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  1. issues with condenser mic + macbook pro
  2. Remove Background Noise on a clip???
  3. What arrangement of HDs to use in Mac Pro for audio work?
  4. stereo to 5.1?
  5. Please help, seriously confused with audio and mic setup!
  6. Apps that lets you record sound from computer
  7. Semi-decent Desktop Speakers
  8. How good does the 2010 13" mbp deal with heavy AU midi synths?
  9. Assigning different instruments in reason with one controller
  10. Audio Interface Question?
  11. looking for suggestions on a mixer
  12. Looking for good flat headphones for iPhone use
  13. Restaurant sound system help!
  14. Routing Live Audio through iTunes 9 "Magnetosphere" Visualizer
  15. Wedding Mix
  16. Multiroom audio streaming from my PC
  17. DJ Software
  18. Studio monitors pick up feedback when I'm scrolling windows
  19. Changing sampling rate in Wave Editor?
  20. So Air play just make sonos irrelevant?
  21. Educational computer compatiblity issue
  22. Mixer with USB Microphone Input
  23. Soundflower Problem
  24. Stripping Music in Garageband (For Remixes)
  25. Express with Digital Out to DAC... Very good or Pass?
  26. Audio Output switcher?
  27. Best Software Synthesizer?
  28. MBP Pro Tools new Setup Arrangements Advice
  29. Does anyone else use Cubase 5?
  30. Logic Pro 9: MBP mic monitoring constantly. How to switch input please!
  31. Simple stereo mix from Soundtrack Pro 2
  32. Shared location for media files over the web
  33. What version of osx do I need to run Logic 8
  34. PACE issues!
  35. Recommended Amt/Type of RAM for Logic Pro 8/9 using MAC PRO
  36. Lifechat LX-3000
  37. Logic Studio virtual instrument sample relocation procedure?
  38. Bohemian Rhapdsody_
  39. Logic Express 9
  40. Mobile Audio Podcast Gear Questions
  41. App to time shift one channel of a stereo file?
  42. sound quality between AirPlay and Bluetooth audio
  43. Radio Interference through Speakers
  44. About Garage Band... interviews and notation
  45. How to play a MIDI file to an external MIDI device?
  46. Help selling Presonus firestudio 26x26
  47. How to send audio files by email
  48. A question about logic pro 9
  49. TASCAM US-122L with iMac
  50. Epicure Banana to XLR
  51. Going from GarageBand to where?
  52. Upgrading Logic Express
  53. FLAC files REFUSE to convert... [SOLVED]
  54. Read (hybrid) SACD on MBP
  55. Always output ac3?
  56. Quality music
  57. Ripping Bluray audio
  58. Which controller for Logic's Mixer?
  59. Audio ethernet from MacBook
  60. Snow Leopard 10.6.4 & Apogee Ensemble Problem
  61. Logic or Pro Tools for Sony Acid Pro user?
  62. 'MPEG-4 Audio File' vs 'MPEG-4 Audio'?
  63. Recommend me a Firewire interface for guitar amp modelling
  64. Problem with iTunes tag system while ripping audio CD
  65. Audio while watching youtube
  66. What Sound System would you recommend?
  67. Combining two audio sources?
  68. What Program Do I need? Creating Music on Mac
  69. Is this a decent DAC?
  70. Transition to computer based recording
  71. Apogee Duet Input Problems
  72. iTunes Storage Issues
  73. WireTap Studio doesn't work fully
  74. Best XLD settings for gapless archive
  75. I've got $700 CAD to blow on a home-recording setup.
  76. Reading CD-TEXT - why so hard?
  77. Volume Problem with exporting songs to disk on Garageband ...
  78. Digital Performer Bouncing to disk help
  79. Duet Phone Plug does nothing after OSX 10.6.4
  80. Hip Hop Production... Garageband to Logic
  81. Installation Error for Pro Tools M-Powered Essential 8
  82. Protools vs Logic on a Macbook Pro
  83. Headphone amp questions
  84. midi studio recognize midi instrument connected through USB interface
  85. screen recycler
  86. itb work: Do I need an audio interface?
  87. Headphone burn in, fake or real?
  88. Need to trim just the middle of and audio track?
  89. Audio interface for Logic for under 400 ish
  90. recommend audio server for a home network
  91. Help with my a/v setup please!
  92. MIDI Controller / Keyboard Piano Questions!!!
  93. HELP NEEDED: (Rap) Vocal Recording on MBP
  94. mac mini 2009 - no sound
  95. [Solved] How can I export iTunes MP3 tags to the actual MP3?
  96. itunes update problems
  97. New to gargeband, what do I need to record with good quality?
  98. CD burning using XLD
  99. Newbie question on how to assemble songs on GB
  100. Logic 9 users beware of upgrade!
  101. video from panasonic to iMovie and export ?
  102. MOTU 8pre FireWire audio interface and DP
  103. Creative Fatal1ty headset for PS3
  104. Fix to add hyperthreading to Logic post v9.12 adds HT to Garageband too!
  105. Need some advice in regards to my macbook and using reason 5
  106. Advice on the right USB Audio Interface for my budget
  107. Apple's Emagic Support Gone?
  108. Vestax Spin or the Vestax Typhoon for DJ?
  109. MPD24 on mac
  110. How do I record a drumset with several mics in Garageband?
  111. Best sequencer software for extreme newb?
  112. Weird sound problem with Garageband?
  113. Bedroom amp review
  114. Does iTunes copy multiples to iPod?
  115. Tritton AX51 Pro
  116. New to Logic Express: Questions!
  117. First Time Podcaster
  118. Headphone Deal!
  119. Convert All Songs in my iTunes Library to the same Bit Rate at Once????
  120. First Attempt with Garageband
  121. important garageband quuestion
  122. radio streamer
  123. 11.6" MacBook Air and VSTi's... Bad idea?
  124. USB audio, really that bad?
  125. Simple Audio setup for new iMac
  126. Waldorf Blofeld v1.15 firmware not working with USB on new 27"iMacs
  127. Choosing between Rode NT1a/Behringer B-1 mic for a newbie setup s
  128. sell my macbook and get a pc?? (reason 5)
  129. how to improve voice record quality?
  130. Help on how to connect and record with bass guitar?
  131. Recording Drumset into my Macbook Pro with Garage Band...How!!?
  132. Recording two lines with Apogee DUET - one quiet?!
  133. Logic Question: When does HD speed come into play
  134. logic 9 on 13" MBA
  135. Soundtrack won't even open on SL
  136. How to convert MP3 or AAC files from iTunes back to CD audio or FLAC or WAV?
  137. Are these Sony MDR 7506's legit?
  138. Reamping Guitar
  139. HELP!!: Recommendations for Microphones?
  140. LightSnake Help
  141. Need Help with Speakers
  142. Have mBox 2; PT8, Logic or something else?
  143. URGENT HELP connecting phonic 620 powerpod mixer to macbook pro 15'
  144. Audio Interface Suggestions for Garageband
  145. n-Track
  146. Podcasting
  147. MP3 from Garageband to iTunes
  148. Pro Tools 9 announced today - works with 3rd party interfaces!
  149. Music Player Suggestions?
  150. GarageBand Multi-Tracking
  151. I may get a zoom recorder - I am undecided between ...
  152. Help: I think I'm supposed to use Aggregated Devices, But it's not working?
  153. Home studio set-up
  154. determing key
  155. Combining EXS24 presets
  156. Toast 10 Titanium FLAC Issue?
  157. cd+g to bin
  158. Really good optical-in speakers?
  159. Does anyone know the title/artist of this music?
  160. Logic 9 - Accidentally change metronome sound to a synth
  161. Power Studio Monitors On/Off
  162. Ways to back up entire music library
  163. Air Tunes Mono Blues
  164. Best tools to learn synths
  165. Mac mini does not recognize cds
  166. If you check the "convert higher bit rate songs to 128kbps AAC files" box in iTunes
  167. Duet question - turning off to use built in iMac sounds
  168. RAID setup for my audio based Mac Pro
  169. Focusrite saffire 6 usb
  170. Streaming music with Airplay from Mac to iOS device
  171. How to get a capella tracks
  172. How install a vst/fx
  173. MainStage 2: Sequence of Notes for a Drum Pad
  174. Novation Audio Interface Problem
  175. Does Anyone Have iTunes Album Playlist Creator?
  176. How to use an AKG100 mic with Macbook Pro
  177. Impedance on a MacBook
  178. Setting up a computer speaker's for Airplay?
  179. Learning how to Dubstepify music?
  180. How to remove a note sound (to isolate a sound coming from behind the note)?
  181. Garageband: No guitar sound recording through Saffire 6 interface
  182. Garageband media browser
  183. Recording acoustic drums on separate track in Logic Pro 9
  184. I've Broken Reason/Record!!!! Can You Believe This??!!
  185. Removing Vocals from Vinyl?
  186. new to digitally recording/making music
  187. Apogee Duet Sale!
  188. NuForce uDAC and Cinema Display
  189. Need advice Tagging Old Time Radio in iTunes
  190. Yamaha UX16 and Yamaha P85 Digital Piano
  191. Looking for a good mic for voice recording
  192. garageband
  193. Best Apogee for Garageband -- ONE or DUET?
  194. Keystudio 49 and garageband
  195. Soundtrack Pro - Silence
  196. iPod touch to surround sound speakers issue
  197. Audiophile upgrade on a budget
  198. New MadBook Pro: 13" or 15"?
  199. Any one have a BassJump?
  200. Connecting MBP to Mixer Options
  201. Zoom H4N
  202. music on home network
  203. Garage Band Quality?
  204. Logic Looping Problem - Help!!
  205. Airport Express Volume Fluctuating
  206. Fca202
  207. midi sequencing and apogee gio
  208. Audio Interface - USB or Firewire?
  209. Record from multiple streaming locations...
  210. Playing .wav files through USB on NAD 7155
  211. Upgrading From Basic Audio, Need Advice
  212. Looking for Mac Error sound clip
  213. Another use for iPad & iPhone in Church
  214. Sennheiser Headphones
  215. Streaming Audio
  216. Basic audio recorder with small window & not multitrack
  217. apogee one with apogee duet
  218. Recording with a Pod XT
  219. M-audio Project Mix mac not recognizing it.
  220. Looking to buy some CDJ's....assistance needed.
  221. USB Record Player
  222. Recording with the Fender Cyber-Twin?
  223. How to get audio transfered to an exterior sorce from speaker on laptop
  224. M-Audio problem
  225. Interface with midi and 2 to 4 inputs.
  226. Recording rap vocals in logic
  227. Issues with Mic and Soundbooth
  228. Software choice help (notation and DAW)
  229. Setting up Karaoke on mac
  230. How do i convert a 5.1 DTS audio file into something the ATV can play (ac3)?
  231. Beats vs Bose vs Shure vs Skullcandy vs Grado
  232. Magix Music Maker alternative for mac os?
  233. Creating breaks in a long opera recording
  234. I've got the simplest question on garageband ever! NEED HELP NOW
  235. FireWire for Audio + Macbook Pro 2011 Speculation (and DILEMMA!)
  236. midi mapping in logic
  237. Can iTunes store albumart in the mp3 file?
  238. delete this
  239. Heres a odd question. Ham radio mic to USB
  240. desktop volume controler
  241. Best way to sort one artist featuring another in iTunes without getting messy?
  242. Issue with Audio Interface with "Intel-Based Mac"???
  243. MBP Wont Behave with FW Audio Interfaces
  244. I got a new computer for christmas
  245. Headphone Reccomendation
  246. Is AC3 and AC3 Thassthru the same thing?
  247. Presonus or MAudio?
  248. question about using 2 sets of 2.1 speakers
  249. Latency using Synth instruments on GarageBand?
  250. IPad RTA Getto Rig