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  1. Need reliable 6 channel monitoring for 5.1 editing & mixing
  2. Removing clicks, lip and mouth noise in garageband
  3. Trouble With External Midi Connection
  4. Organize My Music at a root level
  5. Latency or Echo when headphone monitoring
  6. Best DAW for Audiobook recording
  7. Please help me connect in garageband w/ pics
  8. 5.1 Help
  9. how good of a mac would i need to run Pro Tools well?
  10. Help Using Motu Ultralite With Garage Band Or Logic!!!!!
  11. Audio Recording on a Quicksilver G4?
  12. Cubase>Leopard Frustration!
  13. using older Mbox with Leopard
  14. Garageband Update Issues
  15. Pitching an audio idea to Apple...
  16. Cue Splitter experience, anyone?
  17. Logic Pro 8 - MIDI issues
  18. Recording Live Internet Radio?
  19. Portable MIDI kybrd controller?
  20. itunes & audiophile's
  21. Logic Studio License - Desktop and Laptop...
  22. Saffire Pro 26 Distorting
  23. Newbie AMP Question
  24. Newbie Q: Yamaha P70 - MacBook Pro
  25. Logic - Hardware needed for Multi-track recording?
  26. Cassette (or other) conversion to MP3 files, including splitting...
  27. Logic used to open lightning fast.....
  28. Logic Audio Platinum 5.5 VST problem
  29. Any way to record sounds from the computer into a music file?
  30. Just to clarify the use of this equipment...
  31. DAW/Sequencers for Mac!
  32. Connect laptop directly to studio monitors?
  33. home audio network - aiport or wireless speakers?
  34. [B]5.1 assistance[/B]
  35. 20" or 24" for Pro Tools
  36. Equipment Help!
  37. Does a high-end audio interface make a difference?
  38. Apple's response to MS Sync
  39. Mono sound
  40. Full Sized Keyboard Recommendations?
  41. OUCH! dangerous Garage Band audio spiking
  42. How to use Alesis synthesizer with GarageBand
  43. Express to aiff volume cuts in 1/2
  44. MIDI Controller+Logic Pro 8= WTF? HELP! ASAP
  45. Help converting from Elac Miracord 625 to MacBook Pro
  46. Logic Express Audio input and output question
  47. Advice for good external sound card? M-Audio, Echo, Edirol, PreSonus, MOTU???
  48. Audio Mixer for Speaker Wattage
  49. .wav export problems from iTunes, tuning
  50. komplete 5 sequencer?
  51. usb drum kit to g-band or any other software?
  52. MBOX 2 Factory Plug in Bundle Problem.
  53. Are Factory Plug ins different for 002 and Mbox2??
  54. Advice on purchasing Macbook pro and pro-tools???
  55. New MacBook Pro problems w/ FireWire Audio??? DUET
  56. Is there a way to adjust L/R Balance on airport express?
  57. Original DigiDesign M-Box w/ iMac Intel 2008
  58. Logic Pro and foot pedal.
  59. amp +speakers advice?
  60. Maestro/Duet trouble - please help
  61. wav to midi or something different
  62. Does the "M-Audio Keystudio 49" work with Leopard?
  63. Macbook Pro, Pro Tools and Komplete 5
  64. How can I record from an audio stream on the web
  65. STP error when i try to record
  66. Can't Download Garageband tracks
  67. really need help with iTunes Producer error
  68. Configuring Apogee Duet with Logic
  69. noise
  70. bounce
  71. Protools 8
  72. I have a really wierd problem with my car amp, plz help
  73. Went from 2Gb to 4Gb
  74. Garageband Loops Live With Click Track
  75. Easy to use even child could use Sampler Music maker?
  76. Logic Express Digital input
  77. Expresscard VS Firewire
  78. Live & Recording - Starting Out
  79. How to remove DRM from iTunes songs?
  80. Garageband issue with own audio recording
  81. midi driver for old yamaha keyboard PSS-480
  82. Sending Garage Band file to iTunes
  83. sweex black pearl on mac?
  84. Digi 002 console with control for DP 5.13
  85. Exporting from Keynote creates two files and impossible to send
  86. Logic/Garageband Backwards compatibility
  87. were are my custom apple loops on the HDD?
  88. Dvd Studio Pro lists audio .mov files much bigger than they are. Why?
  89. KRK VTX8 Studio Monitors too big for me?
  90. Digital crossover?
  91. Power Mac audio output to Digi 002-connected speakers?
  92. Question about mounting satellite speakers on wall
  93. Blue microphones for Podcasting
  94. Propellerhead Reason 3.0 Problems
  95. Line 6 Toneport and similar USB alternatives to firewire
  96. How's the Akai MPK49 controller?
  97. external speakers + laptop
  98. Hooking my guitar up to MacBook
  99. Black Macbook to Receiver??
  100. Protools zooming problem
  101. AUDIOPHILIA!!! importing for itunes!
  102. Can I use new Macbook for Live on stage (clicktrack+others)
  103. How do you transfer video files into audio files for the iPod?
  104. Which hdd for Ableton Live?
  105. Which version of Logic is this?
  106. Advice for recording
  107. iLife 04 version of the Rhythm Section Jam Pack for Garageband
  108. External hardrive suggestions?
  109. digital voice recorder which one do i buy
  110. What should I buy for a MBP / Pro Tools set-up??: Need HELP!
  111. External Soundcard - Still plays through macbook speakers?
  112. What USB Mixer should I get?
  113. Suitable Audio Interface for Home Studio?
  114. Amp Simulator in Logic Studio?
  115. capture audio straight from Safari Browser?
  116. Firebox Help!
  117. Logic users - I need help! I have a volume issue with a track.
  118. Ableton Live Gain Control Issue
  119. Extracting vocals from music files
  120. Help!! High Self Noise on Apogee Duet using MBP
  121. Logic 8 Express....should I have purchased Studio????
  122. GarageBand MBox 2 and Rode NT1 Not Working
  123. How to Identify the Audio Codec of a Video
  124. Duet and External HD Interference?
  125. Suggestions for a good 25-32 Key MIDI Keyboard?
  126. How much of an improvement going from MBP to Mac Pro?
  127. Audio and composition - help with outfitting
  128. Nagra LB is here
  129. cheap ac3 encoder?
  130. high quality mic for iphone?
  131. Downloading from iPlayer
  132. How do I save the global "voice" track I created in a different project using Logic?
  133. GarageBand: Least Intelligent Software Ever?
  134. New MBP + Logic 8 + Apogee Duet
  135. Logic express vs logic pro and loops
  136. Just got Logic....one simple question
  137. older, well-supported FW audio interfaces
  138. Plugins
  139. Creating Pro Tools-style fades in Logic?
  140. Converting .rm files to .mp3
  141. Digital Out system sounds
  142. Need input balance control utility
  143. What Audio Interface are you guys using?
  144. Does the "old" MacBook Pro have a Toslink?
  145. Starting a home studio
  146. Studying Audio Production in Melbourne?
  147. Streaming audio on ustream straight from itunes/ music app
  148. what application to use for saving sound from a movie?
  149. Any DJ's using Torq Xponent?
  150. Logitech Z-5500 for Home Theater?
  151. garage band musical typing and midid controller advice
  152. Rig? - Podcast recording via Automobile
  153. (Solved) Filter/effect to replicate a megaphone
  154. Advice on recording engine noise for analysis
  155. pro tools 7.4.2 "data style" noise. any experience?
  156. Loop audio files from keystroke
  157. Removing crowd noise from live concert audio
  158. Taking only the right channel from an mp3...
  159. Power Conditioner vs. Online UPS?!
  160. Logic Environment for XP30
  161. Recording music (video and audio)
  162. program choice
  163. Need help choosing MIDI interface
  164. Recording Delay
  165. Best FOSS analog to digital software?
  166. Lost Quality with iMovie8
  167. This is embarassing....[edit a sound file]
  168. What am I missing? - MBP, Logic Studio 8, Apogee Duet & Rode K2
  169. Normalizing two audio chat tracks for same levels
  170. Toast-9/Spin Doctor
  171. firewire 410+mixing console+pro tools=HELP!!
  172. USB Sound card and 5.1 for stereo files
  173. Specific Audio Conversion via Folder Actions?
  174. MacBook v. MB Pro, Duet v. 0404, etc.
  175. 5.1 sound in VLC hijacks computer
  176. Is firewire 400 important for recording and live performance on macbooks?
  177. mbox micro and apogee duet?
  178. Apogee Duet & FW card
  179. GarageBand (iLife '08) user-created loop location?
  180. Whats the best program for audio editing? Help!
  181. Garage Band to Logic Pro (guitar input question)
  182. Setting up new Mac based studio with Logic and Ableton need input
  183. Audacity and live mic interference
  184. Removing White Noise
  185. Cheap guitar audio in plug
  186. A Mac replacement for Sound Forge...Sound Studio
  187. Hyperprism
  188. Switching Audio Output on i
  189. vocal recording
  190. Macbook Pro/Yamaha YPG/Sound system
  191. Behringer!help!
  192. Ignorant newbie needs some laptop advice
  193. Pro Tools with the new Macbook
  194. Audio Research help!
  195. Fixing Sheet Music from Garage Band?
  196. New Macbook.. Need Audio Interface
  197. Moderated title.
  198. How to Rip Music from a Live DVD?
  199. any way to "beef up" garageband?
  200. Quality audio cables .... a myth ?
  201. LOGIC 8 Studio (Academic pricing?)
  202. headphones / logic question
  203. Removing Plugins in Logic
  204. D 16 Group buy. Great deals on classic emulations
  205. Help With Home Studio!
  206. How do you make dp 5.13 work with digi 002
  207. Archos 5 - Is it Mac friendly?
  208. Becoming apple certified in Australia?
  209. Glyph or LaCie
  210. MacBook Pro: 2.53 ghz or 2.8 ghz? Help!
  211. Just got Logic Express 8...just a few questions
  212. GarageBand, UC-33 and Enigma
  213. Cheap iPod replacement
  214. Cheap Noise Canceling Headphones
  215. M-audio Delta 44 w/Garageband and some other questions
  216. S/PDIF optical to S/PDIF RCA converter
  217. Need to "clean up" voice recordings - 911!
  218. Children laughing sound clip
  219. Software for Voice Overs?
  220. Disk too slow or system overload in Logic pro
  221. Really good USB Mic?
  222. mbox 2 pro with new macbook pro?
  223. 5.1 Surround Sound from MacBook Pro
  224. What External Hard Drive for Pro Audio?
  225. audio missing -- why?!
  226. Digital performer 5 destroyed me!
  227. Want to make beats
  228. zune on mac??
  229. taking advantage of digital audio out
  230. m4a out of Logic Pro... Good For All?
  231. Free/cheap software to digitize old tapes?
  232. Looking to buy a Home Theater system .. can someone help?
  233. Audio Channels in Garageband
  234. Logic 8 - Clicking noise before track comes in
  235. speech, other than english
  236. Listening to music on iMac
  237. My Garageband exports a really weird mix!
  238. Download help?
  239. Logic Music Beds installed to external drive
  240. Microphone for Garage Band
  241. paint colour on HS80
  242. Help With Cycle Recording, Please, Am Desperate Will Do Anything (Except that)
  243. Audio Recording Interface
  244. 10.5.5, Pro Tools 7.4, MBox Blasts my eardrums with noise!
  245. please help - issue with usb audio and macbook
  246. Bounce to disk midi ????????? dp 5
  247. Logic Reinstall - what files should be deleted?
  248. cannot import wav into garage band- help
  249. automating plug-in parameters in logic?
  250. Visual BPM analyser for Mac?