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Sep 22, 2010, 08:35 PM
Iím a newbie--just switching to Mac form Windows.

I canít claim to be a true audiophile, but I have tendencies in that direction. Iím in the process of storing a thousand CDs in Apple LossLess, and have a pretty good stereo.

My new MacBook will be in the back of my house in my office, connected to a hardwired LAN. The LAN has an ethernet connection right where my stereo is. I have an NAD integrated amp with no optical/digital input. I want to stream audio from the MacBook to the stereo. Iíd like to leave the MacBook where it is, and have something like an iPhone or iPad as a controller where my stereo is.

Can I just plug in an Airport Express to the Ethernet where my stereo is? Will it stream audio from my MacBook to the stereo over the Ethernet? Or will it stream it wirelessly? Do I care? (Shouldnít an Ethernet connection be a lot higher quality than wireless?)

Is there a better way to get audio from the MacBook to the stereo via Ethernetóeven if it requires a non-Mac solution?



Sep 22, 2010, 11:08 PM
Yes you can define how the data goes to the Ethernet Express, just don't set up a wireless network and it will not go wireless. Quality is exactly the same either way however. Both routes are digital. But wired networks can handle more data.

Airport Express works well not much reason to use anything else except if you want video. The new $99 ATV is close in price and does both audio and video. But the Express has a print server and S/PDIF and it's a router too. Buy what ever funtions you need and think you might need later.

Yes there is another way, it's way cheap too. Just remember that Cat-5 cables are great for audio and video signals. If you have a cat-5 patch cable from the mac to the stereo you can use the two spare pairs for stero audio and simply run a line level signal all the way. to be 100% correct" yu need transformers at each end (four total)

But really the Express is not that expensive and is easy to setup.

Sep 23, 2010, 11:00 AM
Thanks a million, Chris. The guys at the Apple store couldn't explain this to me, so I got worried....