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Nov 16, 2010, 12:27 PM
I have been using desktop computers for the last 15 years and really
never played any games on them except jigsaw puzzles, and sudoku.
I mainly used my computer for work, email, photos, crafting hobbies.

Well.... now that I have an iPAD I have 35 games!!!

I can't believe how cool the classic games are ... and the visual graphics
and interactivity of the newer ones.

I even have learned how to drive race cars!! LOL!!

Favorite games:

Words With Friends
Ultimate Hangman
Slice It
Doodle Bowl
FFour In A Row
Wheel (of Fortune)
(Where's) Waldo
Peg Genius
iFish Pond
Jigsaw Puzzles
Chinese Checkers
Card Shark (excellent)
Asphalt 5 (car racing)
Geared HD
3D Chess
Paper Toss HD (totally mindless, but fun)