View Full Version : Vinyl cutters?

CW Jones
Oct 9, 2010, 07:21 PM
Anyone on here use a vinyl cutter? I am looking into getting one (I have done lots of vinyl work back in high school) to get back into it. I am a Graphic Design major in college and have always enjoyed making vinyls. I believe I could actually pay for the machine within 6 months or so by just doing some jobs on the side.

Story time over, those of you that use them.... what would you recommend? I was looking into USCutter, and GCC cutters. I really like the MH-721 or there procut gold one. BUT after a review of 4 inexpensive models, I am rethinking and now looking at the GCC Expert 24.

Anyone have any thoughts? or maybe point me at a forum more oriented towards design? (Still trying to find one anyways lol)


Oct 16, 2010, 11:54 AM
I have had and used a Lynx vinyl cutter from Vinyl Express for several years. I got it through Sign Warehouse. I have been very pleased with this cutter. It is a no frill cutter, but absolutely problem free. This one was made by Roland, uses Roland blades etc, but I have heard that they are having them built by other manufacturers as well, depending on model.
But the bottom line is that mine has been great and done well for me.