View Full Version : Screen Printing Management Software for Mac

Oct 20, 2010, 11:38 AM
Working at a screenprinting business and we're currently running all PCs.

We're buying a Mac this week.

We want to run a management program to keep track of our jobs, etc

We are planning on buying T-Works: http://tworksmanager.com/

This is not available for Mac.

Does anybody know of similar software for Mac and PC that is at a similar pricepoint? If not, we'll just run T-works on the mac in a virtual machine, but obviously that's the least desirable option.

Aug 26, 2012, 09:19 PM
T-Boss works great for our screen print and embroidery shop. They have a free trial @ http://www.t-boss.com :apple:

Oct 24, 2012, 02:55 PM
I used T-Boss a number of years ago for my embroidery business, once I had it setup correctly for my pricing it was great. Not sure how their support is now but when I first bought mine in 2004 the support was terrible.

Jan 22, 2013, 10:07 PM
I think t-boss got bought out by mail chimp, they have a new setup called tee chimp? Any one heard about this?