View Full Version : 11" With Bootcamp - Trouble updating W7

Nov 4, 2010, 12:33 PM
I just got the 11" installed windows 7 (retail version) via bootcamp. Window 7 runs like a charm on the 11 so far very snappy.

The problem I have is windows 7 says I need updates, I try to install them and it goes into "preparing to install" for an eternity. Has this happened to anyone? How long should I wait for it to prepare to install? I waited 2 hours last night and gave up.

Any tricks or ideas? Not sure of this is macbook air specific problems or a bootcamp/win7 issue.

Any advise is appreciated.

As far as the 11" goes, it's freaking awesome. I would not use it as my only computer, but it is the perfect companion for someone on the go.