View Full Version : Developers: XCode / Eclipse on 4Gb Working Ok?

Nov 7, 2010, 02:06 PM
Hiya! I'm a developer, and I am doing both Android, regular java, and iPhone. I currently use a MBP17, the last of the pre-unibody ones (which you see in movies like crazy it seems like). Its 2.5GHz/4Gb/320Gb high-rez.

I'm looking for basically what it comes down is "more mobile invulnerability"...that is, I don't NEED a macbook air, but I have a service (time and temperature phone device, the forecast section) I need to support and this whole thought process got started with "get a netbook and carry it around"...but I'd like to remain in the sanity bubble of "I only have one machine".

So, I'm considering the ultimate 13" + 27" ACD combo.

Are any developers running anything like this mix:
- Eclipse or XCode (but not both)
- Firefox
- Safari at same time when doing iPhone dev
- Terminal
- TextEdit
- Mail / Skype / iTunes

Just wondering if that combo is working both in terms of memory/swap, and also in terms of "I'm in some cafe and have to do a little debug, and a one-line fix" type of scenario.

Thanks MR!


Nov 7, 2010, 02:54 PM
I use all of the above with 2g...

even when I do swap the ssd/NAND/whatever makes it damned fast.

don't underestimate those machines. My main is a core i7 17" mbp and it's been getting less and less use...