View Full Version : Jerky playback on my projector?

Nov 14, 2010, 10:28 AM
I just got an Epson EX7200 to use mostly for work presentations. However, since I also got an Epson 16:9 portable screen I figured I'd set both of them up for a little home theater experience last night.

I am a complete noob in this arena, and know next to nothing about it. The EX7200 came with a USB cable and a VGA cable. I didn't have a VGA to MiniDisplay adapter for my Macbook, so I used the USB cable.

I didn't have a problem with set-up, but the movie playback appeared jerky on the screen. On the Macbook it looks fine, but through the projector it looked like a 1920s silent movie.

Does this have to do with using USB instead of VGA or HDMI? I noticed that with USB it automatically mirrored the display and I had no option to do otherwise. Maybe the Macbook doesn't have enough graphics power to drive the display and a projector at the same time?