View Full Version : Using iPhone as a remote

Sep 6, 2010, 02:05 PM
Am seriously considering a new Apple TV, as I'm not hugely fussed about buying or even renting films and programmes. But I always liked the idea of streaming music and photos to the tv, and Apple TV does that pretty well, but not really worth 229 and using the MBP to control it.

But with the price dropping to 99 and being able to use an iPhone, then suddenly it looks a bit more like it. And who knows, if they have a decent range of HD movies to rent all the better, plus it'll be good for watching trailers on the tv.

So anyway, back to my question - I get that you can use the iPhone to stream content to the ATV, but does anyone know if you can use the iPhone to stream content from a Mac in the house to the TV?

This wouldn't be a deal breaker, as we'd have a lot of stuff on the iPhone anyway, but I think being able to use the iPhone to stream stuff from a Mac somewhere else in the house, to the TV would have been the absolute ideal.