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  1. Feedback on a new motion-based MIDI controller that incorporates iPhone or iPod touch
  2. export from iTunes (new app)
  3. Accidentally deleted Apple Loops folder.
  4. RME Fireface 400 and Mavericks
  5. Garage Band - can I speed up/pitchup the audio tracks like a tape recorder
  6. Get Info doesn't distinguish between AAC and Apple Lossless???
  7. Logic 8 doesn't want to use my audio interface anymore
  8. Recording using a mixer and mic
  9. a good iTunes alternative
  10. MP 1,1-as satellite?
  11. Logic pro x noob
  12. GarageBand software vs sampled instruments
  13. iTunes Wrong Time
  14. Best audio ripper for my needs
  15. Best mouse for DAWs
  16. Over 100 Songs But My Logic Projects Don't Come Together Greatly -Digital Music Tips?
  17. Music speakers for iMac
  18. Need a way to record previous 10 minutes continuously
  19. Getting the right interface...
  20. Good sound-isolating headphones
  21. Assistance Moving iDrum
  22. Looking Out for a Cheap Deal to Buy B&W Zeppelin Air ?
  23. How to Properly Plug Guitar In for Logic?
  24. Record system audio with BT headset
  25. Is Logic dead?
  26. Almost out of a museum: Marantz PMD222 ...
  27. iTunes CD Import Help
  28. Network Settings For VE Pro 5 Using Maveriks
  29. No Audio for macbook pro
  30. Studio audio setup w/ nMP
  31. Best Physical Modelling Synths?
  32. Garageband makes a mess of my midi recordings!
  33. Wich song is that? (from iMovie)
  34. Is My Garageband Ripe For The Lunatic Asylum?
  35. Lots of info for low-budget Audio production (OS 9)
  36. Protools 7.4 on Mavericks?
  37. Can Bluetooth headphones and a USB DAC live together?
  38. Lost QuickTime file
  39. Bringing Old MOTU Performer Files to Something Else?
  40. Converting Old Cassettes tp MP3s
  41. How much better is Pro Tools vs. Logic X?
  42. CoreMIDI gone mad!
  43. Midi interface for USB 3?
  44. SA-CDs from BestBuy.com - How Good are They?
  45. New audio interface, recommendations needed.
  46. Sometimes get Latency in Logic
  47. Sonos Advice
  48. Music Resurrection
  49. Max best Flac -> MP3 converter?
  50. Need Advice on an interface
  51. produce exact copy of audio cd
  52. Interface for XLR Output & Input
  53. klipsch image one ii or sennheiser momemtum on ear headphones?
  54. Help me find a midi keyboard
  55. Recommended procedure or application to copy music from iTunes to Android phone
  56. Audio Interface problems on Maverick
  57. People can't really tell the difference above 256kbps?
  58. Do I need a new a Mac?
  59. Bluetooth Audio - MBP/iPhone
  60. Highest possible AAC quality
  61. Can I get different outputs for different apps?
  62. Display setup for Logic Pro X?
  63. Itunes alternative
  64. 70's Cinema Bass - Reverb Issue
  65. Need specific audio interface help
  66. Voice Over / Voice recording - general poll
  67. TouchOSC & Lemur Templates
  68. ~Help~ Audio Issue using MultiBeast
  69. best setup for storing and playing itunes
  70. Any Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 users?
  71. Klipsch Image One Bluetooth headphones
  72. Dirac HD Player adds headphone profile for ADDIEM
  73. Help with Garage Band
  74. Is there a way to control a iPad streaming homeshared music, with another iPad?
  75. IK Multimedia: Group Buy
  76. Need some help for airplay speaker!
  77. Need some help with airplay speaker!
  78. Garageband tracks mysteriously turn to silence
  79. Post Your Digital Audio Studio
  80. Music via Bluetooth on a WiFi device = bad idea?
  81. Better Sound Quality Than An Apogee Duet?
  82. Making mp3 copies of my iTunes library, saving to SD card, preserving directories
  83. How to add a voice memo to my iPhone WITHOUT iTUNES?
  84. MIDI to PC not working!?
  85. Are there Genelec's fans here?
  86. Upload FLAC to Cloud and stream on iPhone's AirPlay
  87. Any good analog to thunderbolt and/or usb3.0 devices available yet?
  88. Want .wav to play or convert it
  89. question about bouncing audio from logic pro 9
  90. For Logic X users "32 Lives"
  91. Garageband 10, Many questions, much obliged
  92. Problem with USB Headset
  93. Is there any ways to use a midi controller to control a Mac
  94. Transferring from MBP to new iMac Logic Pro!
  95. Move (not copy) iTunes to a Google Drive folder
  96. Decompressing iTunes Music
  97. Logic 9 Beat Matching (NOT regarding loops)
  98. Converting .wma sound/music files to Mac iTunes format
  99. Watch For This Piano Controller
  100. Metronome being picked up in Logic pro when I record anything (DI and Mic)
  101. When I toggle the Record button on a track in logic, and extremely loud buzz occurs
  102. roland duo-capture ex click problem
  103. Logitech Mouse causing Graphics lockup in Logic 9 & X
  104. Adding the "Explicit" tag to an mp3 file
  105. Make Backup of Garageband
  106. Point and shoot Camera ?
  107. iTunes Digital Optical Out.
  108. Converting .mp3 to .m4a for gapless playback
  109. Audio Bluetooth Dongle (Car use)
  110. Anybody got mid-late 80's midi software? I can't find any existing copies.
  111. Echo Firewire Console app doesn't launch.
  112. How Fixing Fixing Background Noise
  113. Recommended stats for Logic Pro X
  114. Streaming Audio Via WiFi Airplay fails, yet I can use my iPhone otherwise Via WiFi.
  115. Two Way Audio - Network Or Analog
  116. How to Recover a Deleted Logic Pro X Project?
  117. No USB or audio plug-in device
  118. Sound graph
  119. What iTunes Settings.....
  120. EXS / spotlight indexing problems in mavericks?
  121. How to fix loudness across music library?
  122. Strange Garageband Glitch
  123. Midi to Vmware Fusion solution
  124. Split single file into seperate tracks...
  125. Help me select an Audio Receiver
  126. Transfer entire iTunes library including playlists
  127. What headphone?
  128. How to control optical audio on Mac G5?
  129. Looking To Play Basslines
  130. iOS headphones on android devices?
  131. Line 6 Device for iOS and OS X?
  132. Trouble bouncing in Logic 9 under Mavericks
  133. Traveling Bluetooth Headphones
  134. Adobe Auditions vs. Logic Pro X
  135. Best for a Music Server? Mac Mini headless or Laptop?
  136. How can I share music from my iphone without extra cables?
  137. Pandora Zipper - Downloaded 28 formatted songs from your personal stations on Pandora
  138. Difference between ACC & Lossless iTunes
  139. Garageband 10 Drummers Question
  140. Help With Beats Wireless + Macbook
  141. Connect two microphones to macbook pro?
  142. Help configuring Logic X
  143. Best setup for MB Pro and music production ?
  144. Garageband for Ipad advanced questions
  145. Use two bluetooth speakers simulateously on Imac
  146. Yosemite 10.10 & DAWs
  147. music won't decrease when voiceover starts
  148. Audio units
  149. Need some help creating an audio SD card
  150. Connecting electric piano to macbook pro
  151. Audio stuttering in MacBook Pro and iMac - Firewire....any fixes?
  152. Trouble playing burned DVD-A in Acura
  153. Yamaha keyboards not being recognised my OSX 10.9.2
  154. UAD thunderbolt MCP monitor
  155. mic/midi controller w/camera kit cable
  156. id3 Tag editor
  157. Do you know how to change miccrophone quality?
  158. My Imac won't send audio to my usb sound card
  159. New home studio setup question
  160. Strange Popping Sound during looping in GarageBand 6.0.5 and Logic 10.0.7
  161. New Amps in GB 10.0.2?
  162. mbox mini versus Mavericks
  163. Garageband amp through Mustang amp?
  164. New MacBook for Podcast
  165. Home theater speaker recommendation
  166. My Search for Headphones Finally Over!?!
  167. powered speakers though thunderbolt query
  168. Logic Pro X - pops and clicks while recording
  169. Audio in Target Display Mode
  170. Music tagging
  171. Exporting Audio Track with Automation in Logic Pro X
  172. One interface to replace three !?...
  173. Studio pics
  174. Import iOS Loops into 10.0.2?
  175. Create aac verion
  176. Best audio coverters
  177. Can't merge tracks in GarageBand for iPad
  178. Apple is removing "Dr Dre" from Beats
  179. Fixing tracks
  180. Recording to Windoze machine from a Pyle audio stack? (PA System)
  181. Speakers & Headphones on my Mini
  182. Tag that music
  183. Unable to add loop in Garageband 10
  184. Choose a specific speaker for specific application
  185. Turn on the Keys
  186. Bulk Edit FLAC Metadata
  187. Strange ground loop hum
  188. Garageband midi control list?
  189. Request for Help on Music
  190. XLD not suppoting drag & drop
  191. XLD decoder error
  192. Correcting tagging your music collection`
  193. DAC suggestions
  194. No up sampling option in iTunes?
  195. Wireless noise cancelling over ear recommendation?
  196. Using iRig mic with ipad and cck to an imac
  197. Mac audio output specs
  198. Use Airport Express solely as airplay audio device, without slowing down WiFi?
  199. Yosemite compatibility
  200. those using logic pro 9/x
  201. Counting Bars in Rap
  202. Splitting tracks
  203. FL Studio (for OS X)
  204. Bose Cinemate for $350. Good deal??
  205. Thread for Everyone to Share Songs Made on Their iPad
  206. gapless playback
  207. Stream Bluetooth Audio to Mac
  208. freeDB vs Gacenotes
  209. CD Track file needs to be on flash drive
  210. Logic X Midi Latency
  211. CDs won't read, optical drive spits them out
  212. Looking for suggestions on a drum machine
  213. GarageBand records itself with iRig
  214. Crackling issue with Mavericks / Ableton
  215. Remove all meta-data
  216. Any Ableton Push users?
  217. blips in headphones
  218. Turtle Beach PX22 Ear Cushions
  219. garageband "radio sounds" missing...