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  1. Unibody Macbook distortion vs dedicated hifi amp
  2. older apogee duet firewire 400/800
  3. USB cassette player?
  4. Zoom H4n & MAC
  5. Logic 9 can't handle more than 2GB RAM on a 12GB MAC PRO
  6. processor speed vs cores ?
  7. FL Studio on Mac?
  8. Looking for Sound Effect "Power Failure"
  9. Earbuds pain in the arse
  10. Mainstage 2 and MBP live - questions regarding setup!!
  11. anyone using graphics tablet for audio apps?
  12. Help choosing an interface
  13. Speaker connection to macbook pro
  14. Please Excuse! Wrong Section!
  15. M Audio Ozone issues with Garageband 5.1 - cannot hear guitar
  16. Analog Audio to Sheet Music/Modern Tabs Converter Application?
  17. Built in 5.1 support?
  18. Audio Output Levels between Applications
  19. SM57 Ordered...Now, Mixer/Interface Questions
  20. MIDI troubles with Logic 9, Reason 3, and Boss DR-5 drum machine
  21. Buzz and white noise with studio monitors
  22. Connect Guitar To Imac
  23. Daisy chain or RAID?
  24. Importing CD 'Live' Into Garageband?
  25. New core i5 iMac wants "Rosetta" to install Logic 8 - Why?
  26. Recording Lectures with iPhone 3GS Voice Memos
  27. Playing Audio through TV via 2 RCA male out..
  28. Akai Synth Station and IPK25
  29. DJ Turntables
  30. creating audio for Imovie/short vids.
  31. Recording with PreSonus
  32. Mastering/Compressing in Garageband?
  33. problem connecting alesis multimix to garageband
  34. looking for MacBook(Pro) to record guitar/keyboard and arrange it via Logic
  35. Problem with M audio usb interface?
  36. Logic: Buying elsewhere and ease of use?
  37. recording on garageband with m audio fast track usb
  38. Is there a difference in the file formats?
  39. Which Interface should I get?
  40. What do you want to see in Logic 10?
  41. Multimix 8 firewire in logic 8 express
  42. Active crossover Software using RME fireface
  43. Is there any loss of quality converting flac to apple lossless?
  44. help with Reason 4 on 27" iMac
  45. 5.1 with two 2.1 sets?
  46. What kind of audiophile rigs you have?
  47. Audiophile sound quality from an iMac?
  48. Logic Pro on an iMac or Mac Pro
  49. Apple Training and Certification
  50. garageband and powerpoint running simultaneously
  51. Advice on soundcard for recording dj scratching!?
  52. Ableton or Sony Acid Pro?
  53. Output volume in Garageband low even though mp3 file amplified to max
  54. Swan D1080MKii or M audio AV 40
  55. Cheap keyboard to learn piano?
  56. Text too Small in Logic Express
  57. Mic quality depends on...
  58. Soundtrack Pro Boom Hit Removal
  59. Covert .msv to mp3 on Mac w/ SnowLeopard
  60. iPad's potential uses in a pro audio environment???
  61. Syncing Problems
  62. Akai MPK49 and Garageband
  63. Logic pro midi problem please help asap!!
  64. Budget Monitors
  65. Problems with output/monitoring in Logic Express 8
  66. Audio converter
  67. iPad Touch Screen Control Surface?
  68. Is logic a big jump from garageband?
  69. Logic Pro 8 - How can I volume gate certain instruments or group of tracks?
  70. Logic 7 user - can i install Logic 9 and use both?
  71. Make It Sound Great!
  72. uMBP and studio monitors...
  73. 2.8 vs. 3.06 GHz on MBP for Recording
  74. recording with Logic Express 7
  75. Shopping for ~$100 voice/sample mic; Blue Yeti, AT2020USB, or something else?
  76. Need advice on speaker rental for prom
  77. Audio through liquid
  78. Still think 320kbp music is CD quality? Here's proof that it's not.
  79. looking for program
  80. Anyone Know of Good Head Phones That Don't Overheat The Ears?
  81. Small MacBook Pro big enough for Logic
  82. How do I create a playlist from a folder not using iTunes?
  83. MBox and Garageband on Leopard
  84. Cakewalk Dimension Pro Virtual Synthesizer
  85. ID3 tags getting stripped
  86. Free MP3 Ripper?
  87. Macbook sound cutting in and out!!!
  88. Using cassettes in Garageband
  89. Steinberg Dongle Issue
  90. Logic Pro 7 on Snow Leopard?
  91. Digi 002 Rack vs new Mac Pro
  92. Amazon MP3 store previews load in iTunes
  93. Logic Pro 8 Question
  94. 5.1 audio burning in DVD SP
  95. Steinberg Weirdness
  96. 24" refurb or 27 i5 for Logic?
  97. Removing Feedback on Vocal Track
  98. Garageband / Snowball Delay
  99. PreSonus FireBox 6X8 Firewire Vs. Apogee one!
  100. Firmware Update for PF10 or Firepod
  101. Guitar rig and rig kontrol for live shows
  102. midi keyboard for Reason 4 - Axiom 61 Pro - or?
  103. Logic Express and my emu 49
  104. Imac- logic-Tascam- podxt line 6
  106. Is it possible to capture line-out to Soundbooth?
  107. old keyboard and garageband
  108. Need good audio of a scratching record, guy falling down
  109. Splitting Large Audio Clip Into Power Hour With 60 Tracks
  110. Newbie advice pro tools/logic course.
  111. Best software for audio in documentary filmmaking?
  112. Recording Podcast Online?
  113. voice recorder for video soundtrack
  114. Converting wma to mp3??
  115. Help with Mic Holder?! (lol)
  116. Home Theatre network receiver compatible w/ Macs?
  117. Picking the right audio interface
  118. Problems recording electric guitar using E-MU 0404
  119. MBP or Imac for audio recording. need expert advice
  120. PLEASE HELP! Audio interface dilemma :(((
  121. Remaster 32 Track Reel using a mac ?
  122. Audacity - Amplifying without clipping?
  123. Reconnecting mp3 in garageband
  124. Recording live classical music performance to Mac -- basic help please
  125. "New Mail" aiff, and DRM problems
  126. I want to delete a volume curve (not points) entirely but don't know how.
  127. Portable (Pocket) Amps in the UK
  128. Removing a high pitch noise with Soundtrack Pro
  129. Basic question - creating chapters
  130. If ALE/ALAC just as good as AIFF, why use AIFF??
  131. Looking To Reproduce That Scary Delay With Vocals
  132. OS10.2 and OS10.4.11 on the same computer?
  133. Logic multi track recording
  134. Help with multi track recording on Logic...
  135. Problem Mixing in Garageband
  136. ASIO on Mac? (Core-Audio?)
  137. Logic - Files to back up?
  138. Edirol UA-25 bizarreness
  139. Setup question
  140. iPod loudness vs. MacBook loudness
  141. Royalty free? Help well appreciated.
  142. New Protools Suggestions
  143. Buy Logic "used"?
  144. How to flip audio output from left to right
  145. listening streaming audio w bluetooth earpiece. how?
  146. Dual Laptop Rig 2.0Ghz vs. 2.4Ghz Live Latency?
  147. Need a fluctuating automation curve in GarageBand
  148. Should I partition my iMac hard drive?
  149. Upgrade RAM for Pro Tools?
  150. Question about audio archiving in ALAC and listening on iPod
  151. Very basic question
  152. Airfoil problem: Audio delay in Firefox
  153. Guitar Rig 2, Rig Kontrol 2 and Snow Leopard
  154. N00b question; is .SHN a lossless codec?
  155. Apogee Duet, volume encoder/pop up not showing
  156. I just want a simple program to record audio...
  157. Indexing samples on a hard drive
  158. FLAC apps with Mac/Toast 8, etc.
  159. System upgrade - How much of an increase?
  160. Change Time Signature in Logic Express?
  161. Duet/itunes/ output volume
  162. USB-Midi Adapter Won't Work In Logic Or Sibelius, why not?
  163. audio converter for ADTS files???
  164. Direct Recording Of Hardware Synth?
  165. How to export a single (segmented) GarageBand track as multiple songs?
  166. Issues with compression/eq and track volume
  167. Mac Mini Digital Audio Output
  168. Anyone Using a Solid State HD in Their Laptop?
  169. Lowering Volume on certain parts of an audio clip, Logic 9.0
  170. DP6 Plugins not appearing
  171. Parallel 5 is it worth it?
  172. Connecting a Guitar Amp to my MacBook Pro
  173. Apogee One no sound
  174. App to find average db? - soundbooth?
  175. AAC to MP3 on itunes 9 ?
  176. Generic MIDI-USB drivers for OSX 10.6.2
  177. cubase 5 essential. advice/midi device question
  178. Garageband: custom synthesizer
  179. How to update Rotel receiver firmware using RS232 on Mac
  180. Cannot open WMA file in Adobe Soundbooth CS4
  181. 13 in Macbook Pro Microphone Vocals Audio Recording Microphone Audio In Port
  182. How to gain recording experience fast?
  183. XLR to USB
  184. Bulk convert .Flac to AAC
  185. Synchronize two audio files in Logic?
  186. Defrag?
  187. Recording from a turntable
  188. How to use 3rd party AU Instrument in Logic?
  189. iso image for Audio CD
  190. help connecting this wireless mic
  191. What iMac to get - Logic Pro user
  192. Name of this piano/keyboard
  193. Logic Icons - which to delete?
  194. iPad as Logic Controller, Synths?
  195. Phonic Firefly 302 interface recording issues.
  196. What audio bitrate??
  197. Broke the mini jack on my headphones
  198. Equipment for pro Logic studio (fantasy budget!)
  199. Keyboard recommendations?
  200. Missing logic files
  201. Recording bass guitar in GarageBand
  202. Interface up to $200...
  203. Good Basic Audio Editor?
  204. Logic 9.1-Mainstage 2.1
  205. Poll: which of these 4 interfaces would you choose?
  206. Level 2 cache of mbp (heavy Logic user)
  207. How to use Apogee ONE with Studio One
  208. I need to get a 30 sec segment out of a 50 minute song
  209. Korg iElectribe for iPad
  210. record sound automatic?
  211. Recording a MagicJack call in GarageBand
  212. Logic 9 crashes when using ext. EXS24 Samples
  213. Tascam US-144 Midi problem
  214. Which pair of beats (dr. Dre)should i buy?
  215. Looking for SCEditor replacement
  216. How does the MBP glossy screen behaves when performing on stage?
  217. Best Noise-Cancelling headphones? Questions about Active Noise-cancellation too!
  218. Need ability to play multiple overlapping instances of sound files... ideas?
  219. M-Audio AV-40 Speakers
  220. Pedal/Foot controller for MainStage
  221. Studio Building, wall plates and interconnects?
  222. Just Got Reason 4 + Axiom 25 - Little Help?
  223. Logic Studio License?
  224. Voice missing when importing file to Garageband
  225. Best and easiest way to edit and mix 3 songs
  226. Looking to get an iMac, can't decide best configuration for my budget
  227. Bose QuiteComfort 15 VS QC3 (Headphones)
  228. Audio Sound Level Meter
  229. PreSonus Firebox interface??
  230. garage band itunes sharing
  231. Hi-res for Logic/GarageBand?
  232. Waves Plugins not showing in Pro Tools "Inserts" only in Audio Suite
  233. if upgrade my hard drive can i still register reason again?
  234. How Much Better is the i5 vs. Core 2 Duo for Audio?
  235. Strange question: Can you identify this sound?
  236. Am I missing Presets?
  237. Pro Tools 7.4.2 and Snow Leopard issues?
  238. Wav tags in itunes - how??
  239. Alternate Skype Client Mac
  240. Extracting audio from M4v file (Help Please)
  241. Tape/LP to Digital Hardware Suggestions?
  242. Super.fi 5 or Etymotics HF5?
  243. Both iMac & MB do not record from optical input
  244. Logic Express 8 - splicing for tempo change
  245. AAC rip best quality?
  246. Removing Announcers Voice Tips?
  247. Line 6 POD X3 and iMovie Help
  248. Soundtrack Pro problem
  249. Itunes Remote With Display?
  250. I need help identifying a very common sound effect!