View Full Version : mobileme personal domain hosting

Nov 1, 2010, 03:21 AM

I've got a problem that is slowly driving me insane with mobileme. I use it to host a personal web domain I use it solely for that and use it because I failed to cancel the free trial. Anyway, I have it set up and it works seemingly ok.

I have recently been trying to take some steps to make my website more visible and have been trying to set up google analytics and webmaster info and this is where it is getting frustrating.

I think that the reason why is that my website is example.com and because I have used I web to make the site there is a folder that the site is contained in ex. example.com/EXAMPLE_EXAMPLE/Home.html so when I paste the html snippet to my site for verification google can't find it.

I really want to loose the / and have my site example.com to be all that is in the address bar but for the life of me can't figure out if it's possible or know for certain that this is a solution to setting up the google analytics account.

Please, if you can, shed some light on this please do.

I hope my post makes some sense.