View Full Version : MobileMe Sync issue - how to completely reset?

Aug 29, 2010, 10:22 AM
I have an issue synchronising my Mac Address Book > MobileMe > iPhone

My address book has 1751 contacts
MobileMe & iPhone have 2311 contacts

I have tried to reset the contacts by following the procedure to replace the contacts on me.com with the contents of the mac address book. (ie Preferences, MobileMe, Sync, Advanced, Reset Sync Data). Interestingly when I deleted 1 contact on the MAC, the number of contacts on me.com reduced by 1. But I am getting an additional 560 contacts from somewhere (I actually think this is from Gmail contacts - but I have tried to erase this link from iTunes)

So, HOW do I start again & JUST work with the contacts in Address Book - how do I ensure the OLD link to Gmail is erased from iTunes (I have switched this off in iTunes).

Any help appreciated!