View Full Version : Rip DVD -> Add second audio stream later?

Sep 29, 2010, 11:11 AM
is it possilbe or better how is it possible to add an second audio stream to a mp4 I already created from a DVD? So for example I rip a movie dvd containing english language (ac3+aac) and a month later I would like to add german language (also ac3+aac). How can I do that on a mac? I think ac3 is easy, because I just have to extract the audio stream from the original movie dvd and add it using subler or something like that, excpet I don't know how to extract the audio stream from the dvd or video_ts folder?
The bigger problem would be the aac. Usually handbrake does that for me (ac3->aac), but how could I create an aac stream, which I then add to the already created mp4 using subler?