View Full Version : flyback transformer-hooking up external monitor

bare spots
Sep 25, 2010, 06:56 PM
hello, believe the flyback transformer if giving me issues, showing all the symptoms. so, was wondering how i would go about hooking up an external monitor, if it's poss. and what is/or needed? from what i understand i take it it's doable, with these machine, this ones a beige g-3 slot loading imac, summer 2001, running tiger and with upgraded ram. although from what little i read and learned i believe i need a vga port (some kind of port like that, sorry not very knowledgeable with computers, think 1st post but which i cannot find on this machine) anyway, been using the machine for yrs and i'm finding it hard to part with, for some reason find myself trying not to give up on things and keep em working as long as possible, idk, like the g3. so if i can get any help or advice to see if it's possible would be much appreciated, thanks btw came upon an attachment called a vga to db15 does that sound right

bare spots
Sep 25, 2010, 08:15 PM
from what i read do got a vga port (slot loading g3), think just need is a monitor and adaptors. believe now if get far as hooking one up my major concern would be getting the machine running as i have issues getting it going with what i believe a flyback transformer problem, if follow.