View Full Version : Best web cams for security?

Dec 15, 2004, 08:34 AM
I've said it before ..... Mac Rumors members are the best at giving great advice. So ..... here are some other bits of information that I am seeking from you:

At this time, I am conviced that I am going to be buying SecuritySpy 1.0.3 software, with about 6 - 8 different cameras, so that I can keep an eye on my store, during and after business hours. I want to keep an eye on my inventory, as I've had a few pieces "walk out the door" recently. And, I believe my 17", igHz iMac only has usb 1.0, but does have a firewire port.

So, my questions to you, good members, are these:

1) What good and inexpensive cameras should I consider for this task?

2) Should I consider using wireless?

3) Are there any special ways that I should consider configuring the cameras?

Thanks, so much (in advance), for addressing my queries. I'm looking forward to reading your replies.