need to convert m2ts to .mov
  66. Compact case for Canon HF100
  67. Home Video Workflow Tips for FCE
  68. Size for Scratch Drive
  69. 2 Quick questions about FCE4
  70. How to import clips from Sony HDR-TG1/3 to iMovie 06 HD
  71. What converter/color correction software for external TV monitor for MacBook Pro
  72. AVCHD 24p pulldown?
  73. Ditching Premiere, probably going FCP. Adobe, you did this to yourself.
  74. Downconvert 1080 to 720
  75. video quality problems with canon xl2 with fcp
  76. hg20 mic (for mini advanced shoe) help!
  77. avchd and imovie
  78. Combine multiple video clips into a single chapterized video?
  79. Help with iDVD project - no sound!
  80. How to transport video from Sony DCR-DVD610 to my mac.
  81. How to burn dvd without any menus on iDVD
  82. Image stabilization in Final Cut Studio besides SmoothCam?
  83. WHy won't iDVD let me burn this DVD?
  84. Using a Sony DCR-TRV103 Analog to Digital Converter
  85. Looking for a Prosumer HDD Cam... with a catch
  86. iMovie with AVCHD creating HUGE .mov files
  87. What do I need for my Imac for Mini DV Transfers
  88. Tips on how to get the most editing potential from my Macbook?
  89. HDV and FCP advice needed!
  90. Mac App Comparable to Windows Media Encoder?
  91. Camera That Does Not Require Converting?
  92. playback issues of DVDs made in iDVD (08) & how is iDVD vs. Toast?
  93. Create DVD from MiniDV on Alu. MacBook
  94. Convert avi/mpeg4 to DVD
  95. I need a idea for a film
  96. Should I buy extra warranty for my camcorder?
  97. What setting to use for kodak Zi6
  98. Camera Purchase Advice
  99. Looking to set up a system for freelance editing work
  100. Two random questions
  101. Cheap, Good HD Camcorder
  102. 8mm Transfer to mac
  103. Canon HF100 Trouble
  104. Hdr-sr11 Advice
  105. Final Cut Express
  106. Adding 2 monitors
  107. USB....Why? and FC?
  108. Why is iMovie HD taking up so much HD space?
  109. Final Cut Express won't launch
  110. VHS to computer
  111. I need new effects or transitions for Final Cut
  112. Panasonic Palmcorder HDD and my Mac
  113. Editing help?
  114. Question about on screen keyboard
  115. .MP4 to DVD
  116. Making Short Clips from Films, How can I do this?
  117. Which one...Flip MinoHD, Creative Labs Vado HD, Aiptek Action HD, or something else?
  118. Better Quality - DVD or Handbroken DVD
  119. Want to watch/record tv on my macbook...whats the best product
  120. 8mm Reel-Reel Conversion
  121. Some questions about MBP's and FCS 2
  122. Why does the audio beep in Final Cut Pro?
  123. Editing and saving a .vob
  124. HF100 movie file Preservation?
  125. Final Cut Pro - HDV Capture Problems
  126. Prosumer advice - dual mode w/Firewire?
  127. ugly interlacing problem in FCP
  128. Why are HD files so small compared to HQ files?
  129. FCE and XHA1 question
  130. Capture issue with FCP
  131. Changing a phone number in After Effects
  132. P2-Log and Transfer-FC
  133. Panasonic SDR-H60 vs. iMovie '06
  134. Flash in FCE?
  135. What will the other manufacturers make in response to the RED Scarlet?
  136. After Effects CS3 HD Question...
  137. Quicktime compressing help
  138. Best Method of exporting EyeTV files for highest HD quality?
  139. Multiple VOBs in Video TS folders to DVD w/menu
  140. New iMovie Bug - Rip in Space Time
  141. Flash vs Motion - Opinions needed quickly
  142. Importing effects into iMovie 6
  143. I've trying External Blu-ray DVD writer
  144. Shotgun Mic... Sort of?!?
  145. canon fs100
  146. How to move mkv to fat32 portable hard drive
  147. Maintaining Video Quality when Importing Quicktime Video into iMovie 08
  148. This Contest Blows - I Have Become The Ocarina
  149. Video storage strategy for new Mac user
  150. Simple Camera question..
  151. FCE4 HD cant handle 60FPS 720P?
  152. MacPro Setup - Rendering Goliath
  153. handbrake > final cut / imovie. what format/settings?
  154. Is this too good to be true?
  155. Looking for advise on HD camcorder for AppleTV
  156. JVC MS100 any opinions?
  157. Need advise on setup basics, storage, process, etc.
  158. iphone file to video file
  159. Need help with converting MKV files...
  160. outputting for broadcast. Which file type is best
  161. Video Backup
  162. Can't Import to FCE HELP!!
  163. Best Waterproof Camera.
  164. Struggling with creating 3D effect
  165. best software based transcoding on Mac? (PC switcher Procoder 3)
  166. mono to stereo in FCP
  167. Mini-DV Playback Deck
  168. VisualHub
  169. Advice: Keeping Video on an External Hard Drive
  170. Mobile phone mp4 footage won't be 'parsed' by Quciktime
  171. Flip Mino HD/Final Cut Problems
  172. Chroma key Premier Pro Mac
  173. Apple Dumping Pro Apps Division
  174. Video Quality Difference
  175. My first ~professional~ video
  176. GL2...help
  177. Need a good DVD for learning Lighting
  178. eSATA or FW800?
  179. DVI-HDMI output, what "color profile"?
  180. FCP: Project File too new for Application version
  181. setting up a company...
  182. Editing with a Canon 5D MkII
  183. Final Cut audio - making linear ramp??
  184. Sony V1 test footage to see
  185. Does iMovie '09 take .mov files?
  186. How long can a firewire cable be for DV transfer
  187. Is Tiger Better for Pro Video Editing ?
  188. Playback quality issues with FCP and HDV
  189. iMovie 09 Image Stabilization
  190. MBP cant detect my hdv
  191. Pinnacle for Mac/ Quick Time Problem - HELP!
  192. Best format for editing
  193. Compressor to export for web and DVD?
  194. Camcorder to film snowboarding
  195. iMovie 09 Not Happy
  196. Slow motion in the middle of a 24p clip
  197. Final Cut Pro Quality Problem
  198. Sony Handycam vs digicam
  199. Final Cut Express HDV output for HD youtube Deinterlace
  200. What is the best way to create a differnt image in a mirror reflection?
  201. Video Sound Design Pro-tools or Soundtrack Pro?
  202. Medical Video Emergency Leopard QuickTime
  203. iMovie to Youtube, quality lowers?
  204. .MKV files to .MP4 (PS3 format) Quicktime pro taking AGES!!???
  205. Quick question for Final Cut Express 4
  206. Need to make a short film, trying to get ideas for specific genre, any advice?
  207. Various formats to iMovie: what will do it?
  208. Adobe Premiere over Final Cut Express?
  209. iMovie help
  210. Capturing Audio & Video Separately in iMovie
  211. sound off sync 14 frames when batched
  212. avi to mp4 question
  213. New camcorder suggestions
  214. Footage Recorded in PAL Camera...Anyway to capture in the U.S.???
  215. I need a good .FLV Player
  216. computer won't read video files
  217. VHS import to mac to edit on imovie
  218. de-interlace in imovie
  219. Problems Compressing.
  220. How do I add audio to an .mp4?
  221. Will import from camera but not computer in Imovie???
  222. Squeeze vs. Episode vs. Adobe Media Encoder
  223. FCE Media Bin Question
  224. imovie to dvd
  225. PC Autoplay CD convert to Movie File to play on mac
  226. Movie files are 350mb each, DVD is 4.7gb. But I can only fit two movies onto a DVD
  227. .AVI to windows Drug-induced Pheonmonoa
  228. How to fit a 2h+ sequence on a DVD in Toast?
  229. Ghost/Studder Problem
  230. Home Movie DVD How Do I Add Audio Voice Over
  231. Hey This Is Cool (Hyundai Genesis Coupe)
  232. where can I get a job for video editing at the age of 14
  233. HDV in FCS2 how to get best in and out?
  234. hdv and metadata
  235. Questions about iMovie '09 Image Stabilization
  236. Nikon D90 Video Issue with iMovie 09
  237. Editing DVD video on Final Cut Express
  238. Imovie Hd Superimpose
  239. Help With Short Film
  240. vx9000e mic/battery problem
  241. External HDTV Display Opinions
  242. One Minute Soap Opera
  243. Converting widescreen (853 x 480) to iPhone... help!
  244. Cheap Broadcast Monitor
  245. Audio Level Meters
  246. FCP rendering huge Quicktime files
  247. Deinterlace, Reinterlace, Field Order, and 30P Workflow in FCP
  248. FCP exports wrong parts of the video
  249. Quicktime Output Dimensions?
  250. Handbrake only encodes 1sec of video