View Full Version : Problems with Itunes setup

Nov 9, 2010, 10:10 AM
Was running Itunes on a pc running windows Xp. Have upgraded to windows 7. I have reloaded Itunes and have merged all my media content to it. I have my ATV setup so that it is communicating with Itunes. ( I think ).
This is the problem I'm having now. In Itunes when I look at "Devices" it will show my ATV as connected; However on the main page of Itunes it will just show the upper portion of the page with two Tabs "Settings" and "Photos"; and below that it only lists the name of my ATV; it's capacity; it's software version and it's serial number.
What happened to all the other options that were available when I had this setup on Windows XP ??
Right clicking on the device indicates that it is streaming; that is what I want. But it does not give me any options to sync. I would like to sync my photos to the ATV.