View Full Version : help with media player

Sep 28, 2010, 07:13 PM
I'd like to get a media player for my tv/stereo rather than always having to connect my MBP. what are the differences between these two models?



and is the only difference with this model the fact that it comes with a removable hard drive?

how do the WD versions compare?

i'm leaning toward the seagate versions only because I already have 500gb and 640gb seagateGO external hard drives so i should simply be able to plug them in and be ready to go. main reason i'm looking for a media player is to play AVI files. until the new apple tv can get hacked to support this, it doesn't appear as though that's the right option for me (not to mention no USB port to connect an external HD). that being said, do the WD or Seagate media players support itunes or allow me to play music through my tv/stereo? typically when I connect my MBP to my tv, I throw coverflow on the bigscreen for people to see what's playing

anyone using one of these? pros/cons? thoughts?