View Full Version : Trackpad suddenly stopped working! -iBook G4 1.44ghz

Aug 28, 2010, 05:36 PM
The trackpad on my iBook G4 1.44ghz stopped working this morning! At first it went stuttery. I temporarily solved this by plugging in a mouse- without using the mouse itself, this seemed to make the trackpad responsive again.

After letting the iBook go to sleep, the trackpad doesn't work at all; nothing I do seems to make it respond. I've tried resetting the PRAM and NVRAM, but this hasn't done anything.

Is there anything else I can do, short of buying a new trackpad?

Aug 29, 2010, 06:23 AM
try repairing permissions it might help , if it doesn't reinstall tiger and UPDATE it , if the trackpad still does not work then you got one of the bad ones :(