View Full Version : Camera Connection Kit, short test

Sep 17, 2010, 08:09 PM
Works with an USB multi-card reader where I can put my Compact Flash cards in. "Hama USB 2.0 Card Reader 35 in 1". RAW files of my Canon 40D will be processed fine, direct USB connection to camera fine too. Only with one of my five Compact Flash cards iPad didn't want to upload (maybe I should format card, didn't try that yet).

Panasonic DMC TZ-7 (ZS-3 in some countries) with SD card. Everything okili dokili. Reads Motion JPEG HD video files (but NOT AVCHD files) via Apple Kit reader, Hama USB reader or direct camera connection. And photos of course.

Plugged in a more than twenty years old (!) "Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro" USB monster and voilą: The iPad said: "This device is not compatible… blah blah" but anyway…

…it WORKS! It works in Notes, Safari, Mail—even the iPod player controls!!! And the special "Search" key fires up Spotlight!!! "Home Page" leads to first iPad's home screen—can't believe it. But sorry it does not work with emulated iPad C64 BASIC console input screen.