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  1. Removing hiss from microphone after a workaround for lack of mic input on camera
  2. Batch exporting Apple VoiceOver recordings to AAC
  3. Different Drive RPMs and Optibay
  4. question for logic pro users
  5. Van Basco MIDI/Karaoke For Mac
  6. How to extract audio from .flv
  7. Software to split/track long MP3 files?
  8. Soundtrack Pro 3 Reliability
  9. iPad + Camera Kit + USB Mic for recording?
  10. GarageBand Mastering Headache
  11. Audio Units not showing up in Logic
  12. Garageband:audiotracks tempo slowed down
  13. Sample Libraries - Where to put them
  14. Firebox recognized, no sound...
  15. AirPort Express AirTunes music streaming throughput limited to <160kbps?
  16. How a CD is spun in drive??
  17. How to stream live audio over network?
  18. No sound with iDrum drumkit
  19. sample bin iso problem
  20. Is USB audio In/Out the equal quality to 3.5 mm jacks on computers
  21. Best FLAC player for hi-rez files?
  22. Best or quickest way to rip audio from mov file?
  23. Is there a 64-bit app like Switch?
  24. Lots of system overloads in logic, new HD?
  25. Logic Pro 9: Disk is too slow - HDD Help
  26. Thinking about switching from Logic 8 to Pro Tools LE
  27. How do I turn a stereo track into mono?
  28. Midi Keyboard?! 49 key Oxygen
  29. Midi Keyboard Latency Issue
  30. Garageband & Logic - .DPM plugins
  31. Do I need a external audio card for a new MBP i5?
  32. Can anyone identify this sound effect
  33. MIDI Controller not showing up?
  34. Multiple Inputs, Guitar and Microphone?
  35. Help! How Do I Get Audio Out Of My Mac Into A Channel On My Mixer?
  36. 2 Basic Logic Questions?
  37. Soundtrack Pro Question?
  38. No Sound on GarageBand While Guitar is Plugged In
  39. spare room studio setup ?
  40. What reverb - 60's pop
  41. How do I record 20 second samples of AAC protected songs?
  42. Audio Manipulation in FCP Studio 2
  43. M-Audio vs Apogee?
  44. Normalize in Logic 9
  45. Audio Quality Question. Please Help!
  46. airport express to stereo reciever
  47. iMovie Audio export compression
  48. How do I update a podcast?
  49. Best Affordable Audio Interface
  50. weird midi problem
  51. How to pass mic through a software equalizer?
  52. How do I convert AIFF to m4a?
  53. Broadcast iTunes through Line In
  54. Looking for some basic recording advice...
  55. Recording Rig for the True Beginner - Clueless
  56. Can I use pro Tools 8 on a macbook 13inch??
  57. Apogee Duet feeding FRFR amplifier has noise.
  58. Blue Yeti vs. Snowball for beginner set-up for voice and piano recording
  59. Need to convert to .m4a format
  60. Will my first gen Unibody Macbook play 24/64 audio?
  61. A good audio interface?
  62. unknown error -15000 (airport express)
  63. Finding the time code #s for regions in Logic Pro?
  64. How do you convert M4A to MP3?
  65. Audio editing order of operations (i.e. compressor, levels, normalize, etc)
  66. Using laptop speakers to record w/garageband
  67. No signal from external mic on Garageband.
  68. Griffin iMic
  69. Looping Music in Garageband?
  70. Recording Computer Input for audio and syncing it with video?
  71. Audio CDs reading as blanks
  72. Sound pitched down when imported to Logic.
  73. iTunes content Transfer
  74. Logic. . . importing audio.
  75. How reliable is the EMU 0404 USB?
  76. Logic Pro: Copying Small Clips Across Tracks.
  77. USB Audio Out -to- USB Audio In (Anybody know how?)
  78. Download songs from sansa
  79. 6 musicians, 4 coutries, 2 continents, 1 jam-video
  80. Guitar--->Duet--->Logic
  81. Determining if Song has DRM
  82. Logic Studio
  83. Easiest way to export aac as mp3 from itunes?
  84. When Loading Music into iTune my album is split up
  85. What happened to the MUSIC board???
  86. Specific help needed with iDrum
  87. Mastering in Logic Express 9 - Need Some Help!
  88. Active acoustic guitar input safe for iMac audio port
  89. Logic an App suitable for creating audio from scratch?
  90. Logic again....
  91. Move Logic's audio files?
  92. iTunes copies music collection....
  93. Anyone know where to get logic/pro tools session files of other artists?
  94. Where did my features go?
  95. what mic to record practice (using macbook/garageband)- sounds fuzzy!
  96. Digidesign 002 Rack and Logic 9
  97. Shopping Hip Hop Drum Samples For Logic
  98. Tascam us-100 and logic pro
  99. Garage band on an old white Ibook G4
  100. Multi-OS read/write music sharing system
  101. Thom Yorke (Radiohead) warns new artists not to sign with labels - but then what...
  102. Eventually use an iMac as both a slave DAW and an external monitor?
  103. My dear friend played this song in Garage Band.
  104. Tascam US 144 MkII and Garageband Prob?
  105. apogee duet headphone question
  106. Some advice building my soft-synth studio?
  107. How do I go about converting my everyday MBP into a recording only system?
  108. What's a good set-up for recording a class or lecture?
  109. 250GB HDD too small for logic pro 8?
  110. Pro Tools 8 vs. Logic 9
  111. Control Surface for Logic
  112. Skype + Audio Hijack Equalizer
  113. Best Portable Audio Recorder / Field Recorder
  114. Burn a music CD with enhanced video
  115. Onkyo Home Theater Advice
  116. Garageband Click Track Bleed Over
  117. Decent music software
  118. Line-in in Audio Preferences not appearing?
  119. USB Audio Device - Soundtrack Pro - Mac Book Pro
  120. Reducing MP3s
  121. Download a song from youtube to iTunes?
  122. M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 sound system
  123. using the internal audio interface in 2010 MBP...
  124. Weird prompt when opening iTunes
  125. Noting Down Basic Bass Tab On A Mac- Software Advice
  126. Is There Something Wrong with My External HDD?
  127. Making remixes. Need some help!
  128. garageband shorts out my speakers.
  129. downgrading audio channel in Quicktime Pro
  130. Need to convert .wav to mp3 and either add chapters or multiple files
  131. 6 Channel Audio through 5.1 speakers
  132. Raw 2010 Remix
  133. iTunes help!
  134. Beats by DRE
  135. unplug Apogee one from macbook pro
  136. Connecting Akai LPK25 & LPD8 to Logic.
  137. Popping Sound with Audio
  138. Free Band-in-a-Box for Mac?
  139. Midi Error with Digitech RP355
  140. Preparing to purchase a MacBookPro..
  141. Watching Itunes videos
  142. Help with DJ programs and audio programs
  143. Trouble with sound quality, richness, loudness
  144. LG Rumor Touch will not play m4a
  145. What's the deal with FLAC in iTunes?
  146. AKG perception 220 or 170 for recording acoustic guitar?
  147. Recording audio from embedded flash players
  148. mbox 2 distorted recording issues.
  149. Pro Tools LE 8 to Garage Band
  150. Guitar Pro 6 trial version will not open on intel based mac
  151. No sound through Apogee Duet
  152. Tascam US-144 mkII: MIDI sync for Garageband?
  153. Exporting DVD Player video clips
  154. Extremely annoying Logic Express problem
  155. Waterproof MP3 Player
  156. Need some tips on how to start recording...
  157. Getting the BEST sound using a room mic and full band.
  158. Tags in WAV files.
  159. The best audio interface for me? (and studio equipment)
  160. I WANT TO EFFING KILL MYSELF. Corrupted .m4a with my dad's very few last words.
  161. Do not have sufficient privileges LOGIC 8
  162. Best iPod Speaker for Sound Crispness?
  163. Optimal Settings for Recording on Soundbooth and Essential Equipments?
  164. Logic and M-Audio Oxygen users...
  165. Changing Keyboard for ableton live
  166. G4 Digital Audio plug & modern Macs
  167. QuickTime 7-Pro Confused
  168. Plugins for Garageband
  169. If one has a Mac to record, does it make sense to have ...?
  170. Firewire and Garageband
  171. Anyone Using Maschine from NI?
  172. Analogue/Digital Home Theater
  173. Audio Level Visualizer
  174. usb hubs....powered or non?
  175. Audio Midi Setup has changed to simplified "dumb" version
  176. Bluetooth audio high frequencies appears to clip
  177. Apogee ensem + 003r bla questions
  178. How do i add/embed album cover art and song info to .m4a files going on a CD
  179. Macbook audio problem (audio switches inbetween headphones and external speakers)
  180. MAudio Midisport uno with Logic 9
  181. Does my my basic white (June 2009) macbook support optical out?
  182. dvd-r playing m4a on regular cd player?
  183. Fresh Logic Errors
  184. Pro Tools LE and Fairchild 670 plug-in
  185. how to read ratings stored in tract metadata into itunes
  186. Apogee Symphony I/O
  187. Vocal Tracks Lose Treble On Stereo Speakers...
  188. 2005 G5 and my drum set
  189. Need advice with audio war
  190. downloaded MP3 file but was really .EXE file
  191. Pro tools i5 or i7
  192. Macbook Pro 13 help solving single audio socket problem!
  193. Using a Digi 001 on a different OS
  194. What is the best site to find songs for an ipod that aren't found on Itunes ....
  195. Garageband - track volume blocked
  196. Need Stereo Shielded 1/8" Cable: Like the Velocity but NOT Blue
  197. Home Recording and playback - Piano and voice
  198. New dual drive imacs should be great for recording!
  199. Should I choose interface or mixers?
  200. Best Audio Output for Monitoring from iMac?
  201. Latest Logic or Latest Pro Tools?
  202. Audiobook issue with iPhone starting with iOS4
  203. Not sure if this is appropriate
  204. What the FLAC?
  205. Line IN clicking when recording?!
  206. Beginner Audio Interface to iMac for Guitar Learning - Tascam US-100??
  207. Home Studio Help!
  208. Any Apps to make guitar chords/tabs from audio files?
  209. help: itunes / Airport Express Unknown Error 15000
  210. Help with Surround Sound USB Headset
  211. Help with (Fuzzy) sound with external speakers
  212. Eliminate ground loop w/ monitor speakers?
  213. Garageband MISSING audio files!
  214. External Drive Configuration - Audio & Backup
  215. USB Mic Problems - Static/Echo/Weird Noises
  216. Using a real amplifier with GarageBand?
  217. ItchyClips.com - building blocks for musicians
  218. Good soundcard for very basic DJing live?
  219. Roland Octopad SPD-30
  220. Audio tuning app for OSX
  221. Taking a break during Logic 9 install (sleep function)
  222. Looking for basic yet beefy multitrack recording software
  223. Final mix peaks on CD
  224. This one has probably been answered before about software...
  225. different methods to create sound effects
  226. Removing parts of an audio from an MP3
  227. Digital Performer 4.5 software compatibility
  228. Quick voice notes recorder that works from menu/hotkey?
  229. Using external AD converter and a clock source. Anyone?
  230. RAR files in iTunes
  231. Best Mac for Logic 9
  232. AIFF Files Too Soft, Even With Everything Jacked Up in Garageband
  233. iMac + Traktor Pro = one sound output?
  234. StarPlayer no longer????(For Sirius)
  235. Native Instruments 6 and Garageband '09
  236. Recording Guitar with Line 6 Pod Studio UX2 and Garageband '09
  237. Studiophile AV 40 vs. my Hi-Fi??
  238. A question regarding IIR digital filters
  239. Creating Audio File from Video
  240. Audio newbie looking for tips
  241. Way to check what Jam Packs are installed...
  242. 64-bit Kernel compatible audio interfaces?
  243. How to make a professional good quality DVD for big screen from loads of M2TS files
  244. Sounds from unknown application
  245. Music - id tag scripting help
  246. Problem podcasting with Blue Snowball
  247. Recording Singing? *New to audio*
  248. Quality external drive for use with MBP and Duet?
  249. Simple live sound setup...
  250. Overdubbing voices for video: how to?