View Full Version : What Is Needed to Record A Composition?

Dec 28, 2004, 09:37 PM
I was just thinking what is needed to amateur-professional music compositions. I've made a list of the most basic things I can come up with, if anyone else can give some items, and/or mention what is better to buy and what is better to own, and what should you really splurge on to make a better difference. Thanks.

Microphones, high quality microphones of various types.
Cables, gold ended studio cables.
Recording software, software that allows for a high original sampling rate.
Signal Processor.
Mix-board to affect levels of various mics.
Software to correct pitch, to make into stereo, to write the final file, to burn a cd, all in one or seperate programs.
Prosumer CD-burner, one of those cool multi-layer ones.
And of course the instruments, chairs, etc.

One last thing, does the audio card make any difference as to the quality of music you can record on a personal computer? Not listen to, just record.