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  1. Tascam FW-1884 Protools setup?
  2. Pro Tools HD Compatibility
  3. Can you use 5.1 ch surround sound speakers on a macbook?
  4. How do I remove a unwanted sound from a audio file.
  5. File format help..
  6. Pro sound card for use in bootcamp? Need suggestion!
  7. Garagband Tempo Matching
  8. Trying to delete audio but not the whole region in logic?
  9. Easy way of extracting audio from an MP4?
  10. Pro Tools 8 compatability with Snow Leopard???
  11. Removing parts of a sound file and remixing them back togeter what is best program?
  12. Beats by dre
  13. auCDtect for mac ???
  14. Logic 9 / Speakerphone 2.0.2 AU issue
  15. Connecting MacBook to Home Stereo Receiver
  16. Logitech Z-560 will not work on Power Mac G5 Quad
  17. Where to get good music scores?
  18. Noise and pops using iMac for audio playback
  19. Logic 9 Crash on Launch - and it's killed my Aperture too!
  20. Rode podcaster microphone
  21. Logic Users - Installation help
  22. calling out all audiophiles! advice on headphones to use w/ macbook
  23. Cubase crash on startup!
  24. What Program Do You Use to Make Samples from Pre-Recorded Music
  25. Permanently adjusting MP3 volume?
  26. Need to buffer a web stream & match it up with TV
  27. Help please with garageband.....
  28. Required equipment for Pro Tools 8?
  29. Any good suggestions on finding good theme music?
  30. iTunes adds extra time to end of track imported from GarageBand
  31. Logic Express 9 Problems: Please help.
  32. Audio to Midi
  33. Sonica Theater alternative?
  34. Using Mainstage for Backtracks, Live Instruments, and Lighting.
  35. how can i attach multiple cameras to my macbook pro?
  36. Audio-conversion freeware that maintains song information
  37. What App to record saved songs from XM radio?
  38. Easiest way to make .wav files using macbook & digital input?
  39. Garageband add clap to imported MP3
  40. M-Audio Profire 2626
  41. Cheap Audio Interface for HS80M's?
  42. Audio-Technica AT2020 USB with Samson SP01
  43. M-Audio Fast Track Ultra problem!
  44. Audio From Audio Interface Not Playing Back in iMovie'08
  45. Behringer UMX61 Plug and play / recording problem
  46. Max composite cable length?
  47. Snow Leopard+Soundtrack=Glitch?
  48. Logic - mono to stereo
  49. Can we overlap the vocal track of 1 song over another?
  50. Mbox2 / Protools on Snow Leopard
  51. Logic "Disk is Too slow or system overload"
  52. Motu UltraLite audio interface
  53. Help me Record my Band
  54. Alesis and Garage Band
  55. say if i made a song in garadge band with only say 2 loops sounding like one song
  56. Additional wireless speakers for iPod speaker (Zeppelin)
  57. Mic recommendations
  58. Can I simply Copy one machine completly onto another?
  59. Firewire drive: folder, partition, new drive?
  60. I cant hear my guitar with logic 9
  61. Soundtrack Pro help (it's reverting my level changes!)
  62. Do I really need a FireWired external HD...
  63. Recording from 1/4inch outs on mixer??
  64. Mbox2 ONLY works with Protools?
  65. Game Audio Engines
  66. Amateur Soundtrack composer looking for setup help
  67. Weird problem since Snow Leopard
  68. What can today's computers do? And do we need what they offer?
  69. Pro Tools 8.0.3pr
  70. MainStage Vs Digital Performer Vs Reason?
  71. Is there an easier way than converting M4A's to MP3's for burning MP3 discs
  72. Audio n00b... How do I listen to the output of M-Audio Solo with USB speakers?
  73. Streaming radio via Airport Express
  74. usb external disk + firewire audio interface or ViceVersa
  75. ustream
  76. Advice on interview recording mic
  77. Final Cut audio problem: "cracks" and "pops"
  78. MBOX 1 /w Macbook Pro Snow Leopard
  79. Looking for free piano music for home movie.
  80. Need advice on a Mix I did/./
  81. Anyone else think LE Update to 8.0.1 blows?
  82. Record Podcast In Garageband With 3 People in Separate Locations?
  83. Sennheiser hh10 holder?
  84. Cakewalk Sonar 8 Garbled in Bootcamp XP SP2
  85. having trouble with Logic Express 9
  86. Audio level problem in Imovie??
  87. [SOLVED] Routing audio input to output.
  88. Logic Pro Sends and Buses?
  89. Record iPod audio with MacBook Pro
  90. BCD2000 or Zoom G2.1 Connecting to a mac need help!
  91. Need advice choosing my first nice set of noise cancelling headphones
  92. Reducing latency / lag when recording with logic 9
  93. E-Mu 0404 USB
  94. Upgrading from Logic Express 8 to Logic 9 and have a question.
  95. Unibody MBP Intel HD Audio Card
  96. Any way to strap an EQ Equalizer across iMac sound panel?
  97. Looking for a thread on iphone 3g s and HD video
  98. External Soundcards for Djing
  99. M Audio Fast Track Pro/Line 6 Tone Port UX2
  100. Using more Ram in Logic Studio
  101. Adding notes to a midi track with garageband
  102. MIDI controller not working after upgrade to logic 9
  103. 5.1 Surround sound
  104. Converting from cassettes to the Mac
  105. Wow Unbelieveable! PT, you space hogg!! (>_<)
  106. Logic Express 8/ output?
  107. Speakers next to iMac - bad idea?
  108. Best Audio Interface solution for MBP?
  109. Special Coding
  110. Pro Tools 8 Question
  111. How do you turn down Audio Input Level??
  112. Proper Microphone For Recording Podcast?
  113. does at 3035 work with CEntrance MicPort Pro
  114. Tascam us144 midi problem in Logic 9! help needed
  115. FREE USB Audio Interface Driver
  116. Spectrum Analyzer for Mac osx 10.4.11
  117. Garageband Issue
  118. How To Record 3 People In Separate Locations & What Mics To Use?
  119. How to rip audio from DVD?
  120. recording software Jasmine and Ardour
  121. Which app to cut/trim portions of audio [MP3]
  122. Live guitar effects with garageband?
  123. Sharing garageband to iLife
  124. DJ Software
  125. Using Mainstage Live
  126. Logic Pro (not Studio) glitches
  127. trying to download aiff files from email attachment
  128. Logic 8 Audio Popping/Drop Out Problem
  129. Monitor recommendations
  130. Hi-res audio files playback
  131. How to tune cheap desktop speakers?
  132. editing volume of .mp3
  133. Looking for decent budget monitors for Pro Tools film sound editing/mixing
  134. HELP with alesis io26 firewire with imac OS X 10.6.1
  135. Help moving iMovie audio to Garageband
  136. App for check is apple lossless files are "real" CDDA
  137. Logic Express instrument icons.
  138. Wireless audio streaming from mac to mac
  139. Wireless audio streaming from mac to mac
  140. Multiple Room Solution without using Airtunes
  141. MBox 2 with Snow Leopard/unibody MBP
  142. M-Audio FINALLY releases Snow Leopard compatible drivers!
  143. Vestax Spin
  144. import wav probl;em with logic
  145. Pro-Tools Essentials and Snow Leopard
  146. My First Separates Sound-System - Any Thoughts?
  147. Question about switching to another DAW
  148. Can the DigiDesign Eleven Rack be used with Logic Studio?
  149. Basic IP video Security System
  150. record player recommendation?
  151. Want to make a christmasy garageband song
  152. Mac Pro's external noise isolation
  153. Questions about handbreak
  154. Mac mini out to 192kHz coaxial
  155. Apps for Recording and Scheduling Internet Radio?
  156. How to make your own drum pattern in GarageBand?
  157. Help please -- running Fender Strat through GarageBand
  158. Apogee Duet
  159. Concerns with lack of FW on Macbook Pro
  160. Problem with opening Ableton Live
  161. Mac Mini In My Live Synth Rack?
  162. Old copy of Logic on new mac?
  163. Apogee One or the Apogee Duet?
  164. Re-amping with Apogee ONE, query...
  165. Apps to 'master' audio
  166. Can live audio be fed into itunes?
  167. Does anyone have personal experience using this software with Snow Leopard?
  168. Pro Tools?
  169. Logic Express 8 vs 9 Questions...
  170. Synth or Midi
  171. Exporting Garage band "movie" with ALL sound tracks?
  172. High pitched hum through studio monitors with new iMac
  173. recording guitar on my mac with an amp
  174. what software is the best ?
  175. Advice, Please, for Mixing in Garageband
  176. O1W Sequence into Logic Express
  177. Tagging albums Lossless in iTunes for search-ability
  178. Replacement for Volume Logic
  179. My first Mac, what sequencer to get?
  180. Music Library in Logic
  181. Apogee Duet On SL Bootcamp XP?
  182. Software for Batch of mp3's
  183. Soundtrack Pro Help
  184. To Mac Pro or iMac: pros and cons for music recording
  185. Behringer UMX61 MIDI Controller on Garageband?
  186. Best sofware for mash ups
  187. a few questions and advice on midi controllers
  188. Software for learning to play on a keyboard (piano)
  189. Directing Sonos to music library on my Time Capsule?
  190. help me please
  191. CD player + Amp suggestions?
  192. Feeding live audio through USB port to airport express
  193. Garageband built in keyboard samples
  194. Using i-Mic can I run one stereo channel output & a separate channel on t G4 output?
  195. Help with acoustic-electric guitar & GarageBand
  196. pro tools 8
  197. Tv + Speakers + Mac
  198. Setup and mics needed for a 2 person podcast ?
  199. Logic Express 7 + Snow Leopard problem...compatibility issue or something else?
  200. Guitar Rig 3 and Logic Studio
  201. Recording one track while listening to other tracks
  202. Questions about Logic and Pro Tools
  203. Reason 4.0 small but annoying problem
  204. Pro Tools LE 8 Issue
  205. archival strategies?
  206. apogee duet break out cable
  207. Editing out Whitespace in an MP3 file without degrading
  208. Tascam 1884 crashing Mac Pro
  209. Query with Logic Pro 8 and the Apogee Duet
  210. Looking for RTA software with logging
  211. Echo while recording vocals
  212. Jam 6.0.2 on Snow Leopard
  213. need advice
  214. Converting FLAC audio to Mp4/AIFF/mp3/etc..for iPhone.. with minimun quality loss
  215. best sound quality for a budget?
  216. Importing midifile into Logic - No sound...?
  217. H4n USB not recognized on mac
  218. Someone please help! Audio converter?
  219. Garageband- want to merge all the tracks WITHOUT EXPORTING THEM.
  220. Wich amplifier to connect to iMac 27"
  221. Getting MIDI to SEND back to a synth via USB - Garageband
  222. best cab for Mesa Boogie Trip Rec?
  223. Free ongoing Audio Drama show-
  224. Recording MIDI keyboard and sustain pedal to GBand / Logic
  225. Making cue files
  226. MacBook Pro 13" Duet CPU Whine CPU Diode Heat
  227. Just Bought an AkaiMPK49, SterlingAudioST51 CondenserMic, & M-Audio Firewire Solo Int
  228. Batch Converter
  229. adjust bpm for aerobic track
  230. An issue I have with apple lossless
  231. I am trying to set up a surround sound without using surround sound speakers help
  232. muting midi sections in logic?
  233. Mid Range Headphones - What to choose
  234. iMac in living room - home cinema setup
  235. more tired than I thought
  236. iTunes making awful MP3's from GarageBand
  237. police scanner
  238. FW400 ExpressCard compatibility
  239. Big trouble with audio devices!
  240. Sirius Online No sound
  241. Need Headphone Amp for iMac + Sennheiser HD 600
  242. No audio from mac (logic or anything else) is coming through my ZEDR16 mixing desk???
  243. Troubles with Blue Mic's Icicle XLR to USB and Logic
  244. lost garagband guitar effects!!!??
  245. Pro audio app slowdown questions!?
  246. Audio Interface vs. MIDI
  247. Simultaneous dual audio output?
  248. Digitech RP155
  249. Reason 4 is rewired BUT how do i get more than one synth to work?
  250. Lookin for the 'Holy Crap Surprise' Sound Effect Used in Horror Movies