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  1. Apogee Duet clipping on music playback?
  2. Is anyone familiar with AKG K450s?
  3. The age old question: quality vs space
  4. Denon 3808CI
  5. Streaming different music to different stereos in the house via Airplay/iTunes
  6. connecting record player to mac book pro
  7. Music Production on.the.cheap!
  8. Garageband - Newbie
  9. Why Is "Line In" not an option in my Sound Preferences?
  10. Digital Performer help!
  11. Combining iTunes files to make long mp3 file
  12. Ripping DVD audio using VLC
  13. GB Jam Packs and Logic Studio
  14. Apple Loops not showing in GB
  15. Jukebox program
  16. ?s about using Pro Tools LE 6
  17. USB interface for iMac
  18. Macs internet radio to AE?
  19. GB: Piano Icon?
  20. iTunes: importing "already exists" mp3s?
  21. Tascam US-122MKII
  22. No 5.1 audio with Mac mini 2010
  23. Total newb: Can I do Autotune LIVE easily?
  24. Problems with Garage Band 11?
  25. 6" monitors vs 8"
  26. Pro tools/Macbook external HD question
  27. Garageband 11 Nightmare. Please HELP!
  28. Effect Manipulation in Logic Pro 9
  29. Where does Apple source iTunes Store songs from?
  30. Looking for Over-the-ear earbuds
  31. Headphone Amps for MacBook
  32. Delete file AFTER "Add to library" ?
  33. Phantom power on the Mac
  34. Tempo Problem In Garageband
  35. pure music output to a dac with airport
  36. Recording a full band
  37. logic pro disk to slow. want to swich to cubase
  38. Organising hundreds of Podcast SUBSCRIPTIONS
  39. Logic Pro 9 :Want to hear tracks recorded through Midi on headphones HELP!!
  40. Apogee + Macbook Pro = not working.
  41. Corrupt MOV file, but plays in VLC -how to fix?
  42. Using MIDI keyboard to control finder??
  43. Anyone using AC-7 Pro/Core in Logic?
  44. Willa cakewalk Midi interface work?
  45. How can I convert mp4 files to mp3
  46. Garageband '11 pitch
  47. Good way for capturing audio?
  48. MBP, Duet and Ext hard drive
  49. Speakers / radio for the apt, tv
  50. **SoundCloud Networking Thread**
  51. sync sampler and DAW with interface w/coaxial I/O's
  52. Sound Issue
  53. Change voice modifier
  54. 'shared library error' message in Pro Tools
  55. cutting and mixing software
  56. switching speaker line out to line in?
  57. Garageband MIDI Device Recognition?
  58. Can you use plug in instruments in Garageband?
  59. Grado sr225i or sr325i?
  60. Which M-Audio unit
  61. Presonus Firebox & Logic Pro 8 (Newbie)
  62. Sweet. Motu Ultralite mk1 works with Firewire 800
  63. DivX is Fail...so what now?
  64. Garageband Looping
  65. Vinyl software
  66. Help me with my recording please
  67. GarageBand, Mac Pro, Firestudio, MIDI Problems
  68. USB from cassette to mac?
  69. Garageband real instrument presets don't appear in logic???
  70. HELP... Connect Korg nanopad to Garageband
  71. changing volume with external speakers
  72. Pitch analyzer
  73. Need help with third party instrument in Logic Pro
  74. Omnisphere? RMX Stylus? $69.00? Really?
  75. SNow Leopard and digidesign002 compatability
  76. Waves Complete Package
  77. Real Instrument Copying in GB
  78. newbie w harddrive of flac
  79. Mainstage with Oberheim midi drawbar controller
  80. Logic Express equipment and setting up
  81. Bluetooth Sender
  82. Autotune experts: Is she using autotune?
  83. ripping old vinyl records
  84. Organizing logic tabs
  85. Which Mac Pro for Logic Pro..?
  86. Importing Issues With Garageband
  87. ffmpeg help required
  88. Cowon S9 reformat
  89. Music without a computer?
  90. Apogee Symphony I/O
  91. Mbox MINI or mbox?
  92. Logic Studio Tutorials
  93. iPhone Controller for Ableton Live?
  94. Recording from digital mixing desk to garageband
  95. How do I edit voice memos?
  96. "Tagging" podcast shows
  97. Another iTunes: How do I turn a podcast into audiobooks?
  98. Quick novice garageband question
  99. Multi room/source audio
  100. Stupid iTunes question: total library view?
  101. Mainstage Frequency
  102. ANything i can do about this audio recorded in nightclub?
  103. What bitrate/quality is your music library?
  104. Garageband EzDrummer "drag n drop" issue
  105. Question: Going from a dedicated PREAMP into audio interface
  106. Simultaneously Streaming Audio From One Computer to Another?
  107. Equalizer plug-in learns the sound you like
  108. Garageband recording of grand piano
  109. Aggregate audio device issue
  110. Troubles with Alesis io26 on firewire 800
  111. what headphones to buy? i like beats by dre
  112. Free album finished!
  113. Solved - Samson c1ou recording only on left
  114. set metronome click for part of recording
  115. Converting Adobe Flash 10 song to iTunes mp3?
  116. Garageband for iOS
  117. YAMAHA P-95 - EDIROL UA-25 - GARAGEBAND... no sound??
  118. MacBook Pro headphone jack quality questions
  119. Three year warranty when buying Zoom (brand) recorder ... ??
  120. Best Computer Speakers
  121. Should I get a new amp for my 2009 MBP
  122. Audio Set up will this work.....
  123. Sample library to replace/compliment Logic library
  124. Puzzler: 10db hum via USB audio box on MacBook Air but not iMac
  125. mac not recognizing my midi keyboard
  126. Editing audio
  127. Aggregate Audio/Soundcards/Traktor Pro
  128. iMac G3 software?
  129. Tritton AX720 5.1 Setup?
  130. CPU usage in ableton raise 2x times (OS X)
  131. Selling Logic Studio 8?
  132. Pro Tools edit question
  133. Mbox 2 Pro on '11 MBP |Please Help|
  134. RSA predator amp/DAC sound problems on macbook pro
  135. Streaming Digital Audio
  136. Apogee MIKE versus Apogee One
  137. FLAC files seen by Audacity as OGG file?
  138. Twitter Powered Synthesis
  139. Tagging, converting, renaming, etc-I clearly don't have a clue.
  140. iTunes XML to SQL
  141. Looking into the Sony MDR-NC500d and MDR-NC60 Headphones
  142. Etymotic hf3 review
  143. Large iTunes Library on Network External Hard Drive
  144. Apogee Duet plus MacBook Pro
  145. Importing to Multiple Libraries in Multiple Formats
  146. flexible media playlist
  147. Same songs in Lossless and AAC in iTunes - is that possible ?
  148. Recording live from yamaha M7Cl to Logic Pro
  149. Steelseries Siberia USB soundcard
  150. Mic to Alesis io26, nothing showing in GBand
  151. Purchasing a New Mic For Home Radio Studio
  152. Setting up keyboard to garageband w/ MIDI USB interface
  153. Question for wedding DJ's, this is a complete shot in the dark : /
  154. Recording Browser (Logic 9)
  155. Is there a way to get audio from my DVR into my iMac?
  156. [Resolved] Help! Force temp change in logic
  157. cheap over-ear headphones and earplugs
  158. Flac to ALAC, varying quality?
  159. Copying files from iTunes onto portable HD
  160. Free audio plug-in from SoundToys!-offer over
  161. Weirdest issue with ventrilo, skype, and the like - scheduled inbound lag for 2+ hrs.
  162. Mac and micro SD cards?
  163. Constant overload messages
  164. Great video review of GarageBand iPad on SonicState
  165. Mbox2 isn't recognized on my Mac OS X with Protools 7LE
  166. Firewire 800 not running as expected. VERY slow
  167. 2 Fire-wire/Audio Solutions Required
  168. Bass guitarist
  169. iTunes Everywhere (iTunes > iPhone 4)
  170. A similar player than foobar ?
  171. TASCAM FW-1082 not working on brand new MacBook Pro
  172. Pro Tools 7.4.2 on SL?
  173. Attn: Remixers and DJs (Fame and Loathing)
  174. Firewire 800 External Hard Drive recomendations for recording
  175. Audio Output Macro
  176. Monster Beats By Dr.Dre Studio, I need help!
  177. Apogee Duet 2
  178. New Logic Studio Revealed
  179. How to read ISRC codes on the Mac?
  180. The "I've got the Apogee Duet 2 on pre-order" thread!
  181. Ok now confused...help with pre amp for garageband
  182. One pair of headphones into 2 devices?
  183. Logic 9 Question - Can I have different BPM in the same song?
  184. Importing Logic Pro tracks to Garage Band
  185. Create 30 second sample clips from iTunes library (batch)
  186. What Mac do you have running your Logic 9?
  187. Small Preamp for USB interface?
  188. Correct read offset for 2011 Macbook Pro MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-8A8?
  189. Problem with Duet, Mic signal fine but no sound out
  190. Griffin iMic Only Works On One USB Port
  191. Logic Studio 8 Feedback Problem (Please Read The Whole Post) Thanks!
  192. .vox file issues?
  193. Changing volume - iTunes or computer speaker knob?
  194. Best speaker setup for a college quad dorm?
  195. Apogee Duet Cables and Monitors
  196. Splitting the Guitar Signal
  197. Looking for AirPlay speaker System
  198. Best, Reasonably priced way to connect guitar to iMac and MBP
  199. Airplay streaming
  200. Djing on a Mac using a media play to organise files
  201. Non-live music mix software (DJ-ish)
  202. Quality portable audio?
  203. my mac says my mic has no input controls when I'm using PreSonus audiobox
  204. Garageband and an external hard drive question
  205. Logic 10 or Garageband Pro?
  206. can't change record level - grayed out
  207. Record: Digital Piano
  208. ALAC vs AIFF playback
  209. sonos adds air play compatibility.
  210. Stop 'Logic 9' from logging-on when start-up.
  211. iTunes and MP3 - which bitrate should I choose?
  212. Copying iTunes library in one account to a playlist in another
  213. Compose taiko on Mac - how?
  214. Best value for money string samples
  215. music cleaner
  216. Learning to use MIDI controller
  217. Audiobook Publishing help
  218. Convert a DVD with music to an Audio CD
  219. iTunes/iPod bit rate conversion
  220. iTunes sorting question - album art
  221. Logic Studio MIDI Keyboard & Interface help
  222. Presonus FireBox / 2007 MBP connectivity problem
  223. Macbook Air?
  224. Need opinion on recording equipment
  225. aac vs mpeg
  226. Razer Megalodon and iTunes Surround??
  227. what equipment to get for vocal recording?
  228. Studio/Nearfield monitors and sound in general
  229. DJ'ing w/ MIXX + Music Fidelity V-DAC
  230. what software do i need to make split screen videos using an ipad 2 or macbook pro?
  231. Directing audio output to Soundflower in particular apps without built-in capability?
  232. Guitar not playing in garage band using Edirol UA-25 interface
  233. Using my Mackbook Pro as an effects pedal on crack
  234. Please help, two keyboards, logic
  235. Apogee Duet 2 vs One
  236. Pro Tools Problems!
  237. How do I fill up my SD card with music?
  238. Is this the best way to connect a stereo receiver to a Mac?
  239. Record Phone Calls
  240. My m-audio not picking up sound...
  241. Could you tell me which mac book this is in this youtube video?
  242. Logic freezes
  243. Logic changes waveform
  244. iOS Device as AirPlay Target (via Hack)?
  245. Torq LE - won't read external HD
  246. Itunes, Thunderbolt, External Harddrive Question
  247. Where are our AirPlay speakers???
  248. Best quality cheap headphones
  249. Playing guitar through Macbook Pro/Garageband
  250. Veetle