View Full Version : eMac and iMac File Sharing with Ethernet Cable and Other Cable

Oct 12, 2010, 04:39 PM
Hello All!
I was wondering how I could file share, or make the whole Hard Drive (HDD) accessible to another computer. The two other computers I have are a Toshiba Laptop with Ethernet and USB, and a iMac Intel with Firewire, USB, and Ethernet. Putting these to use along with:

Three Ethernet Cables
Two Printer Peripheral USB Cables
The Two Computers
A 2GB Flash Drive

Now how do I get the whole HDD visible to the others computers (either/both) and be able to write to it? Also, I do not want to use CDs and have no CDs that came with the computers. I want to put Xubuntu on the eMac and Debian on the iMacs and erase the rest of the Hard Drives. The computers getting this are the iMac G3s and the eMac G4 in my Signature. Thank you for the help.
Also, please do not close this thread when you guys think it is solved and I have not responded. :cool:

Oct 12, 2010, 08:17 PM
you need some knowledge with tcp/ip things if you run snow leopard , i prefer Apple talk that was easier to setup then plugging in a ethernet cable but Apple ditched it under snow leopard and i only could get it to work one way with the intel iMac , i can mount a harddrive to the intel iMac running snow leopard , but seems imposible to mount eh harddrives connected to the intel Imac to mount for example on my iMac G3 , thank you Apple , another reason not to upgrade further , lucky i could install osx tiger on the intel imac and everything works fine again in my small network