View Full Version : Read failure on hda3: ext3 filesystem: dma fails to read drive|| boot read failure

Oct 10, 2010, 03:49 PM
PowerPC 7455 933MHz single core.
Powermac g4 Quicksilver 2002
Hda has Linux on it with:
p1 APM
p2 hfs BootBlock 800k
p3 ext3fs~98G
p4 swap.1G

hdb has three sections with hdb 3-9 failing to initiate.
hdb 11 to 17 see part below,

Extra space.

320G for hdb

1.5 G ram.

Boot image will show in OFW boot select screen.

READ_DMA48 failure from hdb11- FreeBSD / : UFS2.

I/O read failure occurs 75 - 80% of time. Read failure from bootblocks occurs more often.

If needed, I can add the dmesg and Xorg.0.logs to this post. They will contain boot up and paths.
There is a discrepancy of path unknown- appears as question marks from the Xorg.0.log.