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  1. Need Opinion on Interface
  2. [Resolved] F/SNumark NS6 4-Channel Digital DJ Controller and Mixer
  3. Headohones with Felt ear cups, $80 limit
  4. Suggestions for decent speakers in the $200-400 range (used okay)
  5. Can I use a midi console to control GarageBand?
  6. PCM to MP3 (or something else usable)
  7. Another "which audio interface" question
  8. Export settings voice/narration etc
  9. Recording on an Imac G5-more RAM?
  10. Alesis HR 16 Drum Machine?
  11. Purchasing new iMac - How much RAM?
  12. Choosing my first MAC desktop for music
  13. Change your voice with garageband through skype!
  14. Help With Mac Pro Purchase for Audio Recording
  15. HyperEngine 2.4.3 freeware OS9 installer
  16. Looking for an Audio Interface? I'm completely lost.
  17. Hows Logic with a 27" display?
  18. Logitech Z-5500 Hissing
  19. Music Conversion Help pleeeaaase!
  20. Macbook Pro spec'd thusly for multitacking/sequencing?
  21. Best practices for HD use in DAW
  22. 5.1 and old-school extigy
  23. Question regarding certain speakers
  24. Messages (Feedback needed for a short Film)
  25. Problems with Logic 9 & BOSS GT-10
  26. Royalty Free Music
  27. Bose / usb / macbook
  28. Music Studio for School
  29. Anyone Used Boss BR800 with GarageBand?
  30. DI Box with sound card
  31. Help with constant buzz to mixer
  32. Video Review: Samson Go Mic w/ GarageBand iPad
  33. iTunes Consolidation is slow
  34. Pro Tools 9 and Presonus Studio Live 16.4.2
  35. I want to make electronica music: Beginner
  36. Connecting a mixer with logic pro
  37. Just to check before I buy
  38. New touchscreen technology for DJ's
  39. MBP i7 vs. MBA C2D for Logic Pro
  40. PreSonus Studio one - where Logic should be...
  41. What is the best handheld digital recorder...
  42. Best software for Interviews and Transcribing?
  43. 13" MacBook Pro enough for logic pro?
  44. Problem with "Use Audio Port for"
  45. Setup for Podcasting
  46. Can someone help me understand Line in dBV?
  47. Analogue vs Digital
  48. Output 5.1 Surround from Logic
  49. Want to put life into Church Recordings
  50. Over-the-ear headphones with volume control
  51. mbox on macbook pro
  52. How do I hook up my Audioengine A5's to iMac for best sound? Also, DAC?
  53. Duet+ Pod HD input gain..
  54. New quadcore iMac With Mbox Pro 2 FireWire Help!
  55. Good LOW NOISE guitar interface for heavy distortion?
  56. the Truth about SSD's and music recording
  57. Anyone Used Reaper on a Mac?
  58. manually edit multiple songs into one larger mp3
  59. Mbox 2 Pro FireWire & iMac. Static in monitor speakers, not headphones.
  60. Vinyl to MP3
  61. Help required - info needed about digital audio manipulation
  62. MacBook Pro and iPhone as mixer?
  63. Brand NEW! Apogee Duet 2 Unboxing Video
  64. Garageband missed Guitar effects
  65. Garageband missing audio files
  66. Noise Reduction
  67. Mac Pandora App
  68. Hi - How much less is a 30 to 40 db (Wind)-Noise Reduction ??
  69. MP3@192kbps or AAC@256kbps?
  70. [Resolved] What speakers should I get?
  71. Feedback Problem With Garageband And Logic Studio
  72. I need help with my new set of Logitech Z506 speakers.
  73. Downconverting 320MP3 to 192... MP3 or AAC?
  74. Modern Pro Tools Question.
  75. Is there a difference in sound quality between music playing software?
  76. Ableton Live issues, do i need an A.I. or a faster HD?
  77. Itunes MP3
  78. Good software to add metadata to songs?
  79. iTunes 10.5 beta does not support AC3 import
  80. Looking for this one program
  81. best way to get album artwork for songs without album info?
  82. Super rookie with an iMac looking to start recording.
  83. Switching from pc to mac + Logic Pro
  84. Sound doesn't sound right
  85. Anyone familiar with Junxion?
  86. Stream iTunes outside of LAN
  87. Panasonic camcorder only works w PC please advise
  88. Ugrading My Basic Recording Gear
  89. TASCAM US 122 problem using ableton live on mac! HELP!
  90. Creating Music on a Mac?
  91. Good mic setup for webinars
  92. HELP! My Beats Solo HD audio cord is spoilt. Where can I get a new one?
  93. Suggestion for program to noob ready to learn
  94. If I had to convert from a lossy format to another lossy format...
  95. AccurateRip database checking?
  96. Trying to record in garageband. Not working.. Help would be greatly appreciated
  97. Recording Equipment
  98. Apogee Jam - Review, Details, etc.
  99. Equalizer for Mac
  100. moving itunes to new laptop
  101. Logic Studio on MBA good idea or not?
  102. Can You Collaborate With GarageBand?
  103. Best Midi Connection Solution?
  104. Fostex PM0.4 with MacBook
  105. Stopping digital (optical) audio from going to sleep?
  106. Volume disabled/greyed out - can only use bluetooth speaker!
  107. Decent Alternative to Itunes.
  108. Learning keyboard from imported MIDI files
  109. iTunes artists with 1 song
  110. M-Audio Fast Track Pro - Clipping/Distored with GarageBand
  111. DJ Remix - Sasha's Cut Me Down Remix
  112. Outdoor, wireless speakers
  113. Soundtrack edits not showing up in Logic
  114. Voice Recording Optimization
  115. Apogee Duet (firewire) on 10.7 Lion
  116. stop itunes automatically adding files
  117. Slecting Speaker Outputs
  118. Itunes Tags
  119. Asterisk users' opinion needed
  120. Mix and burn
  121. logic pro and imac i5 or i7 question
  122. Soundflower trouble
  123. Sports broadcasts without a radio station??
  124. Basic Logic Pro Question (lol don't laugh)
  125. help with mbox mini
  126. New to DAW's: Don't like solid state guitar sound.
  127. Volume controler on OPTICAL ????
  128. Ripping audio files off YouTube.
  129. Problems with iTunes after Hard Drive Failed
  130. Best Studio Monitors
  131. Recording lectures and playing music with laptop closed?
  132. Audio Book Syncing
  133. Realigning Sound on a movie file.
  134. Music Problems
  135. Quality small RCA stereo matrix switch?
  136. Transferring iTunes files to new computer without losing them
  137. DAC recommendation for Fostex PM0.4 Monitors
  138. How do they achieve that?
  139. Logic 9.1.4 Compatibility with OS X Lion
  140. Vinyls and singles
  141. Pro Tools & Lion
  142. will the latest version of logic studio 9 work with Mac OS 10.7 Lion?
  143. Native Instruments 64 bit Apps not Lion Compatible
  144. Looking for a software suggestion...
  145. Audio Converter for an Audiophile
  146. Apogee Duet 2 - Display not working in Lion
  147. akai mpd24 and snow leopard issue
  148. Behringer C-1U USB Microphone
  149. AmpliTube - What are the best Amps, Cabs, Effects?
  150. IO26 Interface Treiber Lion
  151. Affordable Pocket Field Audio Recorder
  152. Can you use the Duet 2 XLR inputs for line level audio?
  153. iLok with Lion
  154. Lion + ProToolsMP = working!
  155. Anyone using Apogee One with Lion?
  156. Apogee's Jam pushed back again, what's plan B for a novice?
  157. MIDI Issues in Lion
  158. New fix for Apogee Duet under OSX Lion
  159. anyone else having issue with Antares Autotune Evo not working
  160. Need Help Choosing a Microphone
  161. Music Mixing program, help!
  162. 5.1 External Sound Card on iMac
  163. Digi CoreAudio driver - anyone try it in Lion?
  164. how to connect remote speakers to Itunes via Airport
  165. USB condensers (mxl 009)
  166. CD RW for Audio CD
  167. Trying To Use ZOOM H2 As USB Mic With iPAD 2
  168. PT9 + Lion
  169. Tascam 122L with Lion?
  170. Best way to record guitar in garageband?
  171. IAC and Soundflower latency
  172. Best software currently for DubStep or Hip Hop etc?
  173. Help connecting Mac to existing in-ceiling speakers
  174. Recording Streaming Audio
  175. Taming Roland BR 900 CD
  176. Tracks that must be on every good DJ's shelf.
  177. Connect M-Audio AV-40 to iMac: usb vs. headphone jack
  178. Apogee Duet speaker problem
  179. Ultramixer and FileArchive Problem PLEASE HELP!
  180. Logic Pro 9 - recording vocal help! (in/out volume too low)
  181. apogee duet vs duet 2
  182. Prehispanic Fusion
  183. Garageband crisis - please help
  184. soundcard for AKG Q701
  185. Garageband: sound not the same when imported to MP3, help
  186. Logic Express only showing 1 audio input?
  187. (deleted)
  188. Logic classes?
  189. How will Logic Studio run on my White MacBook?
  190. Basic audio Software (Audacity)
  191. Logic Studio 9.1.5 - Combo Update?
  192. Question about Midi Sequencers on MAC
  193. audio player that logs web streamed audio to last.fm
  194. Apogee Duet 2 and MIDI
  195. Tascam US-122L with os x lion important quesiton
  196. Noob, wanting to start making music...
  197. Record Level not working in GarageBand
  198. Simple audio recorder for OS X?
  199. Weird Problem Deleting/Joining in GarageBand
  200. Java Sound
  201. Need help with android and Logic9
  202. High CPU W/ High Buffer in Logic?
  203. Guitar amp directly into duet?
  204. GarageBand performance in Lion
  205. What to buy: Klipsch 2.0 or 2.1 speakers
  206. Logic
  207. Can Only Hear Effects AFTER Tracking in GarageBand
  208. white noise + beeping with noise cancelling headphones?
  209. Playing music and charge iphone in CAR?
  210. Amp Designer in Logic without real guitar
  211. Roland Desk
  212. Can you do 5.1 bass management with Audio MIDI Setup?
  213. DA converters and audio output on Iphones, Ipads and Ipods
  214. Trying to convert .m4a to .mp3
  215. GB - a pollished sound ? Please help !
  216. Garageband STILL won't open my mp3s
  217. Using Alesis linelink as output in mainstage
  218. Free audio OSX app that can handle CAF files?
  219. Post-recording Vocal Tricks
  220. Apogee One output to guitar amp?
  221. Apogee Duet Static upon playback
  222. is my mixer broken?
  223. Recording a lecture with my macbook air?
  224. ProFire 2626 User Reviews
  225. Mini Portable Studio
  226. Massey Talkback Plugin
  227. Are your songs AAC?
  228. How do I improve the quality of audio output from mac mini 2011
  229. Mobile iPad Studio ("Hotel Room" Studio)
  230. 6 Channel Discrete/7.1 Surround sound
  231. SSD, Spotlight, and Logic Pro
  232. Apogee Duet Phantom Power
  233. VOIP and Mac
  234. When can we expect a Thunderbolt Audio Interface?
  235. Native Instruments Guitar Mobile I/O Mac driver
  236. Garageband user... is it time for logic?
  237. MOTU Lion Drivers now out
  238. iPhone 4 --> AP Extreme --> AP Express --> DAC --> stereo receiver
  239. Logic node
  240. Etymotic MC3 or Shure SE215?
  241. Apogee hanging Duet Firewire People out to Dry?
  242. Audio technica ath m50
  243. simple record and turn to mp3 query
  244. SCSI 8340 to Mac Pro?
  245. Mac audiophile player!
  246. Recommendations for digital piano/MIDI controller?
  247. Recording video chats with Quicktime?
  248. Connecting Yamaha CM500 Headset to Audio Mixer
  249. Just bought iw1 airplay from ihome
  250. Playing iPad through soundboard