View Full Version : random missing movie cover art? solution inside

Oct 3, 2010, 12:42 AM
Unplug and plug back in. I put movie cover art into iTunes yesterday.

Today I check it out on the ATV and ti's missing in some 20 random movies.

Just now I take a look and it is still missing.

I unplug the ATV and plug it back in. And ATV doesn't see the internet and says I need to find network and re-enter password.

BS I say. Entering passwords with that remote is tedious to say the least.

So I power cycle again. And bam menus are there. Looking normal.

Test to see if movie cover art is there. And it's all there suddenly.

I forget the specifics, but had another flakey problem that required a power cycle 2 days ago. Maybe it was album art or changing the photo options or something.

Anyway power cycle is your friend and there is a hint of dandruff on the new ATV.

Needed an iTunes restart in there too after the 2nd power cycle. That or perhaps a heavy dose of patience would have been the remedy.