View Full Version : ATV won't connect to Itunes

Sep 11, 2010, 05:39 AM
Running Windows 7 and have just upgraded to the latest version of Itunes. My ATV is connected via my wireless modem/router. I don't sync anything; always stream. Doesn't matter at this time; my ATV won't do either!
I have had my ATV since Xmas and it was working flawlessly until June. Up to that time it was connected via a Dlink wireless router. I than upgraded my tv system to Telus Digital; that required a new high speed router; ever since than I can't get my ATV to connect to Itunes.
I have tried to reconnect via the standard procedure of clicking on the connect button and than inserting the displayed number into Itunes. I always get a message that my ATV is not responding and to check my firewall settings and make sure that port 3689 is set to communicate with the PC and ATV. This I have done with negative results; I have also tried by turning of my anti virus program as well as my windows firewall. All this with negative results. I have gone into the setup program of the router; there it shows all my connections; and my ATV is one of them. It shows as connected. I have successfully pinged the ATV. I can connect to the internet (YouTube) via the ATV.
I have Boxee installed on the ATV. Going into Boxee; I have no trouble connecting to my computer and watching content.
Going into my network connections on my computer; all my connections show; however; the ATV does not show. Don't know if it should; maybe someone could enlighten me on that!
I did connect the ATV to my router via Ethernet and all my content showed.
Any suggestions

Sep 12, 2010, 04:49 AM
I have found a solution to my problem. The problem I was having was with my main house computer refusing to communicate with my ATV. I decided to try a laptop and it works flawlessly. I was going to switch over to the laptop; just not now! I like the portability of the laptop and the ATV in that I can take my movie collection with me when I go Rving.