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Jan 8, 2005, 06:34 PM
OK. I broke this one out to mess with, basically beacuse I'm between PowerMacs and this is I needed something easy on my 800 ghz iMac. I just can't make any progress in this game. If I go to war, I'm overcome by either debt or (more often) rebellion. It just isn't any fun. I can appreciate a difficult game, but this is just too stacked against me. I also found similar unplayablity on Hearts of Iron, which is basically the same game. Anyone have any strategies out there?

Jan 8, 2005, 09:03 PM
with which countries where you playing ?

for an surprisingly easy game (at least for me) i would choose france

the are very underpowered in the beginning but you can fight yourself through the other countries which are occupieing the regions you claim of course it takes some practice perhaps (and of course it depends on the current patch you are using)

1. don't try to do too much at the same time ... you have enough time

2. in the beginning research in the economic/infrastructure sectors are very important

3. diplomacy: if you are a big or mid sized country concentrate your efforts one 1-3 very smallregions at a time
try to get a at least one 'vasall' they will pay half their taxes to you, but they upkeep their defense forces on their own... (and try to take those close to your borders)

4.manufactures: try to get a art manufactury in your capital as fast as you can... you might have to save up a few yearsin the beginning but it's worth it (then try reasearching towards the one you can build on those wine regions..they come second and give a good boost)
don't build them in regions where you don't get the full boost
they not only give you addiontional 12 gold but increase the population groth rate as well which gives you more taxes

5.war:*rule of thumb: only start it if you have 'a casus belli' (will will get them no need for attacking a coutnry without reason)
if you don't have one try to insult the other country with diplomacy but generally you don't need it
warefare: there are certain points in the game where your forces have a battle advance through their stage (i think 7 and 13 where the first two ) if you are above those levels in research your infatry will pwn those armies which are not especially if you are the one who has increased firepower
(infantry has nearly no firepower at all in the beginning )
adding cavalry to your army gives you an close combat bonus especially when attacking
don't bother with gusn in the beginning they are really expensive to buy and upkeep and not worth the cost
numbers of troops: if you are low on money keep the troops below the maxmium support... if you grow larger it gets _really_ expensive (especially guns and warships.. sell them if needed)
sometimes i simply disband infantry if my army grows to large and keep cavalry because they are expensive and take their time

6. don't forget there is not only the taxes which you get monthly but also the taxes you get every year (and don't appear in the statistics)
it's fine if you lose money every turn but keep the inflation down that way and in the end of the year you got a pretty small win
for amount of money:don't try to colelct as much moeny as possible... investing it is the key ..even if ressearch seems to move slowly
happy indicator: (i have german version no idea how it's called in the english one) rule of thumb:try to keep it up ..it gives you more taxes and better population growth (which bringsm roe taxes as well) if you have to decide between shelling out 50-150 gold or loosing 1 point on the happiness:go for the gold

so i have to got to bed now.. i'll write more tommorow

Jan 8, 2005, 09:39 PM

1 - STUDY the manual that it came with; that is, don't speed read it.

2 - You're running a country, not playing Age of Empires or Civilization; that is, it's more like real life rather than a simple game.

3 - There are upgrades at:


which sometimes don't "take" when you use the automated installer, so they have provided "manual" installers (download, then shuffle the files into the appropriate folders). (Worse, the site doesn't like logging on whilst using Safari -- you'll have to use IE.)

4 - Set speed to Below Normal, at least; otherwise, dialogs will pop up too fast for you to do anything about.

5 - When you start a game, the "Start Game" dialog will appear; save the file to whatever is suggested, then save to files named XX_1, XX_2, XX_3, where XX is the name of the country you're playing. These games tend to crash (they were translated from PC programs) so save to _1 often, when war hits (as in HOI) to _2 & _3, and then during a war, to _3 only; this way, if you wan't to try something else (should you fail :eek: ), you can reload from _2; don't save back to _1 until things stabilize (after a war, for example).

Jan 9, 2005, 04:31 AM
don't stay at war too long (a few years a perfectly fine)...over the time your people will get tired of the war and the chance of getting rebellions will increase
sometimes it's better to make a peace,get 1-2 provinces and retreat from your enemies and finish your opponents later (especially if you see that they have a huge army marching at you ;) )

it might take some time to get a steady stream of gold coming in
one easily forgotten factor are the sliders in your nations menu

edit: once you've occupied and own a new province from an enemy (trough a peace agreement) _keep_ troops there
nationalism will keep the revolt risk above certain amount (most of the time 3%) and only reduce over a long time ..those provinces might start revolts first through war tiredness
(but if there is no nationalism influence and the revolt risk is zero yo ucan use your troops else where ..for example france doesn't have problems conquering provinces which they claimed before

Jan 9, 2005, 01:52 PM
OK. I'll keep these ideas in mind. I have been following the tax advise and keeping the monthly income as low as possible. I've tried with England, Spain, Ottomans and (most recently) China. Most success with England and China, but England goes bankrupt and China is lost to rebellions VERY easily. I'll try it a little more.

Jan 9, 2005, 02:04 PM
OK. I'll keep these ideas in mind. I have been following the tax advise and keeping the monthly income as low as possible. I've tried with England, Spain, Ottomans and (most recently) China. Most success with England and China, but England goes bankrupt and China is lost to rebellions VERY easily. I'll try it a little more.

i only trief to keep monthly income low because it keeps inflation down better that way ... and inflation might not look like a big problem but it's hard to reduce it ...

edit: haven't tried playing with either of thsoe countries ... migth try them out next weekend

what difficulty level are you playing on ?