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  1. Panasonic HC-V720 & iMovie issues?
  2. 4K Footage Samples
  3. ideas on panasonic video upload?
  4. is *.flv obsolete?
  5. Sony cassette (Digital 8) camera DV out ---> Thunderbolt iMac 2013
  6. Mac/You Tube HD video Playback
  7. How to change video from landscape to portrait?? Please help!!
  8. Duplicating home made Blurays
  9. can't open file deinterlaced from HandBrake
  10. Opitinio : Portable DVB-T Digital TV Player
  11. Feedback for music video produced in January
  12. Converting VHS Tapes to Digital
  13. ISO to Avi, Xvid, Divx.
  14. iMac 3.06Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 4GB 500GB DVDR/CDRW 21.5"-
  15. VHS-DIGITAL-Via FCexpress & datavideo dc-100 converter
  16. Horizontal interlacing "jaggies" on captured video
  17. Cable noise on lavalier - tips to minimize
  18. Background Music Resources??
  19. Help! Commercial Slate and Black Screen Requirements
  20. Mac Pro Getting slow with FCP 7
  21. How do I repair a corrupt .mov file?
  22. Need lowest cost graphics card for fcpx
  23. mp4 vs avchd
  24. Is anyone using Stockeon.com
  25. need moderate priced interview microphone
  26. joining many dv files as one dv file
  27. Mac (10.9.2) No Longer Sees My Canon HFS10 Video Camera
  28. FCP X goto next/previous marker BROKEN?
  29. FCP 7 not loading on Maverick Macbook Pro
  30. Mac Mini server with external RAID storage - a good file server solution?
  31. MBP for HD Video editing-is this good enough!
  32. Similar WonderShare - streaming video (import XML)
  33. Special Poster frame / Thumbnail image
  34. Best way to play/convert .MTS in Aperture Library
  35. Black Magic Intensity Shuttle for Thunderbolt
  36. AC3 AAC and Premiere Pro
  37. DVD/Bluray burner for rMBP?
  38. The Touch
  39. GoPro Studio - iMovie 10 - Newb help!
  40. Best place to find Motion Video specialists?
  41. Dual GPU and the New Mac Pro running Premiere
  42. HP Dreamcolor now working in 10 bit mode?
  43. Final Cut X.1.1 Slow To Open On nMP
  44. Alternate Vimeo Button Style
  45. Short Video Doc. I made for Production Competition
  46. FCP X and XDCAM EX
  47. A simple cut on iMovie for iOS works horribly
  48. Converting Footage from iPhone to Final Cut Pro
  49. [Resolved] View a Certain Frame FCPX
  50. slow motion app
  51. Question
  52. FCP X issues
  53. FCP - problem with footage
  54. Premiere Pro CC wont start
  55. How does everyone output their video footage
  56. Cleanup video noise
  57. How to burn my video from iMovie onto DVD
  58. FCP Plugins
  59. To all the videographers on here...
  60. Please Help! Problem with iMovie '11
  61. Help with iMovie 9 movie clips and song combining
  62. Subtitle Positioning
  63. Fish Eye Removal
  64. Optimal setup for video editing
  65. Unusually long render/transcode times for HD - Suggestions?
  66. imovie newbie help: cut out a piece...
  67. SD Card vs USB3 Thumb Drive vs USB3 External Hard Drive
  68. Audio Recording DSLR
  69. Recording a movie directly on USB
  70. Bitrate hack D610/D800
  71. SSD or Raptor for media drive? (Premiere CS6)
  72. file won't transfer from SD-card
  73. Panasonic HC-X920 & final cut pro?
  74. Storage Recommendations
  75. 16, I plan on filming Youtube Skits with my Canon T3i, I have some questions.
  76. FCP X beach balls
  77. Video conversion, high resolution with small file size
  78. 10-bit Color Bootcamp
  79. iMovie (DV) export to DV, result interlaced/progressive problem?
  80. Are there any apps that use QuickSync acceleration on Mavericks?
  81. What's my bottleneck?
  82. Hanbrake help please...!
  83. Suggestions: follow focus / matte box combo
  84. New iMovie
  85. Premiere Pro CC Export Freeze/ PNG Images/ New MP
  86. Re: Capturing VHS-C - now trying Vidi: settings question
  87. Improve your audio!
  88. Best format to backup DVD to hard drive
  89. Best DVD decrypting/ripping software
  90. How do you create a title page
  91. help with making a mp4 film smaller
  92. Blu-ray Help
  93. iMovie help please!
  94. My video won't show
  95. iMovie very slow to render
  96. Will Final Cut Studio 2 work on 10.6 Snow Leopard?
  97. Bottleneck when editing, need advice on upgrade
  98. Problems importing to iMovie09
  99. (Time Sensitive) Hey guys I need some help from Video Editors on this forum
  100. FCE: Loosing color while exporting
  101. Best batch render software
  102. Missing iMovie File
  103. iMovie 11 and iPhoto Videos
  104. Mac Mini for Digital Signage
  105. How to exact copy a wrong region wedding DVD
  106. Pinnacle Dazzle
  107. Can I make HD default on YouTube?
  108. Video browser/player software
  109. Reversing Motion Titles in FCP
  110. Video Adjustments on DSLR?
  111. FCPX Backups folder saving to wrong drive
  112. Is This Possible - iMovie
  113. Adobe Premiere 5 for Mac
  114. Adding Track Markers to Long Video Files
  115. Weird handbrake behavior
  116. Feedback on a fashion video?
  117. Handbrake file shows white screen in QT, but is ok in VLC, when used decomb
  118. Final Cut Pro X Video Problem
  119. Final Cut Pro X titles plugins
  120. Best bang for the $$$ - Speed up video editing
  121. Help! How do I do this?
  122. Premiere Elements puts watermark on video !? help ...
  123. Will anyone share some sample (straight from camera) XAVC-S MP4 files?
  124. No 5.1 On Burned DVDs
  125. Hero 2 has a mind of it's own.
  126. Opinions Please
  127. YouTube Channel Name?
  128. Final Cut Pro X + Motion and Logic Pro X or Adobe After Effects + Premiere?
  129. FCP X crashes with external hard drive
  130. Dashcam set up?
  131. Canon 5D MkIII
  132. Camera for wildlife videos?
  133. Cutting RED footage on retina MBP?
  134. Upscaling SD to HD, placebo or real improvement?
  135. Motion 5 Does not Export?
  136. Animation software
  137. Can't hear audio imported clip Premiere Pro CC
  138. database with video related software
  139. FCPX Sound Effects Missing Content?
  140. Can I Transfer Videos Back To My Memory Card?
  141. Create a YouTube Video
  142. Fusion Drive or VRAM more important?
  143. How To Go From iMovie 8 to iMovie 6?
  144. Need to Convert Mini DV to MP4
  145. Any difference between Mini DV to AVI vs MOV?
  146. Special Project... and what may seem like a silly question
  147. Character Animation with Cinema 4d vs. Maya
  148. How long will I be able to keep installing FCP7 from the discs?
  149. GH4 live webcast from B&H
  150. Help needed. FCPX sound deteriorated from shared (exported) file
  151. $6000.00 budget. Need input on recording counseling sessions
  152. Settings in Final Cut, Audio will play but video won't in timeline
  153. Adobe Premiere & Speedgrade CC workflow
  154. Created iMovie, how to move all files to EHH
  155. Lost audio when FF MP4 files
  156. Good MacBook for film student?
  157. When I'm shooting rap videos with my 70d, I wanna get a lot of bokeh within the shot.
  158. Freedom Short for My Rode Reel Competition Shot on Panasonic GH4
  159. DVCam compatible with Final Cut Express?
  160. Achieving higher frame rate recording externally through computer?
  161. Final Cut Studio 3 & Yosemite
  162. MP4 playback on TV problems
  163. Nikon D5200 example
  164. 2013 nMP Triple Monitor Setup Question
  165. Render Farms with Windows & Mac Pro
  166. 1080p Playback Monitor for Video Editing
  167. Getting Started with Training Videos
  168. Shotgun Mic Setup Through Zoom H1?
  169. Recording Video with Iphone
  170. Do you think Canon will announce a 7D MKII this August?
  171. FCP-10.1 Burn Disk
  172. Converting video8 to digital
  173. Mouse for editing
  174. Change Image Interpolation in Motion 5?
  175. Why is a 9GB video apparently too big for my 32GB USB stick?
  176. Cannot find FCE in the Libray/Application Support - folder
  177. Shot another music video. Any feedback would be great!
  178. Which MacBook Pro to buy? (Acronym illiterate student)
  179. Archiving Final Cut Pro Projects
  180. Having problems burning/transfering my film file to an acceptable format. Please Help
  181. FCPX: Can I mix AVCHD cam and Mini-DV?
  182. Qmaster storage settings and throwing a lot of errors?
  183. DESPERATE: Final Cut Pro Nuked my Project, is there any way to restore it?
  184. Recommendations for a quality HD video camera?
  185. Unable to play H264 AVC .mp4 in Quicktime Player 10
  186. Switching Over To Blu Ray - HELP!
  187. Samsung TV
  188. Handbrake Detelecine produces stutters/dropped frame rates
  189. Best Video Recording Software for Tutor?
  190. Studio Monitors - What speakers are you using?
  191. Video Editing hardware workflow Query
  192. Interested in a career change to video editing?
  193. computer crash during render!
  194. Keyframe motion in FCE4 looks odd
  195. Apple announce new flavour of ProRes
  196. FCPX and AVI
  197. What Video Format is most universal
  198. OS X Yosemite and FCP7
  199. "Typing Text" in FCPX?
  200. Good video camera to buy for $1000?
  201. Made this martial arts / ninja turtles weapons demo with FCP X
  202. Is it possible to open more than one VLC player on mac?
  203. Buying questions
  204. Can I edit a movie I purchased on iTunes?
  205. 2013 Mac Pro quad vs. 2013 iMac i7 for 4k video?
  206. What is my best option for cache location in FCPX?
  207. Sony's "L-control or LANC"?
  208. FCPX Users! What keyboard shortcuts do you use the most?
  209. Advice on efficient workflow for collaborative editing in FCP 10.1.1 w/ 4K files
  210. FCPX stutters importing 4:3 mini DV tape
  211. FCPX bottleneck question
  212. Digital8!
  213. iBomb - a little fun we had testing new equipment ;)
  214. FCPX and Memory
  215. Recommend me a decent camcorder for $200-300
  216. FCPX Storage
  217. Best Learning Resources for FCPX for someone switching from FCP?
  218. Constructive Critisim?
  219. RAW Video vs 4K
  220. Best solution for rMBP expansion
  221. Why do people post disclaimers on YouTube?
  222. Final Cut Express 4.0 Low Quality Export of Stills
  223. iMovie crash
  224. Mirrorless for Live Stream
  225. New workstation advice.
  226. Best editor for older iMac
  227. Looking for a portable quick external hard drive
  228. Filming a wedding tomorrow. Help?!
  229. iPhoto Slideshow and YouTube
  230. z24x vs 2480zx
  231. ideas for using old low-quality VHS footage in HD video?
  232. Post-production Workflow
  233. Panasonic GH4 and SD Card
  234. Salvaging an old Avid Xpress DV Project
  235. Go Pro for a Wedding?
  236. Final Cut Pro X on hard drive vs external drive
  237. Want to record PS3 game play on Mac mini - Uncompressed would be nice.
  238. Which DvD brand to write to?
  239. Live HDMI from Samsung Galaxy Camera 2
  240. Compressor Insanely Slow 1080p
  241. Video compressor recommendation
  242. Automatic Fullscreen Videoplayback
  243. Caught between the devil and the deep
  244. Windows to Mac AND .mod conversion
  245. Streaming hummingbird feeder cam recommendations
  246. Help Suggestions on computer video cam
  247. can't transcode this .mov with anything (suggestions?)
  248. Good Slideshow Program/App?
  249. Premier CC Stalls/Quits when exporting
  250. Working on first documentary, need advice getting started on editing -- re: FCPX, org