View Full Version : Advise please.. MBA 13" vs new 11"

Nov 2, 2010, 03:47 PM
hey all..

So, a couple of months ago my rev.c mba decided to go 'SOS' (white screen and beeping SOS) it was still under warrenty by about 20 days so i booked a genius appointment in my local apple store..

The Genius diagnosed the fault as being a 'duff' logic board and advised me that it would take a few days to get the part, then fit, then give it back etc so i walked away MBAless :(

2 days later i get a call to say.."please pop in at your earliest convience to collect a brand new replacement off the shelf!" at which point i race in there and sure enough they give me a brand new one, and obviously a new years warranty.. WOW!(FYI had revised screen and faster intel SSD vs the old stec SSD)

so my dilemma..

im a self confessed 'sucker for shiney $h1t' and really want one of the new 11" MBA

but i cannot seem to sell my current MBA for love nor money. it cost me 1434?(ish) and ive been offering it out at 900! (unwanted and unloved)

am i being unreasonable? with the new MBA 13" out has this really affected the prices of the older revision(with a backlit keyboard, dont get me started)

im close to just buckling and buying one, but i want the 1.6,4gb ram and thats BTO only..and if i did the current MBA would just go back in its box and be forgotten about..

what should i do?

the reason the 11" is calling me is purely the formfactor.. as my MBA is a glorified email/surfing machine as my imac is my home work horse..

/awaits abuse