View Full Version : If your iPad was replaced today and you had no backup, what would you install?

Sep 28, 2010, 03:25 PM
Somebody at work today asked me what I have on my iPad. Since i have been meaning to write a list of what i consider my core apps, I replied to him in detail and I thought I would share.

These are the items that if my iPad where to be replaced today, I would reinstall/configure immediately.

Here is a link to the pagefile hack. This is the only manual item, everything else is an app.


The web browser I use is AtomicWeb from the AppStore. I think it was $.99. I can’t live without tabs!

Here is a list of other apps or tweaks I use from Cydia

Categories....Folders for iOS 3. I like this better and may still use it when 4 comes out
CategoriesSB....Integrates the above into Springboard. Speeds and smoothes the folders opening
Iconoclasm....Custom grid size for Springboard. I have mine at 10x6 for 60 icons/page
Infinidock....Unlimited icons in the dock, can also slide/page. I use 12 in my dock
Shrink....Shrink the icon sizes (and tags)
iBlank....Creates a blank icons for spacing control on homepage
LockInfo....Email/Calendar/SMS/RSS… notifications for lock, home and an overlay popup in any app
Circuitous....Pop-up task switcher. Most stable one available right now
Action Menu....Additional functionality in cut/paste popups
SBSettings....Popup for quick access to Wifi/3G and other toggles
Calculator Widget....CategoriesSB toggle for a quick calculator
iFile....File Browser
OpenSSH....SSH Server Deamon
BTKeyboard....Bluetooth keyboard using BTStack rather than built in Apple stack
BTMouse....Bluetooth mouse using BTStack (only available method to connect a mouse)
FullForce....Attempts to scale iPhone apps to iPad (not 2x). Hit n’ Miss but works great for my golf GPS app
Display Out....Mirror all iPad display to external monitor, regardless of app support
iWhiteBoard....Think football telestrator! Allows you to draw on *any* screen you are viewing and then snap a pic of it
MyStrings....Custom string management (used it to change my dock font)
MakeItMine....Custom strings on the status bar, like changing the carrier from AT&T to your name
AppLinks....Places symbolic links in iFile directly to your app folders using common names.
iTether....Tether iPad to iPhone via Bluetooth. iPhone must have native tether enabled (there is a hack for that too)

One note on this. I do experience a repeatable, known problem, which others have pinpointed to the presence of OpenSSH. When I reboot, my touchscreen is ‘off’. ie, it registers touches incorrect and basically clicks just above where you actually touched.

The issue is easily resolved, 100%, by a quick re-spring following any hard reboot. For many, this is a non-issue because most people never actually hard reboot an iPad. However, with the pagefile hack running, I recommend a hard reboot once a week or so, or following heavy multitasking because doing so will force a re-creation of the pagefiles which will increase performance and overall stability. There is also a soft condition which will also trigger the pagefile to recreate, but I haven’t pinpointed it just yet.

And last but not least, here are some AppStore apps that I use on a regular basis:

AtomicWeb...Web Browser with tabs, full screen and built-in ad blocker which functions fairly well.
Jump Desktop...Best RDP/VNC client I’ve found and I unfortunately tested a bunch. $20 now I think. $5 when I got it. Dude got a big head.
TextFree...Free SMS client that provides you a dedicated phone number
GV Mobile +...Google Voice! I haven’t played with it much yet since I only chat/call my wife.
ReaddleDocs...File Viewer. I previously preferred GoodReader, but the DropBox integration is much better here
DocsToGo...File Editor. It’s decent. I probably have the best results with Excel docs. (fyi, GoogleDocs will allow for editing soon)
FilterStorm...Easily the best picture editor I’ve tested on the iPad.
FlipBoard...News/Twitter feed reader.
AirVideo...Stream your local PodCasts/Videos to your iPad
ZumoCast...Stream your *complete* local library to you iPad. Music, videos…files! Just got this a week ago and love it!