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  1. inspiration - Indie Action/Shorts
  2. Best HDR Camcorder
  3. Youtube not uploading video from Compressor [H.264]
  4. Advanced Color Correction Help Needed
  5. Are SSD system drives fast enough to be a scratch disk?
  6. After effects help 720p vs 1080p flow
  7. Teaser Opinion Needed!
  8. iPad 3 for directors
  9. Encore, why is it Transcoding?
  10. My Visual Effects
  11. Dell E228WFP - color accurate?
  12. iDVD 7.1 green vertical line
  13. Professional Codecs dropped in iTunes for Lion?
  14. Import to FCPX from different webcam?
  15. automatically improve video quality (something like Youtube implemented, but local)
  16. Final Cut Pro X on Older MBP
  17. Animation infographics help
  18. Water Security - Short
  19. recent switcher, video format help for CS3 or iMovie
  20. Vuze, which USEs ffmpeg, sucking cpu
  21. [Resolved] Turning a page in Motion
  22. Television advertisements advice
  23. Importing video from camcorder to iMovie on aMBP
  24. Shotgun Mic/Setup...Opinions before I plunge?
  25. is iMac 21.5 inch sufficient for HD Video Editing?
  26. iMovie Audio Help.
  27. Late 2009 iMac w. 12 GB RAM or early 2011 MBP w. 2.0 i7?
  28. Best software to rip BluRay disc to put on iTunes??
  29. Translating still technique to video -- type of camera?
  30. RAID enclosure help
  31. FCPX and long rendering
  32. Stream lag issues...what's doin it?
  33. Help with exporting a video from imovie, it skips
  34. Help with DVD Burning?
  35. Testing 5d mark II 24p slowed down in after effects
  36. Anyone run Powerdirector 10 through VMWare?
  37. What camera? 5DIII or a 3chip?
  38. Which tripod URGENT!!
  39. Project in Final Cut X that constantly beachballs?
  40. iMovie Trailer templates; are they copyrighted?
  41. Export setting to send video to another editor
  42. Creating Interplay like system for FCP?
  43. Sony HXR-NX70U and FCPX
  44. Elgato Video Capture
  45. Yaboon.com
  46. Final Cut Studio Custom Install?
  47. Shooting Video on DSLRs vs Real Camcorders
  48. Blurry horizontal lines on Exported final cut pro footage. NEED HELP!
  49. Best way to convert to apple pro res 4444?
  50. Best way to edit DVD/VOB files
  51. Adding music to idvd or getting pics off of?
  52. Batch operations in Handbrake....
  53. Can't Capture With Macbook Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5, and Panasonic PV-GS320
  54. GoPro2 vs other small cameras
  55. Zeiss Lenses - Worth it?
  56. Mac compatible camera.
  57. Getting pics off of a dvd - good ripper?
  58. Best way to reduce file size keeping Quality
  59. FCP Help
  60. Best export to DVD
  61. Action film techniques
  62. Audio in Final Cut Pro X mono, when exported only coming out on the right?
  63. What Program to make Movie Titles/Credits
  64. I want to transfer my 8mm tape to my iMac
  65. Best DVD Menu Creation Software
  66. [Resolved] 25p footage, export to 24p?
  67. why use time code & when
  68. Is occasional frame drops on DVD playback common with Macs?
  69. RAID question
  70. jerry bruckheimer round the world shot
  71. How's the market for VHS>DVD transfers?
  72. Question about Motion 5 & Final Cut Pro X
  73. Air Debris Canon
  74. Audio Spiking in video - How can I reduce/remove this?
  75. Old manual lenses on DSLR video
  76. Guide to buying a compatible camera for Mac
  77. Adobe CS6 impressive, glad I switched from FCP 7 / FCPX
  78. Converting .mov to .m4v
  79. Importing a mactube film to imovie
  80. How to rip my complete Friends box set?
  81. .AVI, .MOV, .M4V meta-data editor for home movies
  82. Are there any programs where, if I have a size limit, I can compress something to the
  83. FCPX 10.0.4 isn't working :(
  84. Change video container without re-encoding
  85. Looking for a video camera
  86. Online storage sites options with public access.
  87. How to make a non-iTunes self-contained downloadable video podcast?
  88. Slow play after export from FCP7
  89. Fire wire cable
  90. AE help - Distort air
  91. Sony Cam 8 > Digital
  92. Moving the Avid MC timeline indicator on a MacBook Pro keyboard
  93. Scrubbing stutters in FCP X on MBP 13" 2011
  94. atomos ninja - anyone use one?
  95. Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  96. FCPX to DVD Authoring
  97. MPEG-4 and iMovie
  98. I have Premier, but would Final Cut X be easier for my situation?
  99. mp4 editing software..
  100. Close-up lens or Extension tube for DSLR video?
  101. .mt2s on FCPX
  102. Edit one scene using Final Cut Pro
  103. I wish there was a sticky...
  104. Best FCPX Training?
  105. Compress to 25mb help or other options
  106. Transferring Large videos to Xbox
  107. Trying to us3 one pc and connect 2-3 different monitors,keyboard-mouse,sound
  108. Maya render text alpha channel?
  109. Does 2 x ATI HD 5770 make a difference in FCPX?
  110. Do you listen to music while you edit?
  111. YouTube- upload h264 or huge file?
  112. MOD files - getting crazy...
  113. Teaser for Space Age Short Film
  114. How to use Handbrake to convert to DVD?
  115. Why is 1080P 30 FPS the holy grail?
  116. Short Film from your D7000
  117. AVI Import Bug with FCPX
  118. Magic lantern essential for t3i?
  119. If you were upgrading from a d40...
  120. DVD Studio Pro Probelm
  121. FCPX: linear interpolation between position keyframes?
  122. Monitor for my T2i - suggestions?
  123. imovie newb, what to do with video after importing to iMovie
  124. MKV to MP4 | MPEG Streamclip
  125. IQ & file sizes: Quicktime to iDVD ?
  126. HD video
  127. 5D Mark II Movie Display Live Mode "grinding" noise
  128. Will the video quality be lacking if...
  129. DVD Authoring
  130. Playback Stutters in FCP7
  131. Short Action - Rooftop warriors
  132. Best DVD authoring program?
  133. Does CF card speed affect ALL-I quality on 5D Mark III?
  134. Most recent mountain bike edit
  135. FCP sequence jitters?
  136. Moved my TV shows onto an external disc. Now they won't play properly
  137. How does 24 FPS make a footage appear more cinematic than other frame rates?
  138. how to license copyrighted music for a slideshow?
  139. Audio issue with final cut pro.
  140. Thoughts on Autodesk Smoke 2013?
  141. How to rip mini-dv to DVD fast and easy
  142. Final Cut Studio apps vs. Hard software
  143. No New Cameras at NAB - Buy or Wait?
  144. Final Cut Pro X object in first scene goes across screen to reveal next scene
  145. Is it possible/advisable to store video on external disks?
  146. House with no cable outlets- who does the best installation? ATT, Comcast, or DishTV?
  147. Adobe Premiere elements Mac or Win7
  148. ATL Film Fest said our film was a comedy. News to us.
  149. video quality problem
  150. FCPX Compressor 1080 60fps to 30fps workflow?
  151. iMovie '11: Event library too big?
  152. Is this a good monitor for an amatuer film editor?
  153. Feature you think need to be added to FCP X
  154. My first try at creative videography. Please C&C.
  155. External Monitor for Veiwing
  156. Done with my first FCPX project, how do I store the files?
  157. What do the symbols mean next to FCPX projects??
  158. 1
  159. Best external monitor to use for focusing on a DSLR?
  160. What would you charge to produce this corporate webclip?
  161. .avi, .flv and some jpeg files cant import to premiere
  162. Camcorder
  163. final cut pro-help
  164. iMovie and standard folders for import
  165. converting AVCHD .MTS to Imovie or FCPx
  166. Video Capture from Composite (VHS, 8mm)
  167. GoPro
  168. Video grapper/dazzle creator 90 - will it work?
  169. Brighten a clip using FCPX?
  170. Camcorder for indoor theater
  171. Mts conversion
  172. Good HD video sharing site?
  173. How to edit iPhoto videos in iMovie?
  174. Looking for feedback on creative edit...
  175. LCD or backlit LED or IPS Monitors, Which to choose?
  176. video files question.
  177. Softboxes - Suggestions?
  178. Friend gave me a DVD of a performance...but only audio shows up...
  179. Bringing an old Final Cut project back to life
  180. software screen visuals
  181. Is iDVD good enough for burning DVDs for festivals?
  182. Final Cut Pro X Problems.
  183. Apple sent me a Final Cut research survey
  184. Editing Keyframe Animations in FCPX?
  185. Extra machines for rendering
  186. Is GoPro is can be switch on PAL system?
  187. How do I burn movie DVDs to play on a DVD player?
  188. Final cut express and Lion 10.7.3 problem
  189. Best way/app? Animation like this
  190. Changing size of video in iMovie?
  191. Strange Final Cut Pro X AVCHD question
  192. Ripping DVD subtitles (non hardcoded)
  193. VHS Bad Head Switching Noise
  194. Good Windows video editors (on Boot Camp)
  195. A good external microphone for the Canon ZR800?
  196. Rip 7yr old wedding DVD on mac to edit in iMovie
  197. iMovie Help Needed
  198. Is there a way to convert AVI files to AVCHD?
  199. How to get sponsored for your VLOG/FILM
  200. Setting up a Virtual Display
  201. how does Youtube's or iMovie's auto stabilization works?
  202. new to RAID, setup advice
  203. View or convert .mjp
  204. Convert .mov for use in iOS iMovie
  205. Best Wireless Lavalier Mic?
  206. Burn DVD from avi or mp4 w. soft subtitles?
  207. iDVD Burning...
  208. new to AVCHD - a few questions re: archiving
  209. final cut pro x sharpening question
  210. mac mini video loop help
  211. FCP7 vs FCPX vs AVID vs Premier 6
  212. FCPX keyframe help
  213. Media Encoder Vs Compressor - 4x speed increase ??? WTF
  214. iPhone movie with Sun in the background. Howto fix with iMovie?
  215. howto (what tool to) pixilate/censor a video clip?
  216. Best setup for video production?
  217. earn money with Youtube videos? How?
  218. BASS TIME - Official Music Video (Comedy) - Canon T2i / Nikon D3100 / Nikon D7000
  219. Camera for action 300 ft away w object 10mph
  220. Premier CS6 Color Management
  221. Advise on Setting up new Monitor
  222. How to Home Share Large iTunes Library (Best Method)
  223. Imac Good enough
  224. Creating surround sound audio for your video
  225. best workflow for after effects and FCPX
  226. Projector for MacBook, iPad & PS3
  227. Interactive multimedia application development for Mac, iPad, Pc
  228. Audio problem when cutting clips from a video in Quicktime
  229. Stunning video without shallow depth of field (f/22)
  230. ffmpeg vs. Compressor (and other closed source encoders)
  231. Final Cut Pro X and Twistor
  232. Video staggers from Nikon D5100
  233. C++ Builder and USB<->RS232
  234. Best Video Camera for Me?
  235. Format question
  236. Exporting from iMovie problems
  237. Essential codecs for Mac + Mpeg2 Codec?
  238. Using multicam for photoalbum? cuts to muisc
  239. [Vidéo]Come with me
  240. Please help! Getting low on HD space
  241. Damaged .mov file
  242. Suggestion for worship service setup?
  243. RAID 0 vs Raptor for scratch disc
  244. Is it possible to replace XLR inputs on Panasonic Cameras?
  245. Exporting high res audio errors...
  246. How worth it is a thunderbolt raid?
  247. Medical Podcasts - Please read.
  248. 3rd project with FCP X. Feedback much appreciated...
  249. manfrotto 501 video head?
  250. Good settings for Blu Rays in Handbrake