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  1. Remove noise, saturation, etc. in audio editing
  2. alternatives to Amazon/BN song samples?
  3. DAC for Use w/ AudioEngine A5
  4. ready to throw mac out of window....m audio keyboard not being recognized by mac
  5. Teen News Podcast
  6. GB real instrument loops - how usefull?
  7. Interfacing and Monitoring
  8. MOTU 896HD doesn't reproduce sound from quicktime
  9. something i made in GB
  10. Remapping Software instruments?
  11. M-Audio Firewire Solo Problems
  12. Griffin iMic or m-audio Transit?
  13. Using Trigger finger interface with logic 8
  14. Simple .m4a edits os x
  15. Logic Studio Licensing
  16. Burn
  17. SSL Duende Mini
  18. Blown capacitor
  19. Photoshop version of a recording program?
  20. ADDA Converter vs Firewire Interface
  21. Anyone know of a multi-stream audio recorder?
  22. Glyph vs. Western Digital
  23. Digidesign Causes kernel panics!
  24. Record Audio Tapes to CDs ... ???
  25. Will this board allow me to mix audio in Skype?
  26. Good 3.5mm mic for Digital Recorder?
  27. Help with Logic Express 7 audio inputs and record enable.
  28. Apogee Duet Questions
  29. Drum Machines and GB
  30. Recording Audio Tapes to CDs ... ???
  31. My Setup! (LIST) Is there anything else that I need 2get. PLEASE HELP! I TRUST U!
  32. Help me pick out some mics please!
  33. Tascam 1082 has two Firewire ports???? WHY????
  34. My Mac has two Firewire ports...a Firewire 800 and 400 so.....
  35. advice on used Firewire 410
  36. Recording roland Vdrums throught Firebox to Logic Express 8
  37. macbook DJing
  38. record a "long distance" conversation with my ibook
  39. Audiophile sound from iMac?
  40. help w/ list of items to kick off recording
  41. Digital Performer and Apple: is this really the end?
  42. What do fellow audiophreeks/macphiles recommend in terms of a player/pjone
  43. MBP Hard drive/external drive for audio
  44. Looking for some condensers.
  45. Logoc Video Tutorials?
  46. Mic Madness! Aaaargh! Help...
  47. M-Audio Pro88 and Macbook
  48. LE separate input and output devices
  49. Podcast - Garage Band et al (your advice please !!!)
  50. Convert Apple Lossless to WAV
  51. Digital Audio - A beginners guide?
  52. Xiosynth People Help Me!!
  53. Just bought a Great River Preamp
  54. Logic 7: NI's Pro53 soft synth. Can You Help?
  55. New to my MBP, can I record system audio?
  56. FireWire 400 to USB M-Box Audio Farts
  57. free snare compressor plugin
  58. M-Audio 410 Firewire Interface Problem
  59. Remove Vocals and pop into apps...How to
  60. Please read! Logic 'System Overload'.
  61. Tascam 1082 won't sit on all fours????
  62. Any Advantages or Disadvantages of using the different inputs on studio monitors?
  63. Midi Device Question. (Not for the faint at HEART!!!)
  64. sibelious 5 help
  65. Live Performance Sequencing With iBook G4
  66. metronome software
  67. M4A always Apple Lossless?
  68. IDE tags with itunes for dj'ing
  69. What programs to record vinyl to computer?
  70. Why won't Mac play FLAC audio? How..can...I
  71. logic studio on powerbook?
  72. Radiohead Stems for Garage Band in iTunes
  73. dont like logic acid is better!
  74. Apogee Duet vs Saffire
  75. skype, garageband, and audio hijack pro
  76. This may be a VERY dumb question...but oh well, HERE GOES!!
  77. Logic and the Metronome are Getting on my nerves....Can you HELP?
  78. logic express external midi
  79. MPFreaker fix ieatbrainz mess up??
  80. Mp3 export in sound editors (mp3 encoding)
  81. Any idea where I can find instrumental versions of songs?
  82. MoPads???
  83. Royalty Free Music Cannot Be Imported To Garage Band
  84. help me get a nice clean sound from my guitar while recording
  85. Someone please explain Pro Tools!
  86. Logic Pro? about "file not found result code = -43"
  87. Updating my old recording stuff
  88. ok i help me. i need monitors!
  89. KRK rp8s? are they already decoupled?
  90. Rewire Reason into Logic Issue
  91. wireless music
  92. Is there an actual quility of sound difference betwn Logic pro 7 and garageband? why?
  93. MPC Mac Software?
  94. Klipsch RF-52 *now with pics (in a link)*
  95. Are Pro Tools LE and Apogee Duet compatibles?
  96. Freakin Tascam 1082 Is getting on my nerves!!!!
  97. Free Music for Soundtracks?
  98. Room audio correction software for hifi & movies
  99. midi drums can sound good!
  100. Lexicon Lamba/Omega?
  101. Hi res sampling rates, are they really any different?
  102. Help on starting my mobile Pro tools setup
  103. help please from the audio folks?
  104. If someone asked you..."how do I get a warm sound"......
  105. Strange Buzz/Cracking when recording Audio
  106. Simple MBOX and PTools problem.
  107. digi 002 rack and logic pro 8
  108. new mac pro 2008 + logic pro 8 = slow startup?
  109. Just got an Audio Technica AT 3035 for $85. Good Deal? Good Mic?
  110. any reason 4.0 experts here?
  111. Anyone use a Sonos zp100 to power their monitors?
  112. at what volume would you say you need the volume of monitors at for accurate response
  113. Problem recording my guitar in logic
  114. Slow mounting of CDs
  115. Building a Sound Studio...
  116. Help me choose a mac for audio production PLZ!!!
  117. Absolute nooblet needs tutorials, walkthrough advice
  118. Remove Presence From Audio?
  119. little numbers above the mixer level meter in logic
  120. Gibson Les Paul,Tonelab & Imac intel
  121. Free VST Plug-Ins
  122. Presonus Audiobox USB - anyone tried it?
  123. Firewire interface guitar input problem
  124. How to capture AC3 Audio from TOSLINK input
  125. Sound stuck on my Mac
  126. Logic Studio - multiple audio recording
  127. Dolby 5.1
  128. are USB mics any good ?
  129. Digital v's Analogue speakers
  130. Midi control itunes?
  131. apple loop categories
  132. How to convert DRM-protected WMA files
  133. hardware to connect my guitar to mac
  134. My new setup..looking for some advice/positive feedback :p
  135. Problem with Tags on Audio Files
  136. logic color bug?
  137. MB or MBP with Apogee Duet
  138. Problems with Limewire (HELP) / Other?
  139. setting up midi controller's assignable knobs?
  140. EyeConnect streaming
  141. Digeradoo Virtual instrument?
  142. GarageBand and external microphone
  143. Audio Recording?
  144. Using Live 5 with the new Macbook
  145. Marking an AAC Song like a Podcast?
  146. Beogram Question
  147. amateur audiophile system
  148. Problem wih Live software
  149. Sound Effects?
  150. iBook 12" Audio-In options
  151. Audio Receiver (Not A/V Receiver)
  152. Protools/Digi002 Rack MIDI confyeewwwwsion
  153. inno vs stiletto 2 sat radio
  154. (Emergency!) Output sound from interface
  155. MBP with 7200/5400 rpm for Logic 8 pro?
  156. Which Studio Amp?
  157. Keyboard sound effects
  158. Dolby Digital/DTS don't work in mbp!
  159. Nicecast song data
  160. Garage Band Podcast Q. - Breaking up the recording and sending the pieces to ...
  161. Headphones to help battle MBP sound problems??
  162. Mac pro 8 recording question
  163. Recent PC switcher looking for best app to rip CDs/encode MP3s
  164. Apogee Duet problem sounds bad...
  165. How to make instrumental from a song
  166. Marching Band Digital Audio/Sound Effects
  167. Mac Studio Set-Up
  168. Good DAC for DJing?
  169. best machine for Logic?
  170. Edirol UA-25 + Analog Mixer
  171. Audio Files Not Found On Garageband???
  172. How do I Uninstall Soundflower 1.3.1?
  173. How do you DIVIDE a song into smaller pieces ??
  174. iMac 3.06 not compatible with rmx ff400???
  175. What DJ/mixing Software?
  176. streaming in 10.3.9
  177. Ableton Live Help Recording
  178. External hard drive enclosure
  179. Itunes Help
  180. Garageband 08
  181. how to edit midi velocities in logic?
  182. Turntable & Computer
  183. Edirol FA-101
  184. power users of Toast 9 - CD Spin Doctor?
  185. Live audio setup for a school dramatic performance
  186. Anyone have Audioengine's A2 speakers?
  187. How to add loops to Garageband?
  188. Soundtrack can't export
  189. unreadable m4a from Audio Recorder?
  190. Apogee Duet - Turning Off?
  191. Midi controller or digital piano recommendations
  192. External DAC for my Squeezebox
  193. Logic Studio On 1.07 Ghz??
  194. Can you compare these 2 guitars please???
  195. Electric Drumset, MIDI, Garageband and Logic
  196. So what would I need to use this...
  197. I have a macbook and a usb mixer - can I record?
  198. Reason 4.0 pattern help
  199. streaming reason into logic??
  200. Hi, I have a noob question about audio interfaces.
  201. DP5 and Fireface 400: A good Match?
  202. Tips for Recording Acoustic Guitar in Soundtrack Pro with a SM57
  203. Good Mic Recommendation?
  204. Video Cast Audio
  205. m-powered help
  206. irregular MIDI notes
  207. How truly "Bad" is the soundcard in my iMac
  208. Midi Keyboard Issues
  209. Any tips for me on learning" Logic Pro 8.0"?
  210. Digital output not supported???
  211. Anyone with experience with Tascam interfaces?
  212. Recording Live with my Macbook pro and logic studio
  213. how to have dual audio on an .iso
  214. Thinking about getting macbook for garageband/logic pro
  215. Recommend Boom Mic setup?
  216. Mbox 1
  217. Trouble with my Settings in Protools - please help!
  218. Apogee Duet: Another unboxing thread.
  219. Good mic for GarageBand on a MBP?
  220. External Hard Drive
  221. Can you help me with a new Mac + Audio Setup?
  222. Questions and comments on the Duet
  223. id this loop (link provided)
  224. dB Technologies Sub-12?
  225. Apogee duet with Pro tools??
  226. Logic, 10.5.2, and M-Audio devices
  227. good: Zoom H4 mobile stereo field recorder?
  228. New Speaker Wire for z5500s
  229. DAT tape transfer to Mac
  230. Logic Pro 8.0.2 Software Update
  231. can you recommend me some headphones?
  232. Logic Express on Macbook Pro for Beginner Please Help!
  233. Blue Snowflake mic won't show up in Logic Express 8
  234. Few questions about Garageband.
  235. Duet update released
  236. condenser mics
  237. Audiophile headphone rig?
  238. Powered Subwoofer Recommendations
  239. What Drum Pads/USB turntables/USB controllers works well with garageband or logic?
  240. MOTU DP4 and DAE
  241. Digital Subwoofer?
  242. Fireface800 for logic pro, worth it?
  243. Anyone use iDrum ???
  244. Audio Enhancement Software for Mac??
  245. Soundcard/Audio Interface
  246. MacBook/Mixer/Garageband question
  247. Samson C01U Mic Not Working In Logic Pro 8
  248. Apogee Duet & MIDI
  249. Zoom H2 with MacSpeech Dictate, video recording?
  250. Midi Keyboard vs. Synthesizer