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  1. EAX on Leopard?
  2. help please - lyrics only on left side!
  3. Recording from sequencing software
  4. Making a Audio DVD in iTunes
  5. Looking for a handheld recorder
  6. Apogee Duet question
  7. How similar/different is Pro tools to logic
  8. Garageband Loops
  9. Similar to px100?
  10. beatmatching mp3s for podcast in garageband?
  11. Will LOGIC Replace PRO TOOLS?
  12. Are there any telephone headsets that use a regular phone connector?
  13. Mic and MB or MBP?
  14. Best Music Service???
  15. Music In Slideshow!
  16. presonus firestudio project vs focusrite saffire pro 10
  17. Logic Pro 8 doubled packs
  18. NEED HELP!!! Speaker Design
  19. GarageBand multi-source recording?
  20. Lots of experience with FL Studio; Needs Mac equivalent
  21. plugins in logic 8 and garageband
  22. Can Netgear software be hacked for mac?
  23. Recording audio from DVR
  24. MIDI problem with GarageBand in Leopard: HELP!!
  25. FBI Style Earphones
  26. Soundtrack Pro problem - audio changes speed
  27. Recording Drums - What will I need? (Listed a few things I think I need)
  28. Is MBox 2 mini compatible with latest iMacs?
  29. URGENT HELP-Mixer to Mac book pro
  30. adding my sound library in logic 8?
  31. One Night DJ
  32. audio editing requirements
  33. Garage band Sound Quality
  34. Looking for a certain 3.5 mm adapter
  35. 90 minute Cassette to a single CD-R?
  36. API A2D Dual 312 Mic Preamps with Digital Output
  37. Garage Band Tempo Help
  38. looking to start a little studio.
  39. Splitting a Long Mix into Seamless Tracks for Burning??
  40. Logic on MacBook Pro
  41. Monitor Upgrades, High-end phones and a subwofer that cured my room acoustics!?
  42. Buying Advice for Portable to run Logic
  43. The "I can't hear anything in Logic Express and have no clue why" thread
  44. new to audio: need USB or FW audio interface???
  45. Beginner's Question: Logic Express vs. GarageBand
  46. Kaossilator users?
  47. M-Audio Fast Track USB: low/no signal?
  48. using two mboxes
  49. Drum Recording
  50. AC3 5.1 audio to AAC 128kbs 2 channel Stereo
  51. Cassette Conversion
  52. Audio DVDs?
  53. Easiest way to record clear songs on imac
  54. Logic 8 Studio screen resolution apple 23" 30" display screenshot
  55. Gargeband Jam Packs
  56. bass sounds different
  57. Vision sequencing
  58. Assigning .wav samples to Midi Controller in GarageBand?
  59. Headset with imic no go
  60. New to Macs and Logic... a question
  61. How to use Logic 8 DVD?
  62. Converting .wav files to midi
  63. So what exactly is wrong with protools?
  64. BuiltIn system VS cheap interfaces
  65. Help: Audio Set Up for Mac Pro / Garage Band
  66. Where is my USB turntable?
  67. Extracting audio from a video file
  68. Logic Express 7 Problem
  69. Latency/Routing in Firestudio with Garageband
  70. resizing garageband movie preview window
  71. What can you burn on a cd that is not an MP3?
  72. Best portable system for use with Macbook Air? Looking for condensing mics too...
  73. Garageband - Editing Panning for Tracks (Using Keyframes?)
  74. M- audio MicrotrackII
  75. Garageband slow on Mac Pro
  76. Best Vocal Remover for Specific Song?
  77. Sideways Video
  78. audio from dvd to cd
  79. Trigger Finger Enigma XML
  80. HD Radio on Your Mac
  81. How to generate uncompressed audio stream?
  82. Need help setting up keyboard
  83. New to Mac world. Logic Express needs
  84. MacBook Pro and Logic
  85. hdmi dvi sound lag
  86. Apple compatible voice recorder
  87. Has anyone used this with Logic?
  88. ZIK protected music on mac
  89. Warping/making something sound weird, easily and freely?
  90. Complete newbie to all things audio: Help me get my dad's vinyl on an iPod?
  91. Logic/Mainstage on a Macbook?
  92. improvements to my setup
  93. Increasing sound output.
  94. Yamaha MW10 Buzzing
  95. Garage Band- do you use virtual instruments or real ones?
  96. A New Song with GarageBand: You're Like Beautiful
  97. VIDEO sound...why pro tools?
  98. PLZ Help about sound quality
  99. MIDI Sound in Logic
  100. Audio set-up help
  101. New studio for recording
  102. Garage Band Help needed! Please!!!
  103. want only audio files from DVD for iPodTouch
  104. The Best Recording Mic
  105. Advice? simple DA out to studio monitors from Mac Pro
  106. iMac and ProTools Digi02
  107. Good drum programs
  108. Mic Mystery - No Audio with Phantom Power Mic
  109. Outputs and Computer Audio Interfaces???
  110. Tascam FW1082 & Tascam FW1884
  111. my Song with GarageBand: Love
  112. Can someone recommend a good podcasting software package?
  113. Audio Newbie Q: Apogee Duet or MOTU Ultralite or PreSonus Firebox or Audio Kontrol 1?
  114. BBC trough iTunes - is it possible?
  115. WANTED: Quadra to run Sonic Solutions (nubus)
  116. Macbook Pro - 'new' vs current for music production?
  117. Fireface 800 vs MOTU 896HD
  118. alternatives to protools for tv/radio production?
  119. splitting stereo track into two
  121. New Devices Installed Into Reason
  122. Set up with MP, Logic, Phantom, Apogee?
  123. Help: Firestudio On and Cannot Record!!
  124. Logic 8.0.2
  125. Best Logic Tutorials
  126. Logic 8.0.2 vs. Cubase 4
  127. Focusrite Liquidmix
  128. EXS24 vs. Kontakt 3
  129. Digital Performer
  130. Best BUS compressor
  131. Some songs made in Garageband/Logic
  132. How do I convert DTS to AIFF?
  133. less bass
  134. Does anyone know where I can get a microphone calibrated in London?
  135. Do I need an audio/sound interface?
  136. Digital Performer 6 coming soon!
  137. how do I play an old "enhanced CD" (ECD) ?
  138. Music ain't my thing...
  139. [Getting sound get to my monitors]
  140. can you open logic projects in protools or cakewalk
  141. External Speaker Beeps
  142. Logic Express 8 Question: Channel Strip Presets
  143. Logic 8 Academic
  144. my macs don't like bbc
  145. Can someone tell me how much sound comes out of a open circumaural Headphone?
  146. I Just got a Brand New Pair of KRK RP8s for 389.99 out the door!!!!
  147. How to Record Online Audio with CD Spin Doctor?
  148. New interfaces - what should I get?
  149. 5400rpm vs 7200rpm?
  150. Computer wireless recording mics?
  151. mac pro 2008/Logic built in audio card latency?
  152. exs24 and 64 bit
  153. Konnekt 8 compatible with Leopard and Logic 8?
  154. Advantages or Disadvantages of Balanced vs Unbalanced Audio Connections
  155. Garageband Number of Tracks
  156. e-mu 0404 usb good for me?
  157. Empty space at the end of a Garageband track.
  158. logic won't start
  159. Pro Tools + Leopard
  160. Stereo Placement of Drums in Garageband?
  161. Logic 8 on Laptop
  162. Recording what's playing on iMac
  163. Working On GarageBand Files On The Internet
  164. Help: No audio sometimes to external speakers?
  165. iMac 20" or 4 Core Mac Pro.which to purchase?
  166. What is the best music making program for cheap?
  167. Know nothing about audio to make good decision, please help.
  168. Problem with Phonic Firefly 302 and Garageband
  169. help (mbox 2)
  170. Strange static or echo phenomenon from USB Mic
  171. maudio firewire solo
  172. Optimizing Mac Pro for Audio
  173. Free synths for Logic Studio 8?
  174. Best USB Mic for GarageBand?
  175. Midi Controller for Reason (sliders, knobs)
  176. Onkyo SE-U55SX: Best External Sound Card?
  177. Need inexpensive audio/midi interface device
  178. drum cover video help!!!
  179. fast and easy to way increase overall volume on LOGIC track
  180. Keyboard Buying Help
  181. How: Output audio to 2 different ports simultaneously?
  182. Beginner Setup - MacBook + guitar + keyboard = fun?
  183. Recording Guitar on Macbook
  184. Tascam FireOne FireWire Audio Interface
  185. slightly confused about headphone audio output quality
  186. 10.5.2 M-audio FW1814 PT m-powered
  187. Presonus Firestudio for 399$
  188. Recommended interfaces for a Mac Pro with Logic Studio 8?
  189. Mackie Control Pro vs. Mackie Control Universal???
  190. Starting a small home studio...
  191. iMac audio in really suck!! Really?
  192. How do I make a podcast?
  193. exporting enhanced podcast to iweb problem
  194. How about a FREAKING update to Logic!!!???
  195. how to wall-mount KRK Rokit5 speakers?
  196. Convert MKV file's audio
  197. Help with MOTU DP3 v4
  198. Cable/Convertor questions, speaker/other
  199. Macbook Fire Wire Chipset & Pro Tools LE?
  200. Soundtrack Pro: Factory presets missing
  201. Moving from Firewire (Presonus Firebox) to USB 2. Suggestions?
  202. garageband 3rd party loops
  203. CUBASE or LOGIC PRO for recording?
  204. Recording on the super cheap
  205. iMic etc al query
  206. Does this sound like a good setup?
  207. Shotgun Mic Suggestion
  208. Apple AU Developer Drops Apple! A MUST READ!
  209. Firewire Issue with New Macs?
  210. Bluetooth
  211. Logic Studio 8 says 43.9 GB will install. Only 23 GB was installed. Anyone know why?
  212. studio * import settings
  213. Digital Performer Real Time Bounce To Disk
  214. Developing Audiophile Wondering Where to Go
  215. Garageband export problem
  216. Subs in monitoring
  217. Embarrassing question
  218. New Macbook, Apogee Duet or what else
  219. PLEASE HELP....Audio mix up....a.s.a.p
  220. Any know of a totally free file convert from video to audio?
  221. Insert key // Guitar Pro 5 issue.
  222. Pro Tools 7.3.1 Crashing
  223. OS X Support for MAudio Devices
  224. cubase sx3 to logicpro8 projects port
  225. cheap audio interface suggestions
  226. M-audio Project Mix Or Tascam 1082/1884????
  227. Macbook Air interface?
  228. Want To Get: Basic Sound Editing Program
  229. Novation XioSynth USB 49 HELP
  230. MOTU 8Pre - Leopard Ready?
  231. Apogee Duet: Quick review
  232. Active Speaker Recommendations
  233. Aggregate audio not working!
  234. I just do not understand Pro Tools
  235. Pro Tools or Logic
  236. Digidesign C|24 question
  237. Good DJ software
  238. Audio Output as "Headphones" instead of "Digital"
  239. Yet another Pro Tools question
  240. About to make my home studio purchases. Suggestions?
  241. Confused about what is causing latency in Garageband
  242. Mackie Onyx 2480 and Digital I/O
  243. MP3 to Poly
  244. Logic Pro 8 & SSE4
  245. CD ripping for hidden or "out of bounds" tracks - can it be done?
  246. Record church to cd and podcast
  247. Garageband Jam Pack 1 : Help!!
  248. Decent Budget Speakers for a Teen
  249. running audio programs on xp on a mac?
  250. Looking for an audio interface for home recording $500-$800range.