View Full Version : First time with The Mouse BT... a little disappointed

Dec 13, 2004, 02:57 PM
It is good looking, but not quite as good looking as the Apple mouse. But hey, it looks way better than any other mice out there, plus it goes well with my eMac. Also a little minor thing... you can see the red lazer light from the top of the mouse. It doesnt show through on the Apple mouse.

The clicking is a LOT louder than my Apple one. Thats the first thing I noticed.

It doesn't seem as quality as the Apple one. It just seems like it was made with cheap plastic.

Setting it up took less than a minute. No problem there.

The scroll wheel and the right mouse button are way more important than the other stuff. After I get past all the small stuff, this is a great mouse that I reccommend to anyone that wants to spend the $80 on it.